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Bruce Kaufman is currently living in Oregon, works in "EcoQuest International" and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Work from Home



135 Gwinn Street W, Monmouth, Oregon 97361
Cell Phone:(503) 409-5989 Phone:(503) 606-9315 Email:

10/2007 - Present


Monmouth, Oregon

Personal Banker

I develop new bank business and expand existing customer relationships. I
listen to customer needs to determine bank related recommendations. I
process loan and line applications and set-up bank checking and saving
accounts. I actively refer clients for products to Financial Specialist or
the appropriate Financial Consultant. My responsibilities include consumer
loan originating and closing, account opening, safe deposit transactions,
branch security, and branch opening/closing procedures. I routinely handle
complex customer service issues. I prepare weekly reports showing activity
of loans, lines, and number of accounts established. I train tellers in
selling and referring bank products.

Teller Supervisor - 06/2007 - 10/2007

I supervised and managed the bank tellers. I prepared teller work
schedules, provided input to performance reviews; participated in new
teller training or mentoring; provided ongoing training and support to
other tellers; and performed teller duties. I also audited teller cash
drawers and did surprise cash counts. I also handled more complex
customer issues. I interviewed and made recommendations for hiring. I
filled in for our Assistant Branch Manager while she was out for 8
weeks on maternity leave.

Teller - 12/2003 - 06/2007

Responsible for handling routine financial transactions (deposits,
withdrawals, advances, payment, etc.), while ensuring a positive
interaction with customers/non-customers, sell U.S. Bank products as
appropriate. Follows established policies and procedures while
processing transactions in an effort to minimize losses. I also was
the vault teller for approx. a year; in this position, I managed all
of the cash in the bank. I bought and sold cash and coin to maintain
day to day and compensate for heavy holiday operational levels and
special customer orders.

06/2005 - 03/20/2009


Dallas, Oregon

Reserve Deputy Sheriff

I served the community as a reserve law enforcement officer for the Polk
County Sheriff's Office. I volunteered my time as a cover officer on road
patrol, corrections at the jail, investigations, undercover operations. I
also did security at special events like the county fair and other events
that required security that took place at the county fairgrounds, and Grand
Ronde pow wow. During the summer months I worked marine patrol as a cover
officer and later as boat captain operating a jet powered boat on the
Willamette river patroling 40 miles of water, enforcing boating, water
safety and general duties of law enforcement. I remained on call to respond
to water related emergencies on the river and had several call outs
including one night time request requiring my immediate response. I also
remained available for general law enforcement reponse and responded to
several call outs, including the recent bank bombing that took place in
Woodburn. I maintained all required certifications such as DPSST, LED
Certified, intoxilizer machines, first aid, weapons qualifications,
swimming certifications.
I attended the 2004-2005 Reserve Academy delivered by Marion County. I
graduated from the academy and was sworn in as a reserve Deputy Sheriff on
May 20, 2005 by Sheriff Bob Wolf.
I attended the 2006 Marine Law Enforcement Academy and graduated on May 21,
2006 and I was certified as a law enforcement officer by the Oregon State
Marine Board.

I was promoted to Sergeant for Road Patrol and then later to Records
Division. I conducted call outs of reserve deputies that were in my
division. I delegated, supervised and gave orders to personnel in my
divison as well as riders and personnel on my boat during marine patrol.
Additionally, I was Quarter Master; with duties including role call,
attendance, equipment issue, individual reserve records, and financial
related responsibilties.
As a member of the command staff, I attended monthly meetings to discuss
and manage the business of the reserve unit.
I collected data and communicated the results in monthly reports delivered
to the command staff and Sheriff's Office.

The reason for leaving this position: I resigned in March 2009 in order to
spend more time with my family, the increasing demands of this position in
addition to my full-time job as a banker. I left the Sheriff's Office in
good standing with an open invitation to return if I desired.

09/2003 - 04/2004


Portland, Oregon

Security Officer

After I completed my initial training I was DPSST certified as a security
officer. Securitas assigned me to US Bank, located at the Ladd and Bush
branch in Salem, Oregon. As a bank security officer, I monitored all foot
traffic in the bank lobby, all vehicles in the bank parking lot. I
monitored and documented all the time of all arriving and departing armored
vehicles. I did interior security sweeps and patrolled the immediate area
of the regional cash vault. I checked that the doors and vaults were all
secure and locked. I assisted bank personnel by calmly dealing with upset
and at times confrontational customers. I reported all potential safety
hazards to bank management. To supplement my hours I also did foot patrol
at Weyerhaeuser in Dallas, OR.

The reason for leaving this position: I was reccomended for a postion with
US Bank by Regional Vice President at Ladd and Bush branch.

04/2003 - 07/2003
AFLAC - American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus
Salem, Oregon

Health Insurance Agent

Listen to customers and assess their needs, and help them select the
appropriate coverage. As a health insurance agent I met with employers and
employees to give presentations and underwrite policies in the field. I
prospected potential clients through refferals and networking. I kept
customer information on file. Electronically submitted new policies. This
position required that I have my Oregon Health Insurance License.

The reason for leaving this position: I left this position because of
inconsistent income. I thought I would try the insurance world again, but
just as I learned before it takes a new agent 1-2 years before establishing
a consistent book of business. I tried, but I just couldn't cross the
threshold to where this position paid enough to take care of my families
financial needs.

8/2002 - 1/2003


Dallas, Oregon

Work Crew Supervisor - Polk County Community Corrections
I worked for a community service work program supervisng offenders mandated
by the Courts to perform volunteer work. I would pick-up and sign for
temporary custody of inmates held at the Polk County jail. I would
supervise various types of community work conducted by inmates like roadway
trash collection, roadway tree and brush removal. Courthouse yard
maintenance and special projects such as painting interior walls of county

The reason for leaving this position: This was a weekend job only. I took
this as temporary means to earn extra money.

07/2002 - 02/2003


Portland, Oregon

Process Operator 2

Assigned to Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, OR. I worked in class 10,000 clean
room, manufacturing components and subassemblies for inkjet technology. I
operated an encapsulation machine, inspection/smart scopes & electronic
tester machines, automated testing for upper and lower control limits. I
operated complex computer aided measuring devices and automated
manufacturing equipment.

The reason for leaving this position: This was only a temporary work
assignment in which production demands had significantly dropped.

04/2002 - 07/2002


Seattle, Washington

Independent Agent

I provided private intelligence services to government and industry. I
worked for Choicepoint who has personal data sourced from multiple public
and private databases for sale to the government and the private sector.
The company maintains more than 17 billion records of individuals and
businesses. As an independent agent I performed commercial loss control
Inspections for insurance underwriting and for a typical business owner's
policy (BOP) exposures. Also concerning supplemental insurance such as
broad & special form property perils. I surveyed, measured and reported my
observations, then electronically transmitted building diagrams and
photographs. I submitted time sensitive hard copy documents and reports to
a central office by UPS. I scheduled all of incoming work and calculated
weekly routes for time effectiveness using map building software. My
inspections and audits included replacement cost valuations for
appartment/condo/hotels, and establishments doing commercial cooking,
garage keeper's legal liability, garage products and completed operations.
I evaluated inside/outside robbery, plate glass, earthquake liabilites for
underwriting and liquor license inspections. I was available for call outs
regarding special, time sensitive assignments that were classified generic
and non specific type intelligence gathering. I communicated all
information in a timely manner on a need to know basis. I also communicated
required notifications to establishments, including reminders, and/or
warnings of consequences of non-compliance.

The reason for leaving this position: This job required me to commute to
Portland daily and to Seattle, WA on a monthly basis. Without negotiations,
I was assigned to the Portland area I was originally hired for the position
in the Salem, OR area. I resigned because of the commute and mileage
required and the use of my personal vehicle. I had not anticipated this
type of mileage when I was hired.

10/2001 - 02/2002


Tigard, Oregon

Health Insurance Agent

I was an independent health insurance agent representing UGA Associated
Field Services a division of the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company. I
delivered highly personalized health protection solutions to individuals
and families. This positon required that I do my own advertising and
prospecting for potential insurance clients. I would set appoinments and
meet with with prospects at residence or their place of business. After
interviewing the applicant, I would recommend various health insurance
related products based those customer needs. I did health insurance
underwriting in the field which included evaluating health statements and
collecting mouth swab tests from applicants. It was important that I
accurately sold the correct policy and quoted the monthly premium. I also
collected payment for the new insurance policies. I maintained policyholder
files, all documentation and claims. I was required to attend weekly agent
meetings in Tigard. I attended the national convention in Dallas, TX.
This position required that I have an Oregon Health Insurance license.
Oregon Resident Health Agent License # 620696 Issued: 10/31/01 Expired:

The reason for leaving this position: I left this position because of a
very inconsistent income. I later discovered that this was typical as a new
agent for the first 1-2 years before establishing a consistent book of
business. This was very difficult to wait this long because my wife and I
started a family by adopting two special needs children, this required that
I have a consistent income, with a defined work schedule in order to
support them.

06/1993 - 08/2001


Corvallis, Oregon

Documentation Administrator - 06/1997 - 08/2001

As part of documentation group, I assisted in establishing a defined
standard for Controlled Documentation Process for Manufacturing. This group
was established in effort to improve the yield and time to market of Hp
Inkjet cartridges, in an effort to minimize the scrap and production losses
we were experiencing from manufacturing errors. As member of this newly
formed group I created controlled documents that in many cases had not
existed before. The position required interviewing and technical writing
skills to create and edit these documents, which were eventually, published
and used by production operators, managers, engineering, and maintenance
technicians. I was the curator of 700+ documents, which I published on time
to our internal websites. I conducted audits in the clean rooms and
production facilities in order to enforce compliance of using controlled
documents. I assisted in establishing a system for submitting documentation
change requests. I managed these documents in an electronic vaulting
system. I prepared monthly & quarterly reports, and regularly met with
engineers, managers and production staff to evaluate document usability and
discuss continuous improvement cycles.

Process Operator - 06/1993 - 06/1997

As a Process Operator I worked in a class 1000 clean room, I worked in
the Photolithography process. I operated a variety of high tech
instruments as photo aligners, laminators, smart scopes, microscopes,
measurement tools to determine upper and lower control limits and
critical dimensions. I also used equipment such as UV cure machine,
wet etch tank that contained hydrochloric acid. I also volunteered as
the CBWM coordinator (Constraint Based WIP Management) coordinator,
WIP (Work In Progress). This position required the collection of
various data points along the production line to 'define' where the
production constraints existed. After data was compiled and then
additional, research was gathered and delivered to management with my
recommendations of action. This data helped eliminate production
obstacles that were negatively affecting yields and throughput; this
effort decreased our 'time to market' initiative, and revenue savings.
I received twelve Reward and Recognitions & one Invention/Patent
Reward while working at Hewlett Packard.

The reason for leaving this position: There was a corporate wide layoff
because production lines are now overseas. I accepted the severance

02/1992 - 06/1993


Corvallis, Oregon

Area Manager - 05/1992 - 06/1993

I managed 20+ employees for an expanding large-scale operation at Hewlett
Packard in Corvallis, Oregon. I had three supervisors that worked for me in
three separate divisions. I coordinated, bid, and negotiated various
facility-oriented projects such as painting contracts, office equipment and
furniture moves, the site-recycling program. I created and maintained a
workers safety program. Created and maintained operation documents.
Reviewed employee evaluations, pay, and performance. I supervised the
completion of project timeliness as specified in contracts as negotiated. I
maintained a positive operational budget. I progressively established
credibility of our company and maintained strong relationships, meeting and
exceeding customer expectations and value added per contract. I received
two career promotions and one reward and recognition while employed with
Varsity Contractors, Inc.

Supervisor - 03/1992 - 05/1992

I supervised the newly formed maintenance crew, this crew was formed
to full-fill the increasing maintenance needs of our customer Hewlett
Packard. I supervised two employees assigned to recycled office paper
and cardboard, one employee who handled lighting maintenance.

Janitor - 02/1992 - 03/1992

I cleaned the interior of a class 10 clean room and exterior areas of
the clean room at Hewlett Packard, located in Corvallis, Oregon. My
duties were to mop the entire clean room floor and remove trash. Clean
the employee restrooms and break areas. I also waxed floors and wiped
down countertops, glass and stainless steel in clean room change area.

The reason for leaving this position: Although I was successful at Varsity
Contractors and the divisions I managed were very profitable, the contract
at Hewlett Packard as a whole was operating in the red. After discovering
this I was putting together a proposal to make changes in order to re-coup
waste and mis-managment of manhours and resources. I was offered a positon
working for Hewlett Packard as an employee.

7/1991 - 4/1993


Albany, Oregon

Life & health insurance Agent
This positioned required that I have a license in the state of Oregon to
sell Health & Life insurance. I listened to clients needs, recommended a
product solution, providing accurate quotes; and then underwriting
insurance policies in the field.

The reason for leaving this position: This was a part-time, work at your
own pace type position. At the time I needed a little more structure.

07/1988 - 04/1991


Albany, Oregon

Hazardous Material Technician

I removed hazardous material from manufacturing facilities, schools, and
public offices in Oregon and Washington. The equipment I used was a PAPR
(personal air protective respirator), negative air machine, surfactant
machine, and air particle counter. I operated a scissor lift, high lift,
ladder, and knife. This job often required working in extreme heat and
uncomfortable temperature and work conditions.

The reason for leaving this position: I had health related concerns that
caused me stop continuing to work in this type line of work.

04/1987 - 06/1988


Lexington, North Carolina

Operator Technician

I operated vertical conveyor - I inspected fiberglass thread after it was
unloaded from conveyor. The fiberglass thread had been spun on to paper
rounds from a kiln were then weighed. I also operated a highline crane that
lifted several tons of fiberglass thread were loaded on to a very large
rack so that it could be dried out in a large oven. The cured fiberglass on
the large racks were then hooked and lifted up to be transported across the
plant to large machines that created smaller spools for market. I also
operated a tow motor. Additional duties included collecting temperature
data on kilns and documenting in operation logs.

The reason for leaving this position: I moved back to Oregon.

04/1986 - 04/1987


Reedy Creek, North Carolina

Sign Technician/Engineer

I design and built commercial signs. I read blue prints supplied from
drafting department and fabricated the entire metal structure framing and
sheet metal. I used a oxygen- acetylene cutting torch, metal band saw, used
a stick and MIG welder, metal break, grinders, metal snips, drill, and pop-
rivet gun. Additionally I wired all of the electrical components, such as
the ballast, transformers, and electrical connections using electrical
tape, wire stripers, volt/amp meter. Installed finished product at job site
using an auger, crane, acetylene-cutting torch. I troubleshot, repaired &
installed commercial electrical signs. Use general metal shop tools and

The reason for leaving this position: I had a job offer from PPG that
included a benefit package.

8/1983 -7/1989


Long Beach, California (USS Prairie AD-15)

Haul Technician

After successfully graduating from boot camp, I attended Fireman training
school; I received a promotion to Fireman Apprentice and selected as class
Yeoman. My orders were to report to the USS Prairie AD-15 located at US
Navy base in Long Beach, CA. I received a promotion to Fireman. I went on
WESTPAC Cruise. I worked in the scullery and second round as kitchen
duties. I volunteered as parade staff for the Battle of the Coral Sea event
held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 1984. My duties included working as a
Procurement Specialist for the Navy stock system. I then worked in
insulation fabrication, metal fabrication and naval vessel structural
repair. I received and honorable discharged. Final rank was E-4 - Petty
Officer Third Class, non-commissioned officer (NCO). I received three
promotions and two meritorious "Captain Awards" while serving in the US
NAVY. I received a Battle 'E' Efficiency and Sea Service ribbons and
veteran status of the Cold War. I am currently a member of the American

The reason for leaving this position: End of obligated active services
(EAOS) honorably discharged with recommendation for re-enlistment.

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Bruce Kaufman
Name: Bruce Kaufman
Location: Oregon,United States
Company: EcoQuest International

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