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About Sophia Sipes

Sophia Sipes is currently living in Sunbury, Ohio, working as a Finance Consultant in "TSG Group" and is interested in Business for Sale, Financial Services, Real Estate.
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Finance Consultant



Sunbury, Ohio

Categories of Interest

Business for Sale, Financial Services, Real Estate

My Interests

I'm looking for people who need money to buy real estate, buy a business, working capital, expansion, construction.

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sophia sipes has joined on Jan 29, 2009


Sophia Sipes
1401 N. Galena Rd.
Tel: 614-208-0948
Sunbury, OH 43074

Consumer sales/New Business Development/Marketing Programs
Creative, talented executive poise to drive the strategic direction of
corporations through comprehensive marketing plans, innovative product
launches, unique brand positioning, and integrated promotions. Excellent
communicator able to positively represent company at convention, public
events, and media affairs. Acknowledge for capacity to build product value,
boost company revenues, and create vision of success among staff,
customers, and management. Extensive knowledge of direct mail marketing,
media advertising, networking, partnership marketing, new products &
services, new market
Strategy and client retention programs.

Professional Strengths
. Market Research & Analysis . Market Expansion . P& L
. Staff Leadership . Product Launches .
Promotions & Campaign
. Marketing Strategy . Brand Marketing .
Customer retention
. Visual Communication . Public Relation .
Creative sales technique
. Trade Shows & conventions . Advertisement Development

Core Competencies & Values Offered
Marketing Strategies: Evaluate market conditions, create corporate
marketing strategies, and recommend promotional campaigns that support
sales objectives and maximize revenue growth.
Staff Leadership: Recruit, train and motivate highly qualified and
experienced sales and marketing personnel, support sales staff with
creating multimedia advertisements and campaigns.
Public Relations: Establish and manage advantageous relationships with
customers, vendors, media, advertising personnel, and local businesses to
help further company goals.
Strategic Planning: Combine strengths in professional experience and solid
understanding of multiple operating functions to optimize company's
product/program performance through comprehensive marketing plan.

Selected Performance Highlights
? Played a major role in retaining about 37,560 customers over 5 years and
securing about 2,000 new customers in less than a year. Devised and
implemented various marketing programs and public events, drawing
participants in the local community.
Efforts helped company secure $100k revenue stream for 5 consecutive years.
? Executed complete product & services repositioning and brand marketing
program in less than six month. Revamped and revised corporate image,
including communications, visual appearance, public relations, and sales
presentations. Successfully making changes in a very short period of time.
?Played a major role in decision making, negotiations and implemented a
strategic plan which secured the company with over $1 million in net worth
in less than a year.
?Leading a new company in import exports to penetrate new market and new
product launch. Conducted an extensive market research and industry
analysis to compile pilot for new market and new product launch. Developed
grassroots marketing campaigns through direct mail and direct contact which
led to immediate sales and revenue generation.

Sophia Sipes
Career Progression
Midwest Auto Service, Columbus, OH
V.P Marketing
Leading the operations with full scope of marketing plans, strategy and
execution of marketing services,
Including research, identify, develop, evaluate, analyze, plan, report,
budget, forecast, train and tracked results.
Key Achievements:
? Created more responsive market driven organization to stabilized and
increased sales.
? Opened new marketing channels and established an effective & consistent
marketing system.
? Continued improvement and development to be able to change in short
period of time for changing demands in the market.
? Successfully trained and developed staff to be in alignment with company
goals and marketing plans.

Logan Noor Investments, Columbus, OH
Chief Operating Officer
Spearheaded vision, strategy, and execution of business operations.
Accountable for investments portfolio.
Through research, analysis and evaluation to make major negotiations and
decisions. Developed and implemented strategic marketing plans and sales
objective. Directed and coordinated projects with management teams and
maintenance teams.
Key Achievement:
?Increased annual company revenue by 100 % and company net worth to $1.5
?Achieved extra-ordinary results leading to attraction to other investors.
? Effectively led project teams to manage project efficiently resulting in
96.4% occupancy ratio.

Global Trading Resources, Columbus, OH
President and CEO
Developed short and long term business plans. Directed overall business
operation and marketing plans and strategies.
Key Achievement:
? Built customer database immediately through direct mail, direct contact,
product packaging and pricing.
? Developed and managed high performance marketing and sales team with
external agencies.
? Created effective marketing system and developed operational requirement
for budgeting and future planning.

Keybank, Columbus, OH
Relationship Manager
Directed sales and business development with new product rollout, key
account management and customer relationship. Provide cross functional
training, coaching and mentoring.
Key achievement:
? Consistently developed strong sustainable client relationship and other
staff members.
? Instrumental in complete turnaround of under performing sales team, set
higher expectations and individual team member accountability.

Associates Financial Services, Columbus, OH
Branch Sales Manager
Oversee sales division with 7-8 officers and developed top producing sales
team. Solid track record of securing key clients and increasing products
and services distribution to grow market share. Tenacious in

Sophia Sipes


building new business, securing customer loyalty, forging strong
relationship with external business partners.
Key Achievement:
? Performed high impact sales presentations through needs assessment and
product education.
? Developed new territory with new product launch, market positioning and
friendship farming.
? Developed management programs through team leadership, coaching and
? Built unbelievable customer relations through understanding their needs
and getting involved in their community.
Master of Business Administration, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor of Business Administration, Ohio Dominican University, Columbus,
Associate Degree Public Administration, MARA Institute of Technology, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.

Quick Profile Summary

sophia sipes
Name: Sophia Sipes
Location: Sunbury,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Finance Consultant
Company: TSG Group

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sophia sipes
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