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Michael Turner is currently living in Decatur, Georgia, working as an Entrepreneur in "2DayIProsper" and is interested in HospitalityTravel.
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Decatur, Georgia

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I am interested in building a team of determined people that want to build a home based business and to earn a good income. This can be done all around the world. I am also look for someone who either wants to build a second income or someone who wants to do this full time. This person has to be eager to learn and want to make a ton of money.

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Michael Turner has joined on Dec 17, 2008


Michael A. Turner
John Carrol Drive

Decatur,GA 30034
3122 Home
6441 Cell phone

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position with your company that places high
value on self-
motivation and creative individuality.

SUMMARY OF In excess of twenty years of law enforcement and customer
service EXPERIENCE: experience. Diverse skills and knowledge
obtained through valuable
work experience.

EDUCATION: Morris Brown College, Atlanta,Georgia Bachelor of
Degree/Business Management 1984.

PROFESSIONAL: Global International Contractors, Decatur,GA Business
October 2004 to Owner/Investor
December 2007 My duties consisted of searching for homes to invest
in for re-
sale. The process that was used was to
thoroughly check the
property for any major damages and once
that was done, I would
research the area to see what price range
did the prospective pro-
perties were in as determining factor
before purchase. Once that
was determined, I would interview
contractors on doing the repairs
to the property. After that was
completed, a marketing analysis was
done to get the final value. If the
numbers were in my favor, then I
would purchase and go forward with
listing the property for resale.
Some properties were either sold, lease
purchase or for rent. These
properties had to be inspected by city
government before they were
either rented or sold by passing all
inspections and codes.

Sept. 1999 to State Board of Pardons and Paroles, Decatur,GA
June 2006 Officer
My duties were to supervise a caseload of
approximately 100
convicted felons that had been released
from prison after serving
a portion of there sentence. The major
task was to interview each
parolee, come up with a supervision plan
that would help him
get back into society. Duties also
included making field visits to
the homes and also to employment. Report
any and all violations
and determine if the violations warrants
returning the parolee back
prison. Duties were to also serve
warrants to parolees who had
absconded from supervision.

July 1998 to Specialized Probation Officer, GA Department of
Aug 1999 Decatur,GA
Duties include managing and monitoring a
caseload of
approximately 90 high risk child
abusers/sex offender
probationers (felon or misdemeanants)
whom either committed
sexual crimes against children or adults,
crimes or cruelty to
children or those who perpetrate the
cycle of violence in family
groups. Other responsibilities include
investigating each offenders
background by gathering a criminal
history, interviewing victims
involved in each case, speaking with
family members, counselors,
doctors and any relevant persons. Other
duties included conducting
pre-sentence investigation reports to the
courts on possible dis-
position of each case and testifying at
revocation hearings.

April 1989 to Georgia Department of Corrections, Stone Mountain
June 1998 Circuit/Probation Officer I/II Decatur,GA
Responsibilities included supervising a
caseload of 200 probationers,
ensuring that sentences are carried out.
Making recommendations
for alternative sentencing. Collecting
court ordered fees and
restitution as directed. Duties also
included on site visits for
maximum and high risk probationers,
conducting Pre-Sentence
Investigational Reports, GCIC and
assisting Judges in Court in
making decisions on certain cases.

July 1996 Georgia Department of Corrections, Stone Mountain
Circuit/Olympic Security Draftee
Atlanta Olympic Security 1996 Games
Responsibilities included armed officers
monitoring the Boxing
Event at Alexander Coliseum, inspecting and
monitoring the
perimeter for suspicious activities.

September 1987 Georgia Department of Medical Assistance
to March 1989 Administrative Clerk Atlanta,GA
Responsibilities included screening incoming
documents for com-
pleteness and accuracy. Initiated and
maintained filing system and
also made recommendations regarding the
procedures of assignments
and operations.

June 1987 to Georgia Department of Revenue
Aug 1987 Principle Clerk Atlanta,GA
My responsibilities were to compile data of
microfilmed tax
returns, enter data into the CRT terminal
making sure that the
information was correct. Other duties were
to coordinate interviews
with job applicants and preparing applicant
packages to aid in
determining a suitable employee and to also
order supplies and
keeping records of all of the request forms.

July 1986 to State Board of Workers Compensation
May 1987 Senior Clerk Atlanta,GA
Duties included gathering information for
reports or records,
reviewing medical and compensation documents
and filing them
and the mail. Also was responsible for
keeping files in order for
pulling them when the examiners needed them
for research and
keeping a log via the computer of all the

February 1986 Financial Services Network
June 1986 Marketing Representative Tucker,GA
Duties included marketing a retirement program,
setting appointments
by cold calls and referrals and conducting
program presentations.

September 1984 Thom McAn Shoes
To January 1986 Assistant Manager Atlanta,GA
Responsibilities included daily
operations of the store. Supervising
the full/part time employees. Maintained
and organized
merchandise display and stock. Prepared
daily reports and
the employee time schedules.

PERSONAL: Enjoy sports and reading.
REFERENCE: Available upon request.

Quick Profile Summary

Michael Turner
Name: Michael Turner
Location: Decatur,Georgia,United States
Job Title: Entrepreneur
Company: 2DayIProsper

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