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Frank Garcia is currently living in New York, New York, working as a $5 Fridays Salsa/Mambo Classes in "" and is interested in Art, Entertainment, Media, Services.
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$5 Fridays Salsa/Mambo Classes



New York, New York

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Art, Entertainment, Media, Services


Frank "Ritmo" Garcia was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. During his years in high school, Frank "Ritmo" was introduced to music and performance when he joined the performing arts class in his sophomore year. He played in the Bishop Loughlin Jazz Ensemble and was showcased in many school performances.

Frank "Ritmo" graduated from High School with honors in music theory and performance. He was inducted into the Who's Who in Music for Jazz Musicians as an acclaimed saxophonist. He continued his college education at York College, while taking breaks to take courses at Five Towns College. At York College Frank played Lead Alto for the Jazz Ensemble.

During his college years Frank "Ritmo" collaborated on several recordings for Mic Mac Records, On-A-Roll Records and at one time his very own record label "Two Ton Records". Frank "Ritmo" produced and collaborated with Hanson & Davis - four Freestyle/Pop singles that were played at nightclubs and one that aired on radio; this single "Love Me Baby" - featuring Marla was played across the US.

After Freestyle music faded away, Frank "Ritmo" found himself in an awkward situation. Music and performance were always his passion, but what would be his next step? This is where he met a very good friend Jose Cruz - Razzmtazz Dance Company. It is under the instruction of Jose Cruz, Angel and Addie Rodriguez that his dancing became a realization. After attending classes with RMT, Frank "Ritmo" acquired the role of Beginner/Advanced Beginner instructor for the Razzmtazz Dance Company. Later on he joined the performance team.

With much gratitude and appreciation for his first instructors - Frank "Ritmo" decided to explore other dance schools and instructors. This is where he met Eddie Torres aka "The Mambo King". Frank "Ritmo" quickly became fixated with the style of Eddie Torres. This is where Frank "Ritmo" decided to stay and learn this style of Salsa/Mambo dancing that was unmatched.

After studying with Eddie Torres, Frank "Ritmo" decided to begin teaching classes again. [He taught at Dance Manhattan (RMT), Empire Dance Studios, The New York Dance Center, the Carole Hayes Studio in New Jersey, Dance Sport and currently at Ripley Grier Studios.]

Frank "Ritmo" has combined his music skills and the training from RMT and Eddie Torres to formulate his own technique. He appropriately named his technique "Building Blocks of Salsa/Mambo(c)". [Frank "Ritmo" is not a dancer that will constantly spin his partner numerous times across the dance floor - Frank "Ritmo" puts his heart and soul into the dance, breaks away into Jazz footwork and sweeps his partner across the dance floor.]

I asked Frank "Ritmo" Garcia how he got the nickname "Ritmo"; he said that he spent a week in Miami Florida at the dance clubs. He was excited to see the best of the best out on the dance floor doing their thing. During the end of the night, a man tapped him on the shoulder and said "Usted eres un buen bailador chico - tienes ritmo. De donde eres?" and Frank replied "Yo soy de Nueva York." That man was The Mambo Legend - Cuban Pete.

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Frank Garcia
Name: Frank Garcia
Location: New York,New York,United States
Job Title: $5 Fridays Salsa/Mambo Classes

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