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About Donna l. Quesinberry

Donna L. Quesinberry is currently living in Arlington, Virginia, working as a President/Owner, Consultant in "DonnaInk" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Aerospace & Defense, Consulting.
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Job Title

President/Owner, Consultant



Arlington, Virginia

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Aerospace & Defense, Consulting


. 16 plus years of professional proposal management oversight
. 100% award ration for 2008
. Small Business awards exceed 30M for 2007
. Overall award ratio exceeds 500M
. Delivered over 80 technical and management solutions during 2007
. Extensive publication history as Author (An Introduction to Enterprise
Architecture, SANS Demystified, Eisenhower and Civil Rights, The Fourth
. Large-small business, Federal and State Government, education, literary,
scientific and technical client history
. Objective/subjective research, competitive intelligence and detailed
. Senior Technical Communicator (edit, write, proof, illustrate, diagram,


Accomplished consultant features expert proposal team management in the delivery of proposal/technical communication, solicitation processes, and solutions that result in award winning submissions. Serve as team innovator delivering robust management, cross-department communication, information technology (IT) reach back, organizational and motivational excellence, success-driven history, technically savvy presentation, and project
management excellence.

1992 Present

Deliver highly organized professional proposal management using a 'top-down' approach and superb communication skill. Identify tools and establish processes that increase response efficiency and consistency. Identify, track, and plan prospective proposal opportunities, perform initial RFI/P/Q analysis and review. Serve as prime creating and managing proposal response
teams. Maintain a working relationship with customer contacts and potential award POCs. Provide Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC). Perform ISO 9000:2001 audits. Create matrices, outlines, and schedules. Develop and standardize formats and templates while growing and maintaining content repositories. Establish development schedules and milestones and actively manage all aspects of response development, production and delivery resulting in award winning submissions. Ensure clear, relevant, cutting-edge content. Manage Blue, Kick-off, Pink, Red, Gold, peer review, and other management meetings both on-site or off-site. Participate in full lifecycle (waterfall, RAD, JAD, spiral or other) technical communication
end-product understanding and solution development. Received Acquisition 5000 instruction through National Security Agency (NSA) subcontract vehicle. Familiar with Performance Based Contracts (PBC). Write extensive compositions: develop and produce original book, end-user, narrative, programmer, systems, thematic, test, text, reference, or other documentation incorporating outlines, designs, codes, interviews, research and analyses as well as other resources to achieve quality products and significant returns-on-investment (ROIs). Apply metadata tags to documents. Provide data repository and web portal oversight for contract/proposal elements. Conduct varied web content services in 'real-time' with search
engine optimization (SEO). Endorse metrics and outcomes through efficiency in solutions-based initiatives during submissions process. Create plans: management, staffing, organizational conflict of interest (OCI), quality assurance (QAP), risk mitigation, etc. and resource these in management solutions. Compute cost estimates of raw materials. Create cost models for
estimating elements. Design and animate graphics, process-flows and illustrations. Determine post-award performance milestones including GANTT Charts with labor-hour breakdowns, etc.



Ms. Quesinberry performs ongoing technical service agreement (TSA) service support in proposal management and oversight, research, writing and editorial on topics such as Children's Bureau (CB) Discretionary Grants Program Modification (subsequently awarded) and Frozen Embryo Donation/Adoption Research. Pal-Tech features a brilliant team of professionals who are a pleasure to work with. Recent work with Bioethicists from Italy proved extremely interesting and innovative. The subject matter Pal-Tech pursues is both contemporary and of great public interest.


Donna delivers proposal management oversight. She performs editorials, template refinement or development, research, writing and rewriting as well as diagramming and graphics/tables creation where essential for varied Paradigm client efforts. Maintain an active sub-contractor / consultant role with Paradigm to supplement their requirements during surge or enhanced efforts. Recent work includes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) efforts.


Provided consultant services (ID/IQ, Full and Open, RFPs, RFQs, Sources Sought, Capabilities Briefings, other). Created technical solutions, management plans and responses. Developed Win Themes / Strategies, Discriminators, established Strengths / Weaknesses (SWOT), provided Bid and Capability Analysis. Lead and supported strategies, developed and produced
proposals during initial, best and final (BAFO) and negotiation stages of procurement. Managed Kick-off, Pink, Red, Gold, and Stand-up Meetings. Provided intensive research, subject matter analysis and technical communication expertise while performing services both off-site and on-
site. Produced diagrams, process-flows, GANTT charts, etc. Provided objective/subjective sustentative research, competitive intelligence and detailed analysis. Began data analysis and design of the SharePoint System for SRI's corporate server at the farm build level. Provided PMI research for SRI's Charter Membership. Use of Genesis Proposal Management Software.
Lead SMEs and identified technical, management, staffing or other approaches. Developed web portals in solution processes. Exceeded 60 submissions for SRI in 2007(included: NASA [AMES Research, BOATS, and ACITS], CONUS Support Business Services (CSBS), HRsolutions, FIRST, US Army, etc. - non-comprehensive list). Phased out baseline legacy repository items and enhanced boilerplates. Achieved multiple contract awards for SRI that include: Department of Defense (DoD), Department of the Army, Contracting Center of Excellence (CCE), Family Morale Welfare Recreation Command, New Parent Support Program -Home Visitation (Surge) (FMWRC NPSP-HV) with 145 direct new hires. After a "no-bid" decision was reached by Senior Management, advised SRI to move forward with their bid and they were subsequently awardees of FMWRC NPSP-HV; also delivered the Fort Hood Defense Finance solution the same week, which was also awarded as well as many other awarded responses developed for SRI. Performed Program Management Support Services 2 (PMSS2) proposal management and coordination (involved19subcontractors [9 large and 10 small] from the Dulles Corridor).
Used PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, SharePoint, Genesis, various Adobe products, etc. creating new or revised diagrams, graphics, tables, charts and presentation materials.


Provided proposal management and oversight of the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO), Telecom Functional Support Section (PL8221) RFP for Small Business configuration management, system planning, support services and other related services in support of the Defense Information System Network (DISN) Network Management Support Services Global / Recompete (DNMSS-G/R) Associated Support Contract /
Recompete (ASC/R). SNVC remained one of the top four contenders for this 400B award. Developed network, system management and other related support service solution responses to meet DISA, DoD Military Services and Agencies and other U.S. Government Department and Agency CONUS and OCONUS requirements. Provided TESA research as well as other requirements. Answered requirements specifying CONUS and OCONUS locations for various
DISN network components (Defense Switched Network [DSN], Defense Red Switch Network [DRSN], Advanced DSN/DRSN Integrated Management Support System, Integrated Network Management System [INMS] and other).


Managed Kickoff, Pink, Red, etc. meetings. Lead and supported strategies. Performed technical, management and price justifications; market segment analyses; and documented for final product presentation. Created and evaluated cost models and estimation elements defining strategies. Conducted quality reviews of all business / cost proposals to ensure uniform quality and style. Developed win probabilities mating to evaluation criteria, SOWs and PWS. Provided objective/subjective sustentative research, competitive intelligence and detailed analysis establishing bid/no-bids. Developed and produced cost elements during initial, best and
final (BAFO) and negotiation stages of the procurement. Identified Win Themes and Discriminators. Reviewed, analyzed and wrote re-competes. Extensive research and comprehension of Integrated Information Solutions Help Desk training; Certification & Accreditation(C&A) identifiers (including: Help Desk Institute [HDI]; STI Knowledge; Integreo and Information Technology Infrastructure Library [ITIL]).Held an Interim
Clearance. Used PowerPoint, Visio, full-suite of Adobe products, and Vector diagrams to create new or revised (legacy) diagrams, graphics, tables, charts and presentation materials. Thorough knowledge of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12)/FIP201.


As Consultant to DoD Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) validated documentation against regulations, standards (Government and private sector) and publications (list later in resume). Composed "As-Is" and "To-Be" documentation. Composed sections of SOWs, PWS and SOPs. Proposed and developed Change Management Modifications and evaluation criteria. Public
Trust Certificate.


Created line item description price-outs and CLIN finance elements using Excel OLE/SQL embeds. Provided OLE embed process training. Performed quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) of compliance, matrices, outlines, development and schedules. Received ISO 9001:2000 Audit Certificate; conducted internal audits. Identified Win Themes/Strategies
and Discriminators mapping to evaluation criteria, SOWs and PWS. Performed market research. Provided technical, management and price justifications; market segment analyses; narratives, technical and management plan creation. Researched, generated and collated proposals, spend plans, schedules, staffing, communication drawings, domain designs, technical documents, memorandums of agreement (MOAs), service level agreements (SLAs) and software development life cycle (SDLC) deliverables. Reviewed, analyzed and wrote text with thematic and Win Theme/Strategy criteria. Developed, formatted, edited, macroed, templated and wrote telecommunication network documentation for Defense Information Systems Network Management Support Services-Global / Associate Support Contract (DNMSS-G/ASC), corporate
business efforts and proposals. Use of Adobe, PowerPoint, Visio and Vector in the creation of new and revision of legacy diagrams, graphics, tables, charts and presentation materials. Interim Clearance.

(More extensive client reference list is available upon request.)

. Brainbench, Technical Writing Certification
. Clark College of Court Reporting, Court and Conference Reporting
. Center for Performance Excellence, Interpersonal and Team Effectiveness
. Center for Performance Excellence, Performance Warm-Up
. Center for Performance Excellence, Personal Best Professional Excellence
. Center for Performance Excellence, Effective Task Performance
. EEI Communications, Advanced Microsoft Project Certificate
. Future Enterprises, Varied Software Certificates
. Institute of Religion, Theology
. Meridian House International-RAP, Certificate of International Affairs
. National Security Agency, NSA 5000 Acquisition Management
. Palomar Community College, Dental Practice Management
. Strayer College, Business Administration (English Literature/Critical
. Strayer College, Computer Science

. ARTEL Inc. - 2004 - ISO9001:2000 Auditor Certificate
. ACS - 2001 - NSA 5000 Acquisition Management Certificate
. Booz Allen Hamilton - 2002 - Diversity Program Leadership, Interpersonal
and Team Effectiveness Certificate, Performance Warm-Up Certificate,
Personal Best Professional Excellence Certificate, Effective Task
Performance Certificate
. Franklin Mortgage Capital Corporation - 1989 - Reduced corporate
expenditures by 30% per annum, $300,000 annual savings
. Prince Georges County Public Schools - Managed effective oversight of
$100,000 non-appropriated funding. Received rating of 100% on internal
bookkeeping audit
. Cypress AMAX - 1991 - Political Action Committee Fundraising Plaque
. Nominated member of National Association of Female Executives 1990
. Member of Women in Mining
. Member of Women in Technology

. Agency for International Development (AID)
. Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)
. Analysts International
. BabyPro
. Beyond Innovation Inc.
. Booz Allen Hamilton
. Boss Groups
. Business Management Modernization Program (BMMP)
. Camber Corporation
. Compass Institute
. Cypress AMAX
. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
. Department of Defense (DoD)
. Enspier Technologies
. Franklin Mortgage Capital Corporation
. Government Services Accountability (GSA)
. Horizon
. Marine Corp Distance Learning (MCDL)
. National Geographic
. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
. National Institutes of Health (NIH)
. National Security Agency (NSA)
. Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD)
. Pal-Tech
. Paradigm Consulting
. Prince George's County Public Schools
. Sevatec Inc.
. Strategic Resources Inc. (SRI)
. Sytel
. Technology Advancement Group (TAG)
. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
. Vanessa Dash Enterprises (VDE)
. World Bank
. XAMonline
. Zellman Productions
. Confidential clients
. Non-profits and others (non-comprehensive listing)

. ACAT program categories
. Air Force Publications
. Army Publications
. Associated Press (AP)
. American Psychology Association (APA)
. BS15000-1&2
. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Instructions
. Chicago Style
. Cost Accounting Standard Board's (CASB) 20 Cost Accounting Standards
. Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR)
. Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL)
. Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR)
. Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)
. Davis Bacon Act
. Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR)
. Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO)
. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Publications
. Defense Switched Network (DSN) Directory
. DoD Information Technology Standards Registry online [DISRonline]
. DoD Military Specifications, Standards and Handbooks
. DoD Directives / Instructions, DoDD 5000.1 and DoDI 5000.2
. Edward Tufte Presentation Standards
. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8 (a)
. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
. Financial Management Service (FMS)
. Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)
. Gray Amendment
. ISO 9001:2000 Certified
. Life Cycle Logistics (LCL)
. Military Standards (MILSTDS)
. Modern Language Association (MLA)
. NAICS Codes
. Navy Publications
. National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST)
. NSA Acquisition Management 5000
. OMB Circulars
. PD005
. Service Contract Act
. Shipley's Proposal Development
. Return-on-Investment (ROI) amendments
. Software Resources Data Reporting (SRDR)
. United States Patent Office (USPO) Regulations
. Other (non-comprehensive list

. Adobe Acrobat, After Effects, Dimensions, Frame Maker, Illustrator,
ImageStyler, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop
. Corel Draw
. FrameMaker
. GIF Builder, HTML, JPEG
. Macromedia Authorware, Director-Shockwave, Dreamweaver-Fireworks,
Drumbeat 2000, Flash
. Media 3Danimation, development, graphic design creation, interactivity
design, production, editing and mixing
. Microsoft Products: Access, Excel, Internet Explorer, Mail, Office to
2000, Outlook, Picture It 2000, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Word,
. MS-DOS Certificate 5.0
. Oracle Application Server, Designer and Developer
. Paradox
. People Soft
. QuarkXPress IBM and MAC
. Rational Unified Process (RUP)
. RoboHelp
. Visual Basic
. WordPerfect

. Suite101, CONTENT WRITER AND WEBMASTER - 1998/2006 - Web Editor, Content
Writer and Webmaster. Designed and developed four separate websites: 1)
Freelance Writing, 2) Fourth Estate, 3) Practical Fiction, 4) New Age
Perspectives. Composed, developed, edited and produced monthly or bi-
monthly articles. Provided web mastering, interactive chat oversight,
questions & answers, live links creation and maintenance, bulletins, real-
time scrolling features, contest initiation and oversight, writer award
judging and presentation, guest author biography development, expert
interviews for article compositions and designed / developed website. Use
of HTML, Java, GIF, JPEG, animations, MS FrontPage, Macromedia, &
development tools in design, development, edits, graphics (creation and
manipulation), programming, uploads and site content composition. 300,000
per site hit margins per annum.
. Suite101, UNIVERSITY COURSE INSTRUCTOR - 1998/2006 - University Course
Instructor of New Age Perspectives for Writing Enhancement. Composed,
developed, edited and produced course and website content. Use of
strategic uploads and art insertions inducing guided imagery sessions and
self-hypnotic protocols for student activities. Instructed online
interactive real-time course ware. Use of HTML, Java, GIF, JPEG,
animation, MS FrontPage, Macromedia, tools and other in design,
development, edits, graphics (creation & manipulation), programming,
uploads and site content composition. Perform chat room oversight, online
course content updates, real-time student Q/A, live link maintenance and
real-time updates. Maintain over 100,000 hit margins per annum.
. North 46, e-Book AUTHOR - 2005 - Author of The Fourth Estate, an e-book
on media. Available through North 46, Vancouver, CA.
. McGraw Hill, CONSULTING EDITOR/GHOSTWRITER - Computer IT/Textbooks - 2003
- Consulting Editor and collaborator developed chapter content and
rewrites as required of An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture.
Developed chapter Q&A. Developed of chapter content and case studies.
Collaborative effort with Professor Scott Bernard of Syracuse University.

. McGraw Hill, GHOSTWRITER - Computer IT/Books - 2002 - Ghostwriter -
author SANs Demystified. Wrote content, case studies and Q&A. Developed
diagramming and glossary. Imported, designed, editorialized and produced
final copy production to publisher.
. Simon and Schuster, CONSULTANT, EDITOR / WRITER - 1993/1996 - As a
Consulting Editor to a sub-contractor for Simon and Schuster completed
pre-semester rewrites, text revisions and text updates of University
textbooks each year prior to onset of fall semester. Performed editing
and proofreading (Chicago Style) of existing texts for required updates
and publication editorials. Worked with text preparations in the
following subjects' algebra, biology, calculus, earth sciences, English
literature, geometry, health, oceanography and trigonometry.

Quick Profile Summary

Donna L. Quesinberry
Name: Donna L. Quesinberry
Location: Arlington,Virginia,United States
Job Title: President/Owner, Consultant
Company: DonnaInk

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