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Kathryn Crawford is currently living in Graham, Non Applicable, and is interested in Work from Home.
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Graham, Non Applicable

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I am unemployed so am looking for work at home opportunities to supplement my income or to make it my only income. I enjoy my grand kids, love the water and mountain views. Love to fish and read books by the water while sipping my favorite beverage.

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Kathryn L. Crawford MHP M.S. CDP 531-50-4458 (253)232-3556
22024 92nd Ave. Crt. E. Sp. 34 Graham, WA 98338

Objective: To work effectively for an agency who recognizes their primary asset as its employees while providing excellence in customer service and care.

Summary of Qualifications: Manager/Supervisor with 20 years experience in developing and implementing strategic business improvements while leading diverse employees through rigorous organizational restructuring. Strong Leader, ability to build strong teams, motivating them to their best potential while creating a positive and efficient work environment. Balanced combination of interpersonal skills, management knowledge and fiscal sense. Extensive background in employee relations, client satisfaction, contractual agreements and compliance. Expertise in Policy and Procedure development and implementation while interpreting federal, state and agency laws, policies, mission statements. Excellent written and verbal communication, conflict resolution, and motivational skills. Knowledge and ability to recruit, hire, train, create motivational work plans, use progressive disciplinary tools and commence termination processes. Ability to write specific evaluations regarding an employees capability with job performance, customer service, team effort and compliance with required procedures. Ability to provide specific critique in order to improve performance of staff. Excellent customer service skills with ability to work well with specific client needs. Excellent academic credentials highlighted by a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Dependency and Family Counseling.

Employment: Job Title: Mentally Ill Offender Coordinator
Thurston County Correctional Facility, Olympia, WA
Years employed: 11/2006-current
Supervisor: Walt Barfield 360-239-2427 for contact purposes

Worked within the correctional facility to determine diagnosis of mentally ill offenders and refer them for further evaluation and medication assessment. Worked with the mentally ill offenders to lessen risk of suicide, lessen risk to community upon release and lessen recidivism rate. Provide crisis intervention and stabilization services for inmates at risk due to symptoms of a mental disorder. Assisted inmates in achieving and maintaining appropriate behaviors and worked with correctional staff and inmates when crisis resolution was necessary. Worked closely with correctional staff regarding appropriate security levels and housing recommendations, oversaw and ensured that appropriate care was given to mentally ill offenders. Responded to kites, sent by inmates, to reduce stress levels and address specific issues. Completed intake and evaluation process to determine if mentally ill offenders qualified for DSHS benefits. Worked within a team-structured environment to determine best treatment outcomes for mentally ill offenders with the least amount of risk to all involved. Worked with outside mental health providers to facilitate the best outcome for inmate population for placement in the community and on-going mental health services upon release. This included consults with the Designated Mental Health Providers. Worked independently and cooperatively with other medical staff, correction deputies, community mental health providers, state and local hospitals, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, defense attorneys, and client advocate agencies when necessary. Was available for emergent situations. Promoted to Program Coordinator so responsible for facilitation of interview process for potential employees and training and supervision of those employees.

Job Title: Passenger Supervisor Transportation Security Officer
Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle, WA.
Years employed: 02/2004-09/2006
Supervisor: Jenis Rideb 360-303-7148 for contact purposes

Promoted to supervisor conducting the same duties as a Lead Officer with additional responsibilities of training, developing work performance agreements, implementing the PASS system and tracking pertinent information for all officers. Facilitated training modules, observing and correcting screening procedures, monitoring and tracking critical observations. Attended training seminars for supervisory advancement. attended conflict resolution classes and became a conflict coach and trainer. Intervened on the officers behalf to encourage career development and motivation for advancement.

JobTitle: Passenger Lead Screener
Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle, WA.
Years employed: 02/2004-current
Supervisor: Andrea Schluttenhofer 253-732-3058 for contact purposes

Screening of passengers and their carry-on baggage to identify and to deal with threats to transportation security, airports, airlines and the community in general. Calibrate and complete verific testing on the ETD machines and complete required maintenance on machines to enable full effectiveness. Provide frontline security measures by wanding, performing pat-down searches, operating the X-ray machine, screening baggage and reviewing tickets for accuracy. Work effectively with supervisors and managers to ensure compliance with SOP and airport regulations. Work effectively with teams to ensure the most effective approach to identifying any threats, potential or real, while maintaining an even flow of passengers. Working as a Lead, I strive to develop and enhance screening teams.

Job Title: Clinical Supervisor; Social Worker 11
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department Methadone Clinic,
Tacoma, WA.
Years employed: 2001 03
Supervisor: Vivienne Kamphaus 360-886-0423 for contact purposes

Provided supervision and consultation to chemical dependency professionals and interns. Provided administrative duties as assigned by the program coordinator. Provided an overview of services and implemented changes for the benefit of patients and program. Provided expertise in quality assurance of program structure and patient outcome. Successful in upgrading to ASAM, making it possible to receive three-year accreditation. Oversaw contracts and developed contracts specific to program needs. Met with difficult patients to provide intense interventions. Made program decisions based on best outcome and within guidelines of protocol. Made budgeting recommendations attaining operation within that budget. Made hiring, corrective action and disciplinary recommendations. Oversaw daily clinic operations.

Job Title: Substance Abuse Program Manager
Center for Human Services, Shoreline, WA.
Years employed: 1998 00

Provided leadership to the substance abuse program, adult and adolescent and their families, by demonstrating therapeutic techniques to high-risk offenders who were under court order, on parole or probation, involved in drug court, were referred by CPS, exhibited inappropriate behaviors, were homeless, were in need of employment services, and/or were in need of mental health services. It was my responsibility to train staff in treatment plan development, specific to the needs of the client and representative of their cultural needs. Services extended to the community including smoking cessation classes, living skill development and prevention planning within the county. I was responsible for the strategic planning of program development, outcome based evaluation, contract monitoring and negotiation and the general oversight of the program. I was further responsible for the development and implementation of the program budget and operating within determined budget. I oversaw the billing process for the department and was responsible for the spending of the appropriated funding. My duties included external meetings and collaboration efforts with community members, sponsors, existing and potential, other treatment providers and to seek other avenues for future funding opportunities. As Program Manager, I participated in fund raising events and procurement of donations to supplement funding sources. I was responsible for the hiring and training of staff and providing support for the treatment team as well as creating and maintaining a workplace that valued diversity and was free of discriminatory practices.

Job Title: Director
Gateways for Youth and Families, Tacoma, WA.
Years employed: 1995 98

Oversaw daily operations of facility, maintaining building and providing services within the designated budget that I also assisted in the development. Hired, trained and motivated staff. Implemented program services to challenge life style changes within residents. Expanded community resources for agency and resident benefit. Developed and nurtured community resources and referrals. Wrote a successful proposal receiving a computer program component to the group home. Monitored contracts. Wrote program handbook. Provided quality assurance for positive outcome studies. Promoted community awareness and support for program and residents. Acquired donations to supplement expenses. Promoted individual change by encouraging employment, education, independent living skills and family reconciliation. Encouraged residents, adjudicated males, to complete daily chores and work in the community garden for personal growth. Facilitated sentencing review meetings, determining the length of stay for residents. Oversaw community interaction ensuring safety protocol was followed and to educate community to encourage a productive re-entry to education and job force. Under my direction, this program became a pilot program for other group homes to monitor and consider for their residents.

Job Title: Counselor
Green Hill School, Chehalis, WA.
Years employed: 1995 - 95

Worked with adjudicated males who were chemically dependent. Wrote chemical dependency program implementing the concept of boot camp within a therapeutic milieu. Trained staff in the concepts of experiential therapies relating to Chemical Dependency and life style changes. Implemented program changes to enhance outcome studies. Provided counseling to youth and families. Monitored program according to WAC requirements. Provided training and supervision for persons gaining certification. Successful in motivating families to participate in family program and Family Day.

Job Title: Administrator
Hope Center, Tacoma, WA.
Years employed: 1993 - 95

Wrote successful Requests for Proposals to implement a recovery house for chemically dependent youth and adults. This included developing, implementing and making necessary revisions in the program to gain state accreditation. Wrote successful Request for Proposal for pregnant and post-partum women who were chemically dependent and in need of Halfway house services. Wrote a successful program for first time DUI offenders adopted by Pierce County. Developed and implemented policies and procedures according to agency and WAC requirements. Obtained community contract statements of work. Monitored all program contracts. Developed community networking and referral sources. Member of social support team for program enhancement and community awareness. Responsible for facility management and operation including program and agency components. Hiring and training of staff including training and supervision for counselors seeking certification. Developed and operated within budget. Responsible for program decisions and building maintenance within state and county standards. Was a contract consultant to two umbrella programs implementing policy and overseeing program development and enhancement. Developed cultural diversity programs for agency facilities. Monitored quality assurance and outcome studies for program. Was the designated spokesperson for program within the community.

Job Title: Counselor/EAP Representative
St. Peter's Chemical Dependency Unit, Olympia, WA.
Years employed: 1992 93

Facilitated groups for chemically dependent youth, adults and their families, utilizing a therapeutic approach to chemical dependency. Was involved in training staff for implementing an experiential approach. Became an EAP representative for a major company and at a satellite facility. Monitored contract. Conducted family therapy, anger management, family violence therapy, eating disorder therapy, employment dispute resolution, etc. Wrote a successful treatment program for incarcerated persons in Thurston County and developed a continuing care component upon their release.

Job Title: Director
Phase 11, Cenla, Pineville, La.
Years employed: 1990 - 92

Wrote, developed and implemented the first halfway house for chemically dependent women and their children in the state of Louisiana. I was successful in receiving state accreditation for the program. Wrote and developed policy and procedures according to state requirements, developed community referrals and resources. Provided clinical and living skills enhancement groups. Provided therapeutic groups including family issues, eating disorders, chemical dependency, domestic violence issues, etc. Responsible for overall operation and management of facility, hiring and training of staff, monitored all work contacts. Gained community support and assistance for program and residents. Worked with state officials for program promotion, receiving an award.

Job Title: Family Therapist
RCA, New Beginnings, Tacoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
Years employed: 1988 90

Began as an intern and promoted to family therapist. Transferred to Little Rock to develop, implement and supervise a continuing care group for chemically dependent adolescents and their families and implemented a multi-family group. Became liaison and spokesperson for the school district providing training and educational components to staff and students. Produced training tapes. Developed community outreach program for at risk youth and co-facilitated a summer challenge program offering alternatives to chemical use. Organized fund raising events. Became a marketing representative developing referrals. Transferred to New Orleans developing a family program, writing a cocaine track and implementing a cultural component to treatment. Became the cultural
diversity trainer. Developed and implemented specialty track for severely impaired chemical users. Became quality assurance overseer meeting state and agency requirements. Became a spokes person at local AA/NA meetings and organized such meetings on cruise ships.

Education: Degree earned or major: QAC, QCDC
Tacoma Community College, Tacoma. WA
Years attended; 1988 - 89

Maintained placement on dean's list. Entered an accelerated program, earning more than the usual credits per quarter, earned my chemical dependency counselor state approval.

Degree earned or major : B.S. M.S.
Baptist Christian College
Shreveport, La.
Years attended: 1990 - 91

Enrolled in an accelerated program, earning more than the usual credits per quarter. Maintained high honors with perfect grade point average. Because of my grades, I was permitted to set my own pace, completing all the requirements and thesis.

Other Accomplishments: Worked as a legal and personal advocate for abused women and children of domestic violence for nearly nine years. Worked with perpetrators as well, developing a program for the perpetrator and family members. Developed a Parents Anonymous group and made frequent home visits. Provided education and technical support for parents with potential to abuse their children. Facilitated a community group of supporters for purposes of educating the community, developing support systems for families in need. Produced training tapes for students detailing the consequences of addictions. Produced training tapes for School Districts detailing the signs and symptoms of drug/alcohol addiction and appropriate intervention techniques. Co-Facilitated a Summer Challenge for At Risk Youths introducing alternative activities for natural highs rather than use of chemicals.

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Kathryn Crawford
Name: Kathryn Crawford
Location: Graham,Non Applicable,United States

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