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About Andrew Williams Jr

Andrew Williams Jr is currently living in Los Angeles, California, working as a Global Solutions Facilitator in "Contact International Inc" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Entertainment, HospitalityTravel, Services.
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Job Title

Global Solutions Facilitator



Los Angeles, California

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Entertainment, HospitalityTravel, Services

My Interests

1. booking appointments/seeking participants for 5-year integrated, collaborative marketing campaign, sales program, bartering network in ALL 6,912 languages to penetrate all 192 U.N. Member States, through all 350+ branches of the World Trade Center Association, and all Members and supporters of Sister Cities International (, 2. working to inform and evangelize the first 1 Billion people, by 2020 to understand and spread that word that unplanned pregnancies can be prevented without the use of contraceptive drugs cuts across all the boundaries and barriers so far erected on Earth, for whatever reason through the Global Awareness Campaign ( with support of the largest group of musicians and performers supporting a charity event worldwide ( 3. through a $5 Million per year, non-intrusive, self-sustaining international humanitarian aide fund-raising campaign providing immediate and residual income streams for the charity, value added benefits to donors and financial incentives for supporters, worldwide (Andrew.addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribersibers). 4. . . in support of Social Traffic Inc. ('s campaign (sign up: which included the launch of a "handbook" guiding users to learn hands-on how to monetize and maximize the social networking phenomenon, through a collectively planned, financed (with human capital) and orchestrated 24-hour online/offline/live/twitter Earth Day 2009 (April 22) [Inaugural] Celebration, with event planning, ticket sales and residual income streams for users built into the core "engine". Events Listed offer a state of the art event management and social networking marketing platform, the can publish event pages that showcase audio, video and up to 30 other plug and play feeds and capsules for marketing their events. Social Traffic will help them manage brochures and posters as well as electronic invitations and viral ticketing commissions. 5. I am also asking everyone to work with the nearest "Sister Cities International ( and to get your community to join their Cities Seeking Cities program ( This will be the umbrella organization I have decided to support worldwide. Nothing will be required of them, but I support their mission of promoting a Global Citizen Diplomacy Network, and believe they provide a global infrastructure that our efforts can strengthen and energize. . . and vice-versa. *. Sister Cities International, Inc. parent organization *. Each individual Sister City *. Each of the Cities Seeking Cities on each Continent: Africa- (85 cities); Americas - (87 US cities plus 45 Non-US cities); Asia - (45 cities); Caribbean: (6 cities) - Europe: (31 cities); Middle East: (7 cities); Eurasia: (24 cities) and Oceana (0 cities): 285 cities/communities worldwide. *. Every community, non-profit organization, NGO, business, and individual that participates in Sister Cities Annual Awards competition. Logically speaking, linking the 2009 - 2015 U.S. Recovery and Reinvestment Project to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 is the only step that makes sense for the inhabitants of the U.S. and the world: MISCELLANEOUS Please use and send this link to your friends and associates for a 3 months' free membership: so that I can then refer contacts and resources to you and your network more easily. FREE VIDEOEMAIL * MAILBOX CASHBOX * GET PAID FOR REFERRALS Gold bullion or dust, Diamonds, Textiles, other commodities (US$5 Million Minimum) for purchase or sale? GLOBAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - EARN10% FOR REFERRALS Got a business, non-profit agency, school, retail store, service agency, trade consulate, event, performing artist, trade show, or fund-raiser to promote? Register free at: ELEARNINGZOOM - FREE TOUR - ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM Wikipedia? Support continuing free access for the whole world by making a donation to LEARN/IMPROVE/PRACTICE /TEACH UP TO 9 LANGUAGES ONLINE: En101 has been delivering quality online language education since 2005. With enrollments in 200 countries, En101 has proven itself as a respected language learning program and a perfect supplement to any language program you may already be enrolled in. With one hundred chapters and hundreds of games and quizzes, En101 is the perfect tool for the preschoolers all the way up to to professionals. If you are interested in participating in either project, or you have a project with which I may help, please let me know, as soon as it is convenient for you. I am currently available for any pending or upcoming projects with which I may be able to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact me in that regard. While I have found that many treat that phrase as a "throw away" line, all I ask is that you put me to the test.

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Andrew Williams Jr has joined on May 21, 2008


WordPerfect 4.2 - 11.0 - 55 wpm; expert with desktop publishing, page
formatting, redlining, merging. tables and other advanced features; 15
years experience;
Microsoft Word 6.0 - 2007 - basic and advanced functions; 15 years
Custom software: Paperport; DOCS Open; Legal Solutions, Find-Law
General office - general secretarial duties: dictation; proofreading and
editing; blue-backing; duplication; scanning; collating; bindery; faxing;
Worker's Compensation transcription.

Quick Profile Summary

Andrew Williams Jr
Name: Andrew Williams Jr
Location: Los Angeles,California,United States
Job Title: Global Solutions Facilitator
Company: Contact International Inc

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