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Andrew Rossillo works in "Future of Health Care, Inc.".
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My Interests

Im looking to apply my copywriting, marketing, advertising and public relations expertise to power myself and a comprehensive team to the top.

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Andrew Rossillo has joined on Mar 24, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

Consider me the chameleon of the marketing industry. I've been in the
trenches. I know what it's like trying to bring in sales from a front-line
perspective. Tell me who you're trying to target and I'll mirror them
precisely in my content. I will produce compelling copy regardless of the
industry or niche market.

I've worked directly in Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Online
Publishing, Teaching, Sales, the Health and Wellness Industry and the
Chamber of Commerce. I've written product descriptions for Best Buy and
RadioShack, articles, blogs, and bottom content for StubHub, web analytics
lectures for Digitaria, sales letters for SmartiTag, complete website
content and much more. There's no doubt that I will provide 360 degrees of
business. I thrive on applying my abilities to hard work and challenges,
investing myself fully in the completion of objectives and the generation
of new ones. Plus, my research skills make me a flexible utility. Give me
gritty guidelines or let me run wild - I'll work with any parameters you

I'm your one-stop-shop. It's about motivating people to invest money and
time. Hit hot buttons with your content and you're sure to ignite your
Return On Investment and set your sales on fire. I am in search of the
opportunity to participate in a comprehensive team environment. As such,
I'm looking to apply my copywriting, marketing, advertising and public
relations expertise to get you in front of your ideal prospect and keep you

My experience and capabilities include:

~Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

~Web Content, Radio/Television Copy, Educational Courses, Product Catalogs,
Brochures, Press Releases, Business Letters, Editorial Pitches, Sales
Letters, Blogs, E-mail Marketing, Newsletters, Quarterly Publications

~Creative Writing, Short Fiction, Poetry, Journalism, Technical,
Explicative, Satirical, Opinion, Research Papers

~Online and Offline Marketing, SEO Techniques, Keyword Research, Back-

And you know, I could tell you that I work very well both independently and
with a group, or that I'm extremely organized..blah..blah..blah. Let's be
honest, you must be a tad wary of such claims by now. Listen, I've been
trying to give flight to my own business for some time now. It's been
extremely rewarding using my complete skill set; a true treat to feel
completely useful. It's something special to be able to call on a number of
my faculties for the completion of a project. But I must say, the desire
for monetary rewards is edging out that other degree of reward by just a
hair. Sure, I'll continue tinkering with my own business, but I feel that
I'll be able to experience the most growth and success working with a solid
company. I crave the ebb and flow that a project produces from start to
finish. I can be an absolute workhorse for you, but my creative and
innovative side will not stand for another assembly-line environment. I'm
looking for a symbiotic scene, a fruitful forum, an exciting arena for
creative exchange where I can improve myself and help improve those around
me. I hope you can help me fend off this frustration I feel from not being
able to make use of my full potential in the workplace. Please let me know
how you feel about moving forward. Thank you for your time and

I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, so I know I can run with your

Andrew Rossillo
4588 Park Blvd, Apt. 7
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 889-2075

Andrew Rossillo
4588 Park Blvd, Apt 7 ~ San Diego, CA 92116 ~ (619) 889-2075 ~

~Summary of Qualifications~
-Writing and editing experience: Web Content, Radio/Television/Video Copy,
Educational Courses, Product Descriptions, Brochures, Press Releases,
Business Letters, Editorial Pitches, Cover Letters, Resumes, Sales Letters,
Blogs, E-mail Marketing, Newsletters, Quarterly Publications
-Creative Writing, Short Fiction, Poetry, Journalism, Technical,
Explicative, Satirical, Opinion, Research Papers
-Design skills and art exposure, including brochures, photography, painting
and two-dimensional design
-Online and Offline Marketing, SEO Techniques, Keyword Research, Back-
-Intermediate level of Spanish

~Professional Experience~
~Peerless Perceptions, San Diego, CA. Jan 2005-Current
-Owner/Operator: Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Marketing Consultant, New
Business Developer, Project Manager
-Keyword research, SEO-friendly copy, Web content, brochures, sales
letters, educational courses, blogs, you name it
-Manage freelance writers, maintaining a perfect never-late deadline
record, and pride myself on completing projects early
-From ESL exams for Korean language academies to articles, blogs and bottom
content for StubHub, no job is too big

~Virtucom Group, Syracuse, NY. Jan 2006-July 2006. F/T
-Copywriter: wrote, proofread and edited various forms of custom copy for
RadioShack, Magnolia and Best Buy's online products according to style
guides provided by clients
-Researched, analyzed and used information from manufacturer/publisher
sites in order to understand the functions and language associated with
their products

~English World, Madrid, Spain. Oct 2004-Oct 2005. F/T
-English Teacher: developed lesson plans and followed course books,
teaching grammar,
reading, phonology, listening and writing skills to the students. Taught
children and adults in school, home and business classes; all levels of
-Executed tasks which enabled me to gauge students' abilities, then
developed and taught students lesson plans
especially targeting their areas of greatest need

~Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc., formerly Youngs & Linfoot, Inc.,
Geneseo, NY. Jul 2003-Aug 2004. F/T
-Insurance Producer/Account Executive: outside/inside, personal/commercial
-Successful in an environment requiring a high degree of self-teaching and
impromptu learning
-Generated prospect lists, created and maintained new business, tracked
personal progress and goals, quoting, drafting letters and proposals.
Organized all material in clear and succinct fashion
-Arranged and hosted various meetings between employees, managers, business
owners and representatives.
-Cooperatively took direction from others and also effectively delegated

~Livingston County Chamber of Commerce, Geneseo NY. Jul 2003-Aug 2004
-Agency Representative for Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc.
-Business Development Committee: worked closely with CEO, Livingston County
business owners and representatives
-Assisted in arranging and hosting meetings between local business owners
and chamber members.
-Took part in developing initiatives to bolster local merchant activity and
community synergy

~Davison Advertising & Design, Rochester, NY. Nov 2002-May 2003. F/T
-Full-Service Advertising Assistant: worked independently and part of a
team, communicated with vendors, clients, agency freelancers, local and
national markets and media
-Editing, day-to-day business tasks, business letter writing, new business
pursuits, research, information organization, brochures, press releases,
presentations, counting campaigns for Kodak and the Sterling Renaissance

~Martino Flynn, Rochester, NY. Sept-Feb 2002. F/T
-Public Relations Specialist Intern: Media relations, pitch ideas, press-
release copy, phone follow-up and tracking skills
-Research, counting Media Map and a national public relations campaign with
CooperVision and NFL

~ITC International TEFL Certificate, Barcelona, Spain. (October, 2004)
~ B.A. English; PR Minor - SUNY Geneseo, May, 2003. G.P.A.: 3.39

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Andrew Rossillo
Name: Andrew Rossillo
Company: Future of Health Care, Inc.

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