Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada Information And Events

Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada Information And Events
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Official Website:
Coordinates: 53.2° N, 105.75° W

Prince Albert Fun Facts

The first white man to travel through the area that is now Prince Albert was Henry Kelsey in 1692.

The median household income (after-taxes) in Prince Albert is $49,421, a bit lower than the national average at $54,089.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Prince Albert was −56.7 °C on February 1, 1893.

Prince Albert's official website is

The highest temperature ever recorded in Prince Albert was 39.4 °C on July 19, 1941.

The stretch of Highway 2 from Moose Jaw to Prince Albert was designated in 2005 as Veterans Memorial Highway.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, the median value of a dwelling in Prince Albert is $224,963 which is lower than the national average at $280,552.

The main soils of the city of Prince Albert are those of the valley complex consisting mainly of regosolic soils which produce natural vegetation which are not forest nor grassland but a complex of the two.

Prince Albert's geo-coordinates are 53.2° N, 105.75° W.

Prince Albert is located on the White Fox Plain of the Saskatchewan River lowlands.

In 1866, Prince Albert was established as a mission post, and a trail to Fort Carlton arose.

Today the Chamber of Commerce still exists to be the voice of business for Prince Albert & District which advocates for a positive and progressive business climate.

Although Prince Albert is centrally located in Saskatchewan, it is the second most northerly city in the province after Meadow Lake.

Delegations were sent by the Chamber to present the case for a Prince Albert route to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Prince Albert is in the Central Time Zone.

List of airports near Prince Albert:

  • Prince Albert (Glass Field) Airport

Prince Albert is located in Canada.

Prince Albert is about 65.68 square kilometers.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Prince Albert:

  • Tanner Fresh ( Musician, Rapper, Record producer, Audio Engineer and Songwriter )
  • Kassie Svendsen ( Actor )
  • Graydon Gould ( Actor )
  • Donny Parenteau ( Singer-songwriter, Musician, Record producer and Multi-instrumentalist )
  • Jon Vickers ( Singer )
  • Rick Ducommun ( Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur )
  • Mike Bales
  • Jerome Mrazek
  • Selwyn Dewdney
  • Todd Bergen
  • Johnny Bower ( Ice hockey player )
  • Ryan Parent ( Ice hockey player )
  • Tavis Hansen
  • Scott Basiuk ( Engineer )
  • Ivor Dent
  • Dave Manson ( Ice hockey player )
  • Joey Tetarenko
  • Terry Ruskowski ( Coach )
  • Dylan Yeo ( Ice hockey player and Athlete )
  • Denis Pederson ( Ice hockey player )
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Bert Cadieu
  • Doyle Vermette
  • John Comiskey
  • Kelly Guard
  • Randy Hoback
  • George Weaver
  • Kirk Krack ( Coach )
  • Harry Jerome
  • Ken Tralnberg
  • Todd Nelson ( Coach )
  • Brad Bergen
  • Adam Cracknell ( Ice hockey player and Athlete )
  • Scott Daniels
  • Ron Davidson ( Ice hockey player )
  • Blair Morgan
  • Robert Boyer
  • Robert Fleming ( Pianist, Organist, Composer, Conductor and Film Score Composer )
  • Darian Dziurzynski ( Ice hockey player )
  • Stefanie Lawton
  • Aaron Peck
  • Rick Wilson ( Coach )
  • Carsen Chubak ( Ice hockey player )
  • Matthew Robertson
  • Owen Walter
  • Robert George ( Military Officer )
  • Scotty Cameron
  • Lori-Jane Powell
  • Ann Saddlemyer
  • Josh Manson ( Ice hockey player and Athlete )

Besides these two trails, Prince Albert was also served by the Montreal Lake–PA, Green Lake–PA, and Fort à la Corne–PA trails.

From the beginning, probably the overriding singular concern of the local chamber was to assist Prince Albert to obtain rail transportation.

In 1991 CPR decided to shut down rail line operations in Prince Albert and the surrounding area.

:70, 71 The prince albert is here that the treeline of Saskatchewan begins, and to the north of the city begins the forested growth of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana), as well as other boreal forest growth in the Prince Albert National Park, and Nisbet forest.

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