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To post resumes is to upload curriculum vitaes in a chosen website with the idea of being matched with jobs available in reference to skills and competencies. When people post resumes, their information is entered in a database whereby potential employers get a chance to view it. This is done when applicants post resumes that they already have or are enabled to create one. If employers need to hire, they will call up the contact from the post resumes or get in touch with the agency to schedule an interview. Other agencies that deal with post resumes send the job seeker updates on available jobs that match their qualifications. The recruiters help the jobseekers compile their resumes before they post resumes. There are three functional types of ways to post resumes. One is chronological, the other is functional and the third is a combination of Functional-chronological. The functional way to post resumes is based on skills and accomplishments which are major. The chronological way to post resumes focuses most on experience with details. The functional-chronological (combined) way to post resumes integrates the functional and chronological formats.

To post resumes, people first need to come up with an organized list of their technical knowledge. Qualifications must be listed in a relevant order according to the job being targeted. Experience should be quantified to indicate achievements and progress. Action verbs should be the opening lines of sentences when applicants post resumes in order to give the employer an active image of the job seeker. Jobseekers should avoid selling themselves short by sticking to their points of strength and selling themselves as valuable assets. To post resumes that are to win people jobs, the must first of all consider the nature of jobs they are looking forward to. Applicants who post resumes should reflect this on their resumes and it should be attractive and brief to attract the recruiter’s attention. It should have catchy phrases that sell the employer to the employee. When people post resumes they should ensure they are detailed and precise. It should have the jobseekers bio-data, which includes personal information like age, interests, languages spoken and contact details among others.

To post resumes, applicant should have details on education background that include all learning institutions attended and grades obtained. When people post resumes they should also have details on working experience stating the companies worked for and in what capacity and for how long. It is also important to include other achievements like memberships to different organizations or awards when people post resumes. The references of people well known to the jobseeker should also feature. They prepare them for the interview by pre-interviewing them and guiding them on what the employer maybe looking for. They also give them advice on career choice and act as the link between the employer and the employee. They help them negotiate for salaries and ensure that they get a fair deal from their prospective employers. Some recruiting agencies charge a fee to post resumes. Others wait until the jobseeker gets the job and get their pay from their first salary. This however varies with different organizations. The amount of agency fees to post resumes depends on the total amount the recruiting company is ready to pay.