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People post resumes in order to show a summary of their education, skills, experience and accomplishments. People post resumes in order to convince a potential employer that they are qualified and skilled to perform a particular job. If the resume is well written and contains information that convinces the employer that the applicant is qualified, the latter will be called for an interview. Formerly, applicants did not post resumes of more than two pages in length but lately because of the large number of job applicants, longer resumes are being accepted because successful applicants must be in a position to distinguish and differentiate themselves from others. Applicants who post resumes as well as human resource experts have indicated that ideal the resume must be sufficiently long to provide adequate description of the skills and employment history of the applicant.

In modern times, potential employees post resumes on internet-based job databases from where employers can find and study different resumes and then shortlist applicants who they feel are qualified for certain jobs. In fact, many employers no longer accept hand-written resumes and insist that willing applicants must post resumes in their databases or send via e-mail. Employers’ preference of electronic resumes has in many ways changed the writing format of resumes as well as how they are handled and read. One of the differences between applicants who post resumes online is that this method is more comprehensive. While conventional resumes may only show information on education and work experience, internet resumes will in addition have the person’ skill development in her or his career. Therefore, people who post resumes online have a slight advantage over the traditional way.

The advantage that applicants who post resumes online have is that their resumes can be distributed to different potential employers at the same time. Moreover, to post resumes via the internet is comparatively cheaper to both the employer and the job seeker when compared with the traditional methods With the new technologies applicants especially those in the media fields, are being required to post resumes of video or audio nature via the internet. This could have in the past called for face to face voice or presentation tests or mailing media devices such as tapes to the employer. Job seekers can post resumes in resume databases for free although there are those that require one to subscribe first. Therefore, most job seekers prefer to post resumes on these databases as opposed to printing hard copies of their resumes.

To post resumes online, one will have to fill out different fields like name, phone number, and address (or email address). There is also a text box at the bottom of the page to where one can upload his or her resume and then paste. Some sites will require the applicants to post resumes as plain text referred to as ASCII while in others, one can post resumes in HTML format. Job seekers should however have the following points in mind before they post resumes in plain text format. One, they should not use special symbols and characters such as mathematical symbols. Also, the text should be justified to the left and if one indents, he or she should not use tabs but the space bar. Applicants should only post resumes after spell checking and proofreading them.