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Susanna Aubynn is currently living in Brampton, Ontario, working as an Entrepreneur/Internet Business Establishment and Network Marketing in "ISAGOTA LLC" and is interested in Consulting, Financial Services, Home Based Biz, HospitalityTravel, Human Resources, Marketing, Non-profit/Association, Other, Real Estate, Services, Work from Home.
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Entrepreneur/Internet Business Establishment and Network Marketing


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Brampton, Ontario

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Consulting, Financial Services, Home Based Biz, HospitalityTravel, Human Resources, Marketing, Non-profit/Association, Other, Real Estate, Services, Work from Home

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Seeing other people achieve their heart desire and success

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Susanna Aubynn has joined on May 04, 2011

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I grew up mostly in Ghana in West Africa where I had most of my education. As a little girl I dreamt of becoming a doctor or a lawyer which was the trend in my family lineage. I wanted to become like my grandfathers brother, Lawyer Ako Adjei who was one of the leaders who liberated Ghana in having their independence from Great Britain. As I grew older, my dreams and my desires changed, I desired instead to become a professional marketer. At about age 22, I entered into the Institute of Professional Studies to begin my studies in Marketing. My studies lasted for 3 years and graduated from the institute with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

After successfully completing my Marketing course, I volunteered as a Marketing officer with a Postal Service Company in Ghana where I began practicing my marketing skills with that company. After doing this for a year, I moved into Sales/Marketing with a pharmaceutical company based in Ghana where we promoted, sold and distributed quality drugs manufactured from Germany to various pharmacy shops and hospitals in the country.

As I continued to pursue my goals in business and marketing, it became necessary for me to relocate to the UK where I completed my Masters in Business Administration. For the next seven years, I worked within government for the National Health Service and also the private sector including serving on several societal organizations in various executive positions. Furthermore, my occupational responsibilities over the same time period included being an administrator, coordinator, customer relations personnel, and staff trainer. I also served as president and treasurer in a couple of non profit organizations. Moving to the UK, not only enabled me to broaden my knowledge base but it also enabled me to operate at a much higher level of competence.

The global economic meltdown has impacted my life and job in the UK causing me to look elsewhere for greener pastures namely Canada. I would later complete the move to Ontario, Canada in December of 2009 in the hope of furthering my studies and finding a job but that was not to be. Instead I took a leap of faith to start a business which was something I always wanted to do. So once again my life came full circle, I have teamed up with other business owners who partner with me in my own Internet Marketing and Internet Establishment business.

It have always been my dream to help others in their own businesses or to own their own businesses. Now I have the very opportunity to do just that, with my skill set, knowledge base and determination my success is assured but not without me helping others to achieve their success first. So, I am determined by the will of God to aid every small and medium size business and every person who seeks to become a business owner in their pursuit to change the economic future of our countries by restoring the health of every business I have the privilege to serve.

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Susanna Aubynn
Name: Susanna Aubynn
Location: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Entrepreneur/Internet Business Establishment and Network Marketing

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