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Dana Brooks - Louisville, Kentucky

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About Dana Brooks

Dana Brooks is a Sponsor B1824 and works at the company Lotto Magic.
Dana Brooks is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is interested in Work from Home.
Sponsor B1824
Lotto Magic
Louisville, Kentucky
Work from Home
Work from Home
Apr 28, 2011
I just got started in a fantastic business that can pay you 7,925 a month to play on 31,240 lottery tickets and this is something that you would do really well at. Watch my 15 minute presentation that will show you how to do it. or call are live presentation that we have every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern time (206) 402-0100 pin# 406159#.
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Lotto Magic is the only home-based business in America that will show you how to get paid to play in every Florida Lotto & Powerball drawing from anywhere in the world, even if you never win!


Company Overview

We are a unique home-based business opportunity in the network marketing industry offering members the capability to play on tens of thousands of Florida Lotto and Powerball tickets from anywhere in the world at one fixed, low monthly cost.

Our network marketing compensation plan, not only pays you 5 levels deep, but also enters you into the lottery drawings for every person in your organization y...

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call and get free report today.


Show people how to make money each month through network marketing and increase lottery odds.

We are a membership benefits club, with the primary benefit of enabling you to build an extremely large lottery pool, and get paid regardless of lottery outcomes.

We also offer several MLM training techniques, recruiting systems and products such as DVD's, self-replicating web pages, and extensive direct mail campaigns to help promote your business


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Q & A

Who is Dana Brooks?

Dana Brooks is a person living in Louisville, Kentucky and is interested in Work from Home.

What is the address and contact information of Dana Brooks?

Dana Brooks lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Where can I find more information about Dana Brooks?

You can find more information about Dana Brooks by click here.

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Name: Dana Brooks
Location: Louisville,Kentucky,United States
Job Title: Sponsor B1824
Company: Lotto Magic

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