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Tom Mangone is currently living in Windham, New Hampshire, working as a Certified Associate since June 2006 in "Invisus Direct" and is interested in Computer Hardware, For the Home, Home Based Biz, Internet / IT, Legal Services, Marketing, Services, Software & Services, Work from Home.
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Certified Associate since June 2006



Windham, New Hampshire

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Computer Hardware, For the Home, Home Based Biz, Internet / IT, Legal Services, Marketing, Services, Software & Services, Work from Home

My Interests

People that realize that buying products at retail is not the MLM model. Invisus Direct's Internet Security Suite can not be found on the shelves are major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, CompUSA and Wholesale Clubs.

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Tom Mangone has joined on Aug 08, 2007


Tom Mangone

Objective: Utilize a Dynamic sales career since October of 1980 reflecting pioneering and record-breaking performance in the computer technology, internet and health care markets. Remain on the cutting-edge, driving new business through key accounts and establishing strategic partnerships and customer relationships to increase sales and revenue. Utilize experience of both long-term and one-call close background to service my clients to enable repeat value based business; as well as a strong referral network.

Direct Marketing and Sales Experience:

August 05 to Present MRI Centers

Image Services Representative, responsible for generating diagnostic scans for a Massachusetts geographic territory; establishing relationships with doctors at hospitals and health care facilities, chiropractors, podiatrists, physicians, OB/GYNs, Dentists, Oncologists, Neurologists. nurse practitioners and dentists for multiple Diagnostic Center locations in a very competitive MRI Market in this area of New England. One of my Centers has a lease with an orthopedic group.
Initiated Vascular program at center with High Field magnet, establishing a strategic relationship with the premier group in the North Shore of Massachusetts, grew business from 0 to 350 total scans in a 18 month time-frame, including MRAs and MRVs from this group of 4 Vascular Surgeons. Effort including establishing relationship with number one surgeon, managing activities of Corporate personnel, lead Radiologist prior to first scan, so that he was emotionally involved with his decision, creating a perceived value with doing business with my center. Lead Radiologist quit company shortly after program began, had to keep effort going and continually resell company to achieve success. All business taken from Hospitals MRI, located less than a half mile from our center.
Doubled the Cardio scans in my area by continually visiting office staff, bringing ownership, management, radiologist and center coordinator in to meet with Doctors and staff on various occasions.
Direct contact with client front desk staff, office managers/administrators, nurses and physicians
Implemented Strategic Relationships with vascular surgeons and OB-GYNs by bringing them directly into the center and scan process, prior to first scan, allowing company to show value added services, technical and operations staff that sold the complete capability of the company, as it related to each particular application.
100% responsible for organizing company annual client golf tournament, prizes, interacting with golf course management and coming in under budget of $13,500 and by growing doctor attendance by 30%
Increased scans in my territory 3 per day at an average of $700 per scan generating an increase of company revenues in excess of $500,000 annually
Established a record number of scans with team for one month for center that has been open almost two years
Implemented Goldmine Contact Manager and Webex Intranet with MIS to organize companys client database for all company marketing representatives
Assisted company bringing in 3rd party occupational health payment system to enable company to fill up available time for companys multiple locations.

1994-May 02; October 03-August 05 Buffalo Computer Sales

Home Based (1099) Independent Reseller & Dealer of Computer Systems, Software, Hardware & Supplies throughout the country.
Sold directly to MIS & End User Purchasing Departments in any kind of business
with over 50 computer systems up to Fortune 500's.
Customers included Manufacturers, Insurance, Financial, Hospitals & Data Base Marketing Companies.
Paid 100% of own insurance while providing for a family of 4.
Earned over $100,000 five years while working for myself.
Reached goal of annual sales in excess of $1,000,000 1997-1999.
Responsible for all website content.
Achieved McAfee's 2004 Fall Rewards Trip (Exuma Bermuda) for strategic anti-virus sales to mid-size end users - fewer than 500 employees.
Contracted 100+ small business (B2B) owners in Northern/Western Massachusetts & Southern NH area from September 2004 to August 2005 with merchant credit card services, 91% w/equipment or Internet POS to medical offices, physicians, hospitals, administration, customer service and retail POS oriented applications.
Established CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and methods utilizing SalesForce.coms complete line of products for a software developer that produced website technologies for real estate agents nationwide. Working knowledge of Act, Maximizer and Gold Mine Contact Management Systems.
Created own leads and followed up on any manufactures leads with complete disposition of prospect and referral.
Setting up of complete office management and staff with lunches to further enhance value and relationship with prospect.

May 02-October 03

Sales Director for 6-person Internet based company-providing services directly to Real Estate Agents and their clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Illinois.
Successfully presented and sold website design and services (emailing from multiple listing services with user history, statistics & marketing, etc.) to over 250 individual real estate agents, all one-call closes to a $100 a month service after appointments that I pre-qualified and set up in the New England area.
Closed one out of every two physical appointments that I scheduled via telephone.
Kept the company afloat with new subscribers maintaining companys revenue stream 100% for over a year and a half by replacing 250 cancelled accounts directly from my personal efforts.
Completed 6-month, Bi-Monthly Company paid David Sandler Presidents Sales Training Course.
Selling this service required a real estate license, which I earned in for both MA & NH in 2003
Past real estate license test in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts as a requirement for the job.

1991-94 MCS, Inc.

Account Executive, working out of home representing Pennsylvania Company.
Demonstrated and sold turnkey software and hardware solutions to business owners (B2B) at Lumber Yards, Building Supply, Hardware Stores & Medical Supply houses. Complete system, Unix based hardware & seamless software, POS through to General Ledger.
Presented, sold and installed over 35 new-name turnkey installations directly to business owners ranging in price from $30,000 to $50,000 in the New England/New York to the Pennsylvania border area.

1990-91 Gates Pioneer Distributors

- Sales representative, sold computer systems and components to computer resellers and dealers throughout the eastern US.

1988-90 NBS Southern

Regional sales representative, demonstrated and sold high-speed non-impact system printers to end user business executives of over 100 employees. President's Club 89.
Worked out of home representing company based in Florida.
Presented and sold 10, 40-80 page per minute laser & ion-deposition printers to data base marketing type applications throughout New England competing directly with Xerox and HP, with a more expensive product.

1986-88 Memorex Telex

Strategic sales representative/sales specialist and account manager. Demonstrated and sold computer terminals that interface with IBM mainframes to MIS executives and end-users.
Opened State Street Bank as a new named account with over 100 multi-function, $3,000 per unit conceptual new technology voice & data workstations directly to departments within large banks (credit card and mortgage collections), insurance (telemarketing), hospitals (patients accounts), and telephone companies that had simultaneous voice and data interaction.
Initial contact with State Street Bank was a belly-belly meeting that I set up with then State Street President & CEO at the time, Peter Madden.
Generated over $600,000 the first calendar year in a brand new product technology for the company in the New England area, 100% on appointments that I personally set-up, personally demonstrated and closed.
50 new-name Major accounts in less than a year and a half with what Time Magazine classified as an Executive Toy by application selling, walking around the inside of these corporations.
Went through complete merger between Two (2) Billion-Dollar companies.

1983-86 Davox

Senior Marketing Representative, sold end user, proprietary, multi-application computer terminals that interfaced with multiple databases and the telephone systems.
President's Club 85, Sales Person of the Quarter Q2 85.
Sold and installed over $1,500,000 worth of a proprietary IBM compatible multi-function workstation to Senior Executives and End User Department heads who helped me sell their own MIS departments with conceptual new technology voice & data workstations.
Customer types included: banks (credit card and mortgage collections), insurance (telemarketing), hospitals (patients accounts), and telephone companies that had simultaneous voice and data interaction.
All business generated 100% on appointments that I personally set-up, personally demonstrated and closed with cost justified proposals of intangible product.
Drove 57,000 miles throughout New England and Eastern New York state in 1986 to earn $57,000!

1979-83 AT&T Paradyne

Account Manager, sold high speed distributed data processing systems and modems, directly to end users MIS executives.
President's Club 1982 Consistently exceeded personal sales goals and directives.
Sales training included 6 months working at corporate office directly for the VP of Sales and 6 months as on-site installation coordinator of 500 locations across the United States at GTE Telenet (invented the packet switch engine) in Vienna, VA.
All business generated 100% through new name accounts that I set-up, from introduction of self, company and products, through to close.
Sold and installed the very first pair of industry available 14,400 bps modem ever in New England, tying Stop & Shops Quincy Corporate to Braintree Distribution Center.

University of Massachusetts at Lowell - Formally Lowell Technological Institute
BSBA Management/Marketing Degree - Graduated 1978

Massachusetts & New Hampshire Real Estate License, Achieved Realtor Status 2003-2005
David Sandler Sales Training 6 months, Bi-monthly May 02 Nov. 02
Past Associate Member of NEMA New England Merchants Association
CPR-AED Certificate 2005

- Married 20+ years, wife Lisa, who is a Lab Tech Manager at Lenscrafters, a national chain, and daughters Megan and Becky attend Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. as Womens golf team recruits.
- Non-smoker, Non-drinker, 57 , 170 lbs.
- Starting at the very back of the pack, completed the Boston Marathon without stopping or walking in 1994 in 5 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds, passing thousands of runners and excited onlookers along the way.
- Enjoy sports and working out 5 days a week and have an extremely high energy level while working and having fun.
- Internet Safety Advocate
- Excellent at home repair projects, including well pump replacement and plumbing.
- Very strong presentation & polished demonstration skills and ability to produce and present cost justified proposals to senior management.
- Ability to find customer pain very quickly in sales cycle and ability close the business in my timeframe.
- Superior bonding and rapport skills, and wonderful first impression ability.

- References provided upon request.

Quick Profile Summary

Tom Mangone
Name: Tom Mangone
Location: Windham,New Hampshire,United States
Job Title: Certified Associate since June 2006
Company: Invisus Direct

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