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About Zephyr Archangel

Zephyr Archangel is currently living in Seoul, South Korea, working as a Representative CEO in "Korea Fire Fighting Corporation" and is interested in Business for Sale.
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Representative CEO



Seoul, South Korea

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Business for Sale

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Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, who are the inventor of Nude Fire Extinguisher, Transparent Plastics , established in 2002, for making a new type of fire extinguisher which can automatically suppress the fire occurred at same time Nude Zephyr Archangel Naked Korea Fire Fighting Corporation extinguisher 충약 소화기 대한 소방 공사 누드 투명 nud transparent see-through Polycarbonate polymer Engineering Plastic PC EP 폴리카보네이트 EP Engineering Plastic 소비 응용 특수 EP 구분 일반 EP Nylon Polyamine PA PC Polycarbonate POM Polyformaldehyde PBT Poly-butylene Terephthalate Polyester mPPO Modified Polyphenylene Oxide 5개 카테고리 분류 누드 소화기 폴리 카보네이트 플라스틱 특허 전 세계 소화기 플라스틱 개조 투명 대한 소방 공사 대표 짐승 김 성수 불로그, 누드, 소화기, 폴리카보네이트, 플라스틱, 특허, 전, 세계,소화기, 플라스틱, 개조, 투명, 대한, 소방, 공사, 대표, 짐승, 김, 성수, 불로그

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Zephyr Archangel has joined on Aug 08, 2007

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Zephyr Archangel
Name: Zephyr Archangel
Location: Seoul,South Korea
Job Title: Representative CEO
Company: Korea Fire Fighting Corporation

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Zephyr Archangel
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