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Charles Dudrey is currently living in Washington, working as a The Chuck Dudrey Story and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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The Chuck Dudrey Story

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My story begins ten years before my birth with the life of my mother during the close of the great depression. At eight years old I was nearly beat to death by my father sending me to the hospital barely clinging to life with head trauma. The fall of the same year my mother was shot to death, murdered in the kitchen of our home.
Over years I experienced every forum of abuse imaginable. Ive been beat with boards, hoses, extension cords, anything my abuser could find. One dark night in a cold house the woman that treated me so badly was in distress about to give birth. Calling me for help, I ran fearfully expecting the worst, finding her on the floor at the top of the stairs pleading for me to help her. My mind began to swirl in thought. Was this the opportunity that I had dreamed of for years. Was it time to kill her, the woman who has starved me, was part of my mothers death, whipped me and spit in my face screaming, she hated me. I could get away with it, who would ever know, I could end it all now! Then all of a sudden something began to stir with in me and I made a decision that would change the course of my life.
Twenty years later working as a bounty hunter I had the life I had always wanted. I was living in the fast lane and doing what I like to do, beating up and assaulting people. All the violence I had learned growing up did have its advantages. I was involved in every type of crime and had no moral conscious. The life of a criminal was all I had ever known and I felt comfortable and had little remorse for anything.
In 1990 while running form the law to keep from going back to prison I fled to Washington, state. With fake identification and birth certificate, a new wife and home, I felt like a new man and nothing could stop me now. Seemed that no matter how I looked on the outside I was falling apart on the inside. There was a battle ragging in my mind to the point that I thought I would go crazy. Always looking over my shoulder wondering if the law was about to close in and send me to jail. Then one night when life couldnt get any worse, something happened that would change my life forever. I had an encounter with Jesus.

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Charles Dudrey
Name: Charles Dudrey
Location: Washington,Cayman Islands
Job Title: The Chuck Dudrey Story

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