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About Wendy Fenech

Wendy Fenech is currently living in Alberta, working as a CEO in "WFenechNotesAssociates" and is interested in Financial Services.
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Financial Services

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outdoors ,Gardening helping other .connecting investors with my business contacts Financial services

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Wendy Fenech has joined on Mar 09, 2011

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My name is Wendy. I live in Alberta, Canada
My Interests leans towards Health & wellness and Clean air and Investor relations & creating funds for a comfortable retirement for my family and all those who join in the opportunity I offer.
I started building my Internet business 5 years ago,
The one thing I have come to really appreciate is communication is one of the most important service that we can offer as business people to others . I invite you to contact me anytime,
send me an email please use the word retire in your subject line so I will know your reponding to one of my buisness profiles .
I am looking for people who have an interest in investing as I working direct with an Oil company with Oil wells and Gas wells and a Commercial Salt Water Dispoal Facility !!! and in marketing and residual incomes for retirement , so we can collectively build an exchange of useful information and resources.
My business goal is simple. To develop a working community of members with each member earning an decent monthly income to retire on . And helping as many families as possible .
I am dedicated to pursuing this goal of helping as many persons as possible for the next few years.
And retireing with a very comfortable nest egg . that is devolping from one of the opportunities
I am pleased to present an offer that fits many persons budget, as it has different levels of residual income to choose from !
Im a mother of 5 with 4 boys and 1 girl . I love outdoors , gardening , Flowers gardens, Walking thruogh our trails that we made over the past 15 yrs in our own bush . Love the wild life that strolls thru eating the berries and is able to relax on our acreage as we have no hunting posted on several quarter sections all around us I took some courses that helped me with income as I was a house wife for many yrs and decided that I could improve our life if I put a little effort in to learning a few things, and then I fianally found something that is great for anyone looking to finally put some funds away easily for a plan to retire on with very little effort , but knowing the only residual income was going to be the best way to create the life style we want for our familes.
In closing, my stongest points are I\'m a great Solutions/cashflow specialist Note buyer and at being successful at connecting and networking with business contacts and investor relations ... and Bieng a mom, & Wife of 35 yrs to the great man who loves me like the day we met .that is rare these days and its something I will always consider precious . I would say Im Fourunate blessed in several ways. since we live in a world of turmoil and not to many possitive things happen on a daily basis as the news is always negative . Its nice to have something positive to share with others and feel good about .I encourage anyone to
Respectfully Wendy CEO
Office . hrs 9am -6 pm MST / no calls Sunday
skype contact : .....
cashnow.4retirement :::
I \'m Dedicated to establishing long term relationships and succcessful closings !

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Wendy Fenech
Name: Wendy Fenech
Location: Alberta,Canada
Job Title: CEO
Company: WFenechNotesAssociates

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