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Mesh500 Hotware is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan, working as a CTO in "Hotware International Co. Ltd." and is interested in Telecommunications.
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Taipei, Taiwan

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wifi, wimax, p-wimax,

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Mesh500 Hotware has joined on Feb 19, 2011

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Overview of Hotware Wireless Co., Ltd.


Hotware Wireless Co., Ltd. was set up in 2002. It has been operating for
more than 15 years under its parent company . It was originally a special
division for developing new digital products (WLAN) before becoming a
financially independent daughter enterprise. The shift was made to
professionally handle international sales, service and cooperation on the
newly developed digital wireless communication industry.

Our parent company, set up in 1990, began as a manufacturer of long-range
cordless phones (up to 200Km) in 1989. Hotware started developing digital
long-range wireless LAN in 2000, and became financially independent when
the first 2.4GHz WLAN (up to 12Km) product was released in 2002.

Hotware builds long-range wireless solutions for data, voice and TV. With a
decade of experience and development in the long-rang cordless phone
industry, Hotware International is a specialist in long-range wireless
communication solutions and applications.

Hotware Total Solution Division completed its full offering and was
released in 2008 and presently have several National ISP development
projects under deployment through the world , These include ISP WiFi with
roaming, VOIP and IPTV delivery with on site training and project
management support.

Group Companies

ALCON Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan, 1989)
. Parent company;
. Main business: manufacturing & financial control;
. Products: long-range cordless telecom platform; boosters; long range

ALCON (Dubai) Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (Dubai, UAE, 1995)
. Branch office
. Main business: sales office for the Middle East
. Products: long-range cordless phones; long-range WLAN; surveillance

Hotware Wireless Co., Ltd. (Tao Yuan, Taiwan, 2002)
Independent division for new product (digital) development;
. Main business: sales, service, product integration & development
. Products: long-range wireless LAN, VOIP & surveillance
. WISP Total Solution Design and Project management

IPTV Hotware Thailand ( Nakronratchasima Thailand )
. Main business: sales, service, product integration & development
. Products: IPTV Server and distribution software production
. WiFi City II Total Solution Server and software production
. NMS Servers, Mail Servers, ISP NOC equipment

TM Hotware Philippines (CDC Angeles City )
. Main business: sales, service, product integration & development
. Products: Traffic Managers TM, Cache Servers
. WISP and ISP ,Logisense Support center

PT. Hotware Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia, 2006)
. Sales division for Surveillance (Sole distributor for Vivotek for all
Indonesian territories;
. Products: surveillance related.

Zigwire Network Solutions (Canada, China, Thailand, Taiwan 2007)
. Total Solution Division; System Integration and Design
. ISP Network Operations
. ISP Security manuals and procedures
. EngageIP WiFi Billing Software suite and Traffic Manager
. Commercial Internet over Power


We carry 3 brands under the group:


Year of Established 2002 (Parent co., 1989)
Number of employees 82
Number of R&D Engineers 17
Current markets Global
Capital 1.5 Million USD
Export percentage above 97%
Annual Sales (2008) 18 Million USD

The Management

Ricky Lu President (Hotware & ALCON)

Sam Chien Vice President (Hotware & ALCON)

Chaucer Hsieh Director (Sales, Marketing & Product)

Jane Huang Finance Controller

John Hardy Total Solution Division CTO & Zigwire VP

[ Rad ] Varadarajan Narayanan Sales Manager India Region

Strong R&D

Our R&D department consists of a staff of 17; 7 in software engineering, 5
in hardware (electronics & RF) engineering, 1 in mechanical engineering, 2
in PCB layout, 1 in quality assurance, and 1 in documentation (DCC as per
ISO regulation). Our core expertise is the wireless boosters from UHF/VHF
up to 5.8GHz micro-wave; and the main mission of R&D is developing,
maintaining and integrating new products and solutions.

|[pic] |

|[pic] |[pic] |
|[pic] |[pic] |
|[pic] |[pic] |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| |RF tuning in shielded cabin |

The solution our product provides

Backed by our strong R&D department and manufacturing capabilities, Hotware
International develops quick, easy, and cost-efficient communication
solutions. Our long-range wireless communication solution is a versatile
platform serving all kinds of customers, especially in areas lacking
communication and infrastructure. Besides the reliability and functionality
of the product, we deliver many types of application packages. We not only
provide a simple long-range cordless phone, but a total bridging solution
for long-range wireless telecommunication services, integrating all
telecommunication services such as phone, fax, modem, internet, LAN,
surveillance, voice and data.

There are many isolated areas and sites lacking in communication services
(mainly in telephone line service, PSTN) in all countries globally. Even in
the most advanced nations, there are still many temporary sites such as
mines, farms and special construction sites that have no existing
communication service available; let alone distant and isolated rural
areas, islands and mountains. It will be extremely expensive and time-
consuming to construct wired/cabled communication facilities for those
lesser-populated areas.

Our product range

Our products include the following six major platforms for an all-aspect IT
wireless communication solution and service, providing a quick, easy and
cost-effective solution:

Long-range wireless LAN platform

Long-range wireless surveillance platform

Long-range cordless telecom platform
EngageIP WiFi Billing and Traffic Management Software
For Total Solution ISP Networks VOIP and IPTV
Custom Managed Switches for ISP WISP
Commercial Internet over Power for last mile delivery

Road map

|Road map |
|Short-term |802.11n MIMO |
| |2.7~2.9GHz; 3.3~3.9GHz |
| | |
|Mid-term |WIMAX 802.16E CPE |
| |8GHz PDH |
| | |

Contact Details

Hotware Wireless Co., Ltd.
1F, No. 38, Lane 838, Chuang-Ching Rd., Chung-Li, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-3-4639125;
Fax: +886-3-4639367
Sales: Servers
Web site:; ,

Quick Profile Summary

Mesh500 Hotware
Name: Mesh500 Hotware
Location: Taipei,Taiwan
Job Title: CTO
Company: Hotware International Co. Ltd.

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