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Kyle Slack is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working as an IBO/CEO and is interested in Home Based Biz, Marketing.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Home Based Biz, Marketing

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Self development, Music, Design, Travel, People, Life,

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Kyle Slack has joined on Jan 02, 2011

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Kyle Slack

A regular guy on fire for his vision, I\'ve been in the home business industry for two years and still today I am as excited as the first day. I was attracted to the industry because what it represent, and what it has done for so many who manage to stick in there, endure the bumps the bruises, and continued to keep their eyes on the future and didn\'t allow the present to discourage them.

Before this industry my experience was in retail and sales, with a 6yr stint as a satellite technician, working for Dish Network for almost for 4yrs and the remainder 2+yrs as a sub-contractor. I enjoyed those years I spent doing it, I can\'t put a price on the valuable knowledge that I acquired. I really enjoyed the sub-contracting because there were moments you felt some independence, not necessarily having a boss and you were able to get your appointment\'s from home, go straight to your appointments, then come straight home once you were done, instead of reporting back to the office.

I always had the entrepreneur bug, like the old saying \"jack of all trades master of none\" I dabble in a lot of different things, from cutting hair for the neighborhood, to having a singing group although I didn\'t make it big, I must tell you, I was serious about my music, and still have a passion for it, some day soon I will have a professional studio built in my dream home.

Married with two amazing children now, me and my family have endure some tough times with still some things to get through, which is why I state in the beginning I\'m on fire for my vision.
Not only do I have that vision of a true free life, but my kids amaze me with some of the dreams, and visions they inspire to achieve. It really adds to the determination I have to accomplish my goals, so that they can have a real life example that their vision really has a chance to come to fruition.

Although with all I\'ve been through I still love life and grateful that this industry exist, because it\'s made of those who I can truly relate to \"real ordinary people\" the positivity and great energy that comes from being around like minded individuals helps to stir that motivation to keep going. I believe with no doubt that I\'m already successful but the man above just has so much more for me to have, and I want it.

On Fire For My Vision
Kyle.T Slack

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Kyle Slack
Name: Kyle Slack
Location: Minneapolis,Minnesota,United States
Job Title: IBO/CEO

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