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Gpt Construction is currently living in Orangevale, California, working as an Owner in "GPT Construction Masonry & Design" and is interested in Construction.
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I am the owner and onsite builder of GPT Construction Masonry and Design. I started in the masonry trade at the young age of 14, cutting through a neighbors yard on the way to school, I was asked if I wanted to work on Saturday, and that was it; I was hooked!! I am very artistic and this was my calling.

Now as an established Master Mason, I love creating hand made custom masonry pieces. I was trained on the east coast from Cape Cod to Maine starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. I enrolled in Cape Cod Tech for 4 years to really learn my passion. I graduated and moved to California. I have knowledge in all aspects of the masonry trade from commercial to residential. Now that most of my work is residential, I take my commercial engineering knowledge and implement it into my backyard projects, with steel and concrete reinforcement to ensure everything is BUILT TO LAST! . Through leadership, a commitment to quality craftsmanship, and premier customer service; my list of satisfied clients continues to grow. GPT Construction Masonry and Design is a full-service masonry contractor. My design experience helps me understand that every client and job has unique requirements and challenges. I focused my business around outdoor living in 2004, brick BBQs have been around for years and it was killing me inside to see all the Pre Fab outdoor BBQ/kitchens and fireplaces being installed, comparable in price of full masonry. Pre Fab meaning built off site and delivered to you. Built with other materials such as metal studs faced with composite board. Disposable meaning they have to be replaced or refinished with in 5 to 7 years. BUILT TO LAST full masonry outdoor kitchen and fireplaces built by GPT Construction Masonry and Design, the right masonry contractor will last a lifetime. I feel knowledge is key and that is why I am writing this blog to educate people about the advantages of Full Masonry Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces.

Lets start with my fireplaces. Sierra Foothills Fireplace. We build our fireplaces from the ground up, hand made full masonry on site to ensure the best fit for your space. Just like the old days, when all we had for heat were real wood burning fireplaces. While driving in the country you will see an old fireplace standing by itself. Well there was a house around that fireplace at one time. Thats what masonry does, it with-stands the test of weather and time. When we build our fireplaces we build a real fireplace, firebrick fire box and use a damper in every fireplace whether you are burning wood or going with custom gas logs for that low maintenance fireplace. Dampers are a rare item these days in backyard fireplace construction, due to the fact that we have so many jack of all trades and master of none building them. Without dampers your heat escaped right out the chimney and you have no control of you fireplace. Like owning a car with no brakes, looks nice but there is no control. Dampers let you choke down the draw through the flue to push maximum heat out. You enjoy your fireplace while the damper sifts the smoke or gas fumes up and away. So now you have a positive visual and a positive physical experience with your outdoor fireplace.

Gas logs pump out some nice heat with this set up. If you are lucky to live were wood burning is still allowed, then a full wood fire is the coziest and the best with the crackling of wood and the smell of oak burning. Either design, gas logs or wood burning, calls for a real fireplace to ensure the maximum value of your investment. If you live in the Sacramento valley through the Foothills to Lake Tahoe, GPT Construction Masonry and Design would be very excited to be a part of your project. For those of you outside my area I hope this information helps you in your search for the right contractor.

Now I need to talk about my babies. California Summer Kitchens. GPTs premier full masonry outdoor kitchen. At GPT Construction Masonry and Design we build our outdoor BBQs/kitchens out of full masonry products from the ground up and on site to ensure the best fit for your space. No Pre Fab products like found at retail stores. Pre Fab means built off site and delivered to you. Built with other materials such as metal studs faced with composite board. These I call the 5 to 7 year itch!; Need to be replaced or completely refinished in 5 to 7 years. Some things you need to be aware of is that all concrete slopes for drainage. Outdoor BBQ/kitchens are 99% of the times placed on a patio. Leveling the Pre Fab unit can be very entertaining to watch, like a wrestling match. When you get a full masonry BBQ/kitchen the block or brick can be cut to compensate for the slope in the concrete. So no matter what the angle of your concrete, you outdoor BBQ/kitchen will always look like it was erected right out of the ground, no gaps or voids. Very important for esthetics and overall look. We provide poured in place concrete counter tops acid stained and sealed with every outdoor BBQ/kitchen. A one piece slab, not poured off site and pieced together with seams. Full monolithic construction from the engineered structure through the concrete counter tops, no corbels needed for those 12 cantilever bars. We also provide granite or natural stone counter tops as well, installed correctly gives you the longevity of concrete, just more maintenance. Granite needs to be sealed quit a bit when exposed to outside conditions.

GPT Construction Masonry and Design also provides equipment purchase as well as furnishing your back yard with the Summerset line of outdoor furniture, delivered and installed/set up by GPT personally. We construct our kitchens to look good year after year for a competitive price as well as enhancing your homes value. Full masonry outdoor fireplaces , BBQ/kitchens can be financed along with our swimming pool construction/remodels and home additions too. Pre Fab: units cannot, as they dont out last the time of the loan. Full masonry outdoor fireplaces, BBQ/kitchens raise you property value as well. You get every penny back, unlike pre fab or even swimming pools. They can become an eyesore over time as they degrade.. A well built full masonry outdoor oasis is like having an addition to your house built, adding square footage to you living space that lasts the life of the home, and then some.. Thats where the value comes from. More area to enjoy and entertain your friends and family. Thanks and I look forward to talking about your project!! Geoff

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GPT Construction
Name: GPT Construction
Location: Orangevale,California,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: GPT Construction Masonry & Design

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