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About Lawrence Henson

Lawrence Henson is currently living in Shelby, North Carolina, working as a Consultant, Contractor in "NRC Consulting - Industrial/Computers" and is interested in Aerospace & Defense, Consulting, Electronics.
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Consultant, Contractor


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Shelby, North Carolina

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Aerospace & Defense, Consulting, Electronics

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Summary: I am available Today-for a new Position, as I have permanently
relocated from CA to NC to marry my High School Sweetheart, Jill. With a
desire to learn, (Mensa Member) armed with \"common sense\" and with
extensive \"hands-on\" experience, my devotion to Your Company will be 200%!
Doctorate in Divinity and ordained Minister. lawrence E. henson 760-684-8301 [email protected]

Employment: Henson Construction and Consultants So-CAL -- Shelby NC
CA General Contractor note: simultaneously 1978 to Present
All Trades: plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Framing, Concrete, and
Design. Participated in the Supervision. Planning, Building
of Projects; New/Remodeled; Computer Facilities, Homes, and
Industrial, Hospitals - Current CA General Contractor License
Numbers: 887335/540388. Personally responsible for all Human
Resource activities, for up to 175 personnel, plus sub-
contractors, depending on scope of the projects.

Neighborhood Revitalization Committee, CEO NC, CA November 2006 to
Present. Will still assist the Board to continue the
< Forecast operating costs of department and directed
preparation of budget requests and in Sales.
< Supervised and managed several MIS Engineers in Field
Service Computer Consulting Engineers
? Executed daily operations of NRC, including Human
< NRC helped over 1500 American Families to avoid losing
their Home, We also helped many Families move into an entry-
level home
< Directed department activities, \"hands-on\" and with
subordinates, to rehabilitate approximately 1,500 homes in
LA, OC, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties - California (7
properties in Shelby pending)
? Trained and managed many Contractors and sub contractors
in rehabilitation work with significant improvements in
their productivity. Residential, industrial, hospitals,
computer facilities
? Successfully managed a 25 -person team with HUD and other
Public, Private. Corporate and Government Agencies.
? Structured and maintained several State/Federal operations.

Third Party Computer Inc. VP and Founder Anaheim, CA
Computer Field Service CAD-CAM-CAE 8-1987 to 11-1992

San Bernardino County Sheriff\'s Department San Bernardino, CA
Reserve Deputy Commander note: simultaneously 1988 to 1991
Administration of Justice - Cal State San Bernardino, POST Cert.

Applicon, (acquired by) Schlumberger Inc Billerica, Mass.
Senior Computer Engineer CAD-CAM ALL Peripherals 1980 to 1987

Adage, Computers, PLC\'s, mainframe Computers, etc. Boston, Mass
Computer Engineer CAD-CAM-CAE oscilloscopes, de/soldering, VOM

Elgar Corp. Designed/Built Line Conditioners/UPS units San Diego, CA
Electronics Design Engineer (UPS)

Education: Cleveland Community College Shelby, North Carolina
NOTE: Only a Executives in Transition (continuing education) 2010
Portion Listed
Cero Cosa College Ridgecrest, CA
AS Computer Engineering, Psychology, Sociology 1987

Tratec (IBM Corp.) Billerica. Mass
Customer Relations 1982

Victor Valley + Psychology, Sociology Victorville, CA
AA General Ed. AS Business Administration 1986

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Tech.) Massachusetts
Computer Engineering and Customer Service Training 1988

Dale Carnegie Woburn, Mass
Customer Relations 1984

Cal State, San Bernardino (BS currently requesting Transcripts) San
Administration of Justice, Law Enforcement - POST Certified 1988

San Bernardino Sheriff\'s Academy Glen Helen
Advanced Peace Officer Training, California 1978 & 1990
Cold TESTED for and passed 81% on CA Teaching Credential, Apple Valley,
CA School District = Masters 1996
Community: NRC, a 501C3 Publicly Supported Charity CEO, 2006 to present

Hobbies: Designing Electronic projects, Flying Airplanes, Amateur Radio
AE6JI - Extra Class, teaching Electronics to the clubs,
Building Kit Cars, RC models. Harley Davidson motorcycles,
Sailing, Hunting, And Fishing

Licenses: NC CDL (Commercial Drivers License), CA POST Certified Peace
Officer, CCW, MIT, EIA, Licensed CA General Building
Contractor, Extra Class AE6JI Amateur radio operator AE6JI,
US Passport

Publications: DEC NEC: \"Power and Grounding Guidelines for Computer
Security: Secret/SCI/poly (will need to be updated)

Member: EIA, Applicon CAD-CAE-CAM Group, AOPA, Mensa, Control Data
institute Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, Hughes
Aircraft, Boeing, TRW Space/Microelectronics, Western
Digital, CEIDIA, DEC Alumni, Defense Connections, GE, ARRL,
Sap, forklifts SAP, Design and Construction Network, many
others listed on

References: In the Interest of being very open, I\'m supplying the following

** NC Senator Debbie Clary, 919-xxx-3038 [email protected]
** NC House of Representative Tim Moore, 704-xxx-1221 - [email protected]

** NC Commissioner Cleveland County Jason Falls, 704-xxx-0700 (work number)
** CA Governor Former Pete Wilson, Esq. (only available as needed, personal
** Russ and Vera Hunt (+31 years) 505-xxx-1686 - [email protected]
** Gabe T. Houston, Esq. (6+ years) 714-xxx-8004 - [email protected]
** Terry Dee Griffin, Costco trucking center Manager. Since 1994 951-xxx-
** Brett C. Kahn, VP, Board Member NRC, [email protected] 760-951-0386
** Geoffrey Erickson, PHD and Masters in Experimental Psychology, 310-xxx-
Please watch this; to see a 267 mile
wheel chair
Race that my friend, Jeff was in - Alaska! (He\'s in the movie with the
gray helmet -
Call for additional information). He has a lot of character an
inspiration to all! 8+ years
** Mark Johnson, Former CA Highway Patrol, now with Honeywell, [in charge
of all
Trucking Security issues] known over 16 years
714-xxx-4747) [email protected]
** Delbert Catron (and Dennis), Ret. USN Lt. Commander, 714-xxx-1787, since
** Brian and JoAnne Carn, Shelby, NC, HVAC for Nestl\'s, SC 704-xxx-2409,
(+5 years)
** Rene Yruretagoyena, (TRW Space Defense) (+24 years) 702-xxx-3527

With willingness to Learn and armed with existing - extensive Training,
Experience and Professional Demeanor with the proper wardrobe, great
health, no tats or odd jewelry, no drugs or alcohol use, you will be hard
to find a more suitable candidate. With the ability to \"hit the road
running\" TODAY and the history of always giving 200% of my abilities to
whatever I do - You, Your Company and I will all benefit with my broad
experience and \"common Sense Approach\" to solving issues! Larry

** Your search is complete! That is, unless Your Company has an even better
\"fit\" Position that would better suit my experience and background!

Resume L. E. Henson 12 8 2010 Med. 704-255-1757, 760-684-8301 is the best

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Lawrence Henson
Name: Lawrence Henson
Location: Shelby,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: Consultant, Contractor
Company: NRC Consulting - Industrial/Computers

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