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About Keith Barbieri

Keith Barbieri is currently living in Greensboro, North Carolina, working as a CEO / President in "New Wealth Building Solutions" and is interested in Work from Home.
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CEO / President


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Greensboro, North Carolina

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I would like to share a little about myself so that you understand that anyone can achieve their goals & dreams through the opportunity and education that Wealth Masters International has to offer you.

I have worked the last 26 years in the home improvement industry. I have both owned and operated my own business as well as worked along side someone else, building their dreams (instead of my own). I have always worked hard with my hands and back until physically I couldn\'t do it any longer. I like many other people, were brought up under the old paradigm of hard work, long hours and loyalty to a company equaled a comfortable retirement. We were told to save the little bit that was left over at the end of the bills. Then you could invest that into a 401k or other types of retirement plans was all that was all you needed to retire. Unfortunately that philosophy has not proven itself very successful lately for nearly two thirds of people nearing retirement. I was in the category of the \"unprepared\" and scared about my financial future. Now at fifty years old I know that if I want a different outcome I need to do something radically different.As Albert Einstein said, \"Insanity is repeating the same mistakes repeatedly then expecting different results\"

How could I start this late in life and retire comfortable or even rich?

I have talked with many of my piers about this subject and we all came to the same conclusion. We\'ve been under educated in this country when it comes to our finances Especially when it comes to understanding debt, growing wealth and protecting our assets for the future.What if I told you it was on purpose? We are in the middle of a 50 trillion dollar transfer of wealth, and it\'s happening right before our eyes. Only the educated and well informed will positioned to survive the challenges that lie ahead. Don\'t be one of the 99% who will be on the losing side of this \"Conspiracy Against Your Money\"

It seemed that wealthy people had information that the rest of us just weren\'t privy to. Fortunately that information is now available to average people through the Wealth Masters International\'s curriculum, M1, M2 & M3 wealth building education program and events.

My wife Karen and I no longer fear the future nor how we are going to fund our retirement. Our confidence came through seeing the Wealth Masters opportunity for ourselves and understanding the unparalleled hybrid compensation program that is in place here. We look forward to helping all of our fellow entrepreneurs that chose to join this community, reach their financial dreams and goals.empowering others to help them create their own story of success and at the same time becoming better individuals. All this while thrusting Wealth Masters International to even greater heights through integrity, one person at a time.

Your Partner in Success,


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Keith Barbieri
Name: Keith Barbieri
Location: Greensboro,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: CEO / President
Company: New Wealth Building Solutions

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