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Giancarlo Villa is currently living in New Jersey, works in "LOVEANDJOYCRYSTALS.COM" and is interested in Gifts / Accessories.
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In the conversion of a Brazilian Quartz Crystal into a Loveandjoy Crystal,The Vibrations of Music are used.By applying a specific process the Vibrational Frequencies of Music are programmed within the Crystal.

Many have declared,through Experiments with water,that Classic (orchestra) Music creates an ordered pattern in the molecules of water,while Heavy Rock Music creates a disordered pattern (the water molecules shapes are the same as the molecules of a Crystal;Their primary form being the Tetrahedron). Nonetheless They have ignored one very important principle of Quantum Physics which is that There is a Mathematical order in what We perceive as a disorder;
For example the Cell division (Mitosis) in the moment of the conception occurs when One Cell split its chromosomes becoming Two identical Cells;These Two Cells divide also giving as a result Four Cells which undergo the same process becoming Eight Cells,They divide and become Sixteenth Cells,then Thirty-Two and so on (1-2-4-8-16-32).
This division is known as the Binary Sequence,and not only Nature expands itself in this way but Computers Hardware ,including Calculators,are also programmed in the Binary Sequence (by no coincidence since We and Computers are part of Nature,part of the Divine Purpose).The other Cellular division found in Nature is known as the Fibonacci sequence,which unfolds by adding the last number to the prior number in the sequence (For instance 1-2-3-5-8-13-21)Nature always creates in a Spiral pattern;These patterns are easily recognizable in Seashells,Pine-cones,Galaxies,and even on the rear top of your head. These Natures Spirals are different from the Golden Mean Measure,a Spiral that has no beginning and no end as in Energy;Nature found a way to begin its existence in the Material Plane by repeating the first-sequence number in the Fibonacci Spirals (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21) and divide these Numerical factors by its current sequence (1-2-3-5-8-13) reaching in an Asymptotic* way the Phi radio,or Golden radio (a Mathematical Measure which gives the perfect center of all existent mass -1.6180339);This is why the central beginning of the Spiral Form in a Seashell is truncated. (*Reaching a determined Numeric Value by a Mathematical formula,which results wave above and below the determined Value approaching to it until finally reaching such Numeric Value).

This Sequence therefore (1-1-2-3-5-8-13) may seem to be an Irregular,Uneven sequence,a Disorder,but You can realize It is a Perfect Ordered Value when You even see the entire picture since the Numbers repeat again after its sequence reaches the Phi radio,finishing the end of the Spiral to give the final recognizable shape of the Seashell for example.
Another example that includes the Phi radio Ordered Value in what We wrongfully call Disorder,is very simple. Place the tip of your thumb exactly in the middle of your eyeball and place the tip of your index finger in the middle of your other eyeball,then place that same measure situating the tip of your thumb at the tip of your chin;Your index finger will mark exactly the top end of your upper lip. Now,keeping that exact initial measure,place the tip of your thumb at the top end of your upper lip;Your index finger will mark then the end of the soft-bone of your nose and the beginning of your hard Nasal bone,and exactly in a straight line it marks the lower circumferential line of your eye.Do the same process and your index will rest at the middle of your forehead;When repeating the process,the index rests at the beginning of your upper skull (this is the same with any part of your body).
Now place back the tip of your thumb at the tip of your chin and place the tip of your index finger at the gap below your lower lip (at the upper end of your chin);This seems a disordered measure when compared with the prior longer measure and all the different measures We can take from Our bodies,the Two seems Irregular sizes;However,if You place this last short measure with the tip of your thumb in the upper end of your chin (the gap below your lower lip),your index will mark exactly the top end of your upper lip;Follow that same sequence and your index will mark the tip of your nose,then the end of the soft-bone of your nose;Repeating this process from there,your index will rest at the start point of your eyebrow-bone,at the Third Eye Chakra called by the Ancients;A straight horizontal line marks the peak part of your eyebrows;From there,your index finger will mark the beginning of your hair line;Then itll mark the beginning of your upper skull. Furthermore,the first longer measurement was Four,and Seven with the last one since it was shorter;Four and Seven measurements which Three makes the Numeric difference (4 +3=7).Therefore,The Number of times the Two measurements coincide in the same parts (the top of the upper lip,the beginning of the hard Nasal bone and the beginning of the upper skull) are Three;The Numeric difference;And Four were the parts in the face the long measure didnt touch,which the short measure did so (the upper beginning of the chin,the tip of the nose,the beginning of the eyebrow-bone line and the beginning of the hair line);Therefore 4+3 = 7(Seven;The Number sequence of the short measurement). Although the short measurement seems to touch every point,It doesnt touch one point;The middle of the forehead,which the longer measurement does.This one point is left aside as in the Fibonacci Spiral Sequence 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21.

Look at the patterns on a Leaf;It may seem a disorder but It is mathematically and geometrically Perfect.If You keep on admiring it You will see the perfection of these beautiful patterns.
Look for example the patterns produced by the tree branches in winter.Keep looking and Youll see a perfect order in what it seemed as a disordered by the uneducated eye. (see Paul Jackson Pollocks paintings).

Therefore,already explained the attenuators on Order Perception in Nature and Music. Heavy Rock,Rock N Roll,Electronic and Heavy Metal Music are used in the programming of a Loveandjoy Crystal;Impregnating with their Vibrational Frequencies of Enthusiasm,Energy,Passion and Power every corner of the Crystals structure;Lyrics playing an important part also,since They have to be chosen to project Positivism,Optimism,Excitement,Enthusiasm,Passion,instead of the many which project Negativity (the Music beats must also project such positive-higher frequencies). Fast-Hard pounding Classic Music is also used in the encodement.

To find out the more procedures that encode a Loveandjoy Crystal,Info on Its Healing properties,and to get one Visit,or You can get It by visiting

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