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Mansoor Nooruddin is currently living in Kansas, and is interested in Computer Hardware, Electronics.
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Computer Hardware, Electronics

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Mansoor Nooruddin
1950 North Charlotte Street
Wichita, KS 67208
(316) 689-8380 - 586-873-0119 (M)


Operating Systems: Windows Servers 2008/2003/2000/NT Windows
XP/Vista/7, IBM AIX 4.3/5.1/5.3 Linux (Ubuntu, SuSe, Red Hat), HP UNIX, Sun
Solaris, Mac OS X, BSD Unix, SCO Unix, IBM OS/2, OS/400, MVS/VM

Databases: Microsoft Access, MySQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server,
Web servers: Apache, Microsoft IIS

Miscellaneous: Nagios monitoring package, Webmin, Red Hat Package Manager
(RPM), AutoSys Scheduling, HP OpenView, BAAN ERP, VPN configuration,
Virtualization, Novell Netware, GroupWise and Console One, Lotus Notes and
Sametime, Microsoft SharePoint, Disaster Recovery Plan, Batch job
scheduling, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Unix Shell Scripting, Dreamweaver,
Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, MS Office Suites, OpenOffice, Remedy ticketing
system, Espresso (Apple proprietary) ticketing system.

Hardware Platforms: Wintel X86, Intel Xeon, IBM and HP Blade servers,
RS/6000, IBM Blade Center with X86 and PowerPC (RS/6000) blades. Sun
Storage with 4200, 4500. Netra T1, Enterprise T2000, Ultra 60, Ultra 80,
RS/6000 Enterprise servers (H50, 7013J, and 44P Model 170) workstation. Sun
Sparc and Enterprise servers, EMC Network Storage, AMD64, AS/400, IBM 370
and 3090 mainframe,

Certifications: MCP, IBM AS/400, Macintosh OS X, Linux Professional
Institute, Level 1: in progress.

Objective: I am seeking a position within Systems Administration/IT
Specialist. I have strong experience with IBM\'s AIX and Sun\'s Solaris Unix,
SuSe, CentOS and Ubuntu Linux and Windows operating experience within a
large Data Center environment. Skilled in HTML, Korn and Bourne shell
languages. Supported Internal Web Sites using HTML, with MySQL back ends.
Experience with Oracle 8.

Unix Systems Administrator July 2007 - January
SPX Corporation, Warren, Michigan

Performed systems administration on SuSe Linux including services, disk
space and performance monitoring, user accounts maintenance, tweaked and
wrote shell scripts. Worked on VMware and virtualization using Windows 2003
enterprise environment.
Local and remote support for Windows XP based desktop and laptop computers
for in-house employees and field representatives. Support included VPN
account setup, remote application setup, user authentication on Windows
2003 server, remote configuration of BAAN accounts and user ids. Supported
CICS, VSE systems on z/OS running virtually on SCO Unix platform on Intel
Xeon processors.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist June
2005 - June 2006
Manhattan Financial Group, South San Francisco, California

Provided support as the lead systems administrator and project
coordinator/manager and managed LAN, Windows 2000 Servers and Windows XP
environment for 50 plus real estate agents and loan officers. Maintained MS
Exchange 2003 server for the real estate and mortgage business for both
offices, administered VPN access, worked as a Liaison for Manhattan
Financial Group and the Internet hosting company for their web site.
Maintained internal web site for the company using Apache web server and
IIS 5.0.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist January
2000 - June 2006
Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, California

Responsible for ensuring all software and hardware components are operating
efficiently. One of the responsibilities was to ensure end-user support
over the phone, email and Apple proprietary ticketing software called
Espresso. Coordinating communications between second level analysts (that
included SAP analysts, database analysts, network engineers and/or outside
vendors) and end-users at the time of maintenance. At the Primary Data
Center/Network Operations Center. Several departments within Apple Computer
were clients of the Data Center (Department designated as IS&T and SCV
Operations, Internet Services and Technology and Santa Clara Valley

Analysis of software/hardware requirements to determine feasibility and
evaluation of interfaces between hardware and software components. Work
involved extensive use of HP Open View (IT/O and Network Node Manager),
Computer Associates\' Autosys scheduling software. Backing up and restoring
data through ADSM, (IBM Tivoli) and Net Backup. Work also involved
defining, scheduling and releasing batch jobs on SAP. Also built new
servers on different platforms according to specifications to be used as
web servers, database servers, etc.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist January
2001 - May 2001
RadVault, Inc., Hayward, California

Built, configured and monitored Sun Solaris 7 servers and workstations and
servers for the main data center and for the remote sites at doctor\'s
offices and MRI/X-Ray facilities.
Worked as systems administrator and end-user support specialist for
transferring existing computers from Windows NT 4 to Windows 2000 on
temporary contract basis for a business hosting digital images of patient x-
ray films and MRI images.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist
PriceWaterhouseCoopers via Adecco Technical, San Francisco, California May
2000 - Jan 2001

Provided end-user and internal support for business-to-business web sites.
Applications used are Windows NT 4.0 server, Microsoft Internet Information
Server, SQL server, Microsoft Visual Studio and an assortment for third
party applications to monitor and maintain the B2B e-commerce web site.
Also, acted as a liaison between Intel Internet Hosting and PWC\'s Business-
to-Business e-commerce project.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist January 1999 -
December 1999
MCI WorldCom, Wichita, Kansas

Administration of a LAN consisting of well over 500 desktop computers
running Windows NT workstations, several rack mounted Compaq Proliant
computers running Windows NT server; desktop and laptop computers running
Windows 95/98, a DEC Alpha 8400 database server running Solaris and
supporting Oracle database, and DEC Alpha 800 running VMS operating
Wichita Center\'s LAN is also a part of a WAN spanning several regions
across the country, including such major locations as Denver, CO; Austin,
TX; Sergeant Bluffs, IA; and Atlanta, GA.
My duties also included implementation of LAN security, patches and fixes
for software applications, design, programming and maintenance of Intranet
website for the local center, hardware upgrade. System Management Server, v
1.2 (SMS) is used for troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance of the
LAN. The Intranet web site uses Microsoft IIS 4 USING MS Index Server and
Microsoft SQL Server.

System Administrator, I/T Specialist February 1998 -
January 1999
USF Dugan, Inc., Wichita, Kansas

Monitored and performed maintenance on IBM AIX v4.3 on RS/6000 servers.
Tweaked and wrote shell scripts to perform backup, disk space cleanup and
monitoring on Unix.
Provided support and administration to WAN running IBM AS/400, IBM RS/6000
machines running AIX operating systems networked with the AS/400 and LAN
comprised of Microsoft Windows NT client/server architecture, Microsoft
Exchange Server, RightFax fax server and image scanning, storing and
retrieving software and equipment were also a part of the LAN. Windows NT
Server versions 3.51 and 4.0 were concurrently in use. The major networking
protocol used was TCP/IP along with SNA (to connect AS/400 with the Windows

Computer Operator/Client Support Programmer/IBM Mainframe Operations
Sedgwick County Information Services, Wichita, Kansas

October 1995 - February 1998
Provided support as an operator on IBM mainframe system 370; my duties
included trouble shooting, reinstallation and reconfiguration of hardware;
remote trouble shooting for clients and end-users of mainframe, AS/400 and
Windows LAN; performing backups on these platforms; release of batch
programs and ensuring their successful execution; and publishing restricted
documents. Also networked into the system were two AS/400 computers,
multiple IBM RS/6000 running AIX, Novell NetWare LAN, and Microsoft Windows
NT were later integrated into the network.
As a client support programmer, my responsibilities included writing new
codes and modifying the existing ones in COBOL, EZTRIEVE, and to some
extent, CICS, per client request.


Bachelors in Mathematics, Political Science and Sociology
Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas


. Microsoft Certified Professional in Networking Essentials, Windows95
and Windows NT Server 4.0.

. IBM AS/400 operations.

. Apple Macintosh OS X (UNIX based) server and networking.

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Mansoor Nooruddin
Name: Mansoor Nooruddin
Location: Kansas,United States

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