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Sasha Smith is currently living in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania, working as a in "One Day Can Help Make A Change" and is interested in Consulting.
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Philedelphia, Pennsylvania

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I'm intersted in animals, technology, and new ways to communicate.

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Sasha Smith has joined on Dec 16, 2010

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Our mission is to allow people to relize that animals have feeling and so does earth. For any reasons, we also have chatrooms so you can schedule meeting and Taken times will be on my website( under \"Chat Room Schedules\". I hope you enjoy one last thing, a note from a fan!!!!

Name;Benny Ricardo
Rat *****{5 stars}
Shout out:Hey! I like love your website! the chat rooms ACTUALLY LET MY MOM HAVE A MEETING AND ME TALK WITH MY FREINDS. Thank for giving methe appointment at 6;00!

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Sasha Smith
Name: Sasha Smith
Location: Philedelphia,Pennsylvania,United States
Job Title:
Company: One Day Can Help Make A Change

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