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Veronica (aka Ronnie) Spang is currently living in Artesia, California, working as an Engineer, Designer, Programmer and is interested in Computer Hardware, Consulting, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, For Sale, For the Home, Internet / IT, Office Equipment, Other, Presentations, Security, Software & Services, Specialty Retail, Telecommunications.
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Engineer, Designer, Programmer

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Artesia, California

Categories of Interest

Computer Hardware, Consulting, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, For Sale, For the Home, Internet / IT, Office Equipment, Other, Presentations, Security, Software & Services, Specialty Retail, Telecommunications

My Interests

After studying electronics and working in the Telecommunications industry found a home in Audio and Video Systems Engineering. Have attained significant success in both Live Sound and Installation of Pro Audio, Video, Video Conferencing, Integration, Show Control, Lighting Control, Automation, HVAC Control, Irrigation Control and touchpanel design. While these diverse disciplines may seem unrelated to those who have not experienced integration, the overview is that with one touchpanel all other devices can be readily controlled. No more searching through a pile of remotes and trying to remember every button function on each device.

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Veronica (aka Ronnie) Spang has joined on Dec 13, 2010

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Videoconferencing Engineer York Telecom
Privately Held; Information Technology and Services industry

October 2008 Present (2 years 3 months)

Onsite support at Disneyland. AV, Conferencing and Control System Integration Support. Providing complete comprehensive end to end support and full managed services. Both installed and live event solutions.

Providing turnkey capability including Gateway, Bridging, Directory and support with Remote management and systems Admin as well as onsite support.

Personally involved in onsite design, upgrade, service maintenance, programming, repairs, setup/tear down, end user support and training both user and admin level.

Successful events here are numerous, we do live shows, presentations, web casts, and video streaming worldwide wide. Projects range from complex presentations that would dazzle as only Disney can to just every day meetings and conferences. (Of course what passes for an everyday meeting here, might be considered a major production in other companies). Here we are endlessly challenged and given opportunity to excel with the best in equipment and people.

Had over 50 written significant compliments in the first 90 days alone from 37 different sources. Always focused on ways to exceed the expectations of those who depend on us by going above and beyond at every opportunity.

Ronnie Anne has 5 recommendations (3 co-workers, 1 client, 1 partner) including:

Jose Ramirez, A/V Technician, York Telecom
William Guest, CTS-I, ECA, ACTC
Consultant Systems Engineer Consulting, Design and Programming
Industrial Automation industry

May 2007 Present (3 years 8 months)

Design and Programming of Commercial (primarily) Audio Video, Video Conferencing and Integration solutions.

Recent successes and projects include:
Warner Brothers
Santa Ana City College
Mt St Marys College
Saddleback Valley USD
La Reina
Aerospace Corp
NSW SOCOM (Virginia Beach)
Northrup Grumman
US Army, (Multiple projects/locations)
US Navy, (Multiple projects/locations)
Countrwide Home Loans, (Multiple projects/locations)
MySpace, (Multiple projects/locations)
Chaminade Academy and many others.

Major University project classroom system using podium AV rack for sources. Podium had multiple floorboxes that it could patch to. Created programming that automatically detects location and routes AV without any effort/awareness on the user part.

Recently accomplished a programming \"First\"
2 seperate companies shared a common conference room, and both had completely independent Networks yet both wished to use a High Defnition video conference unit. (Polycom HDX 9000).
My competitor bid 2 of these $25,000 systems since these come with a single LAN port. By using a control system we were able to get a single HDX to AUTOMATICALLY connect to the correct network. The result? We saved this customer over $15,000 and gave them a fully customized control system in the process.

Some residential programming support for Innotouch (one of my Linked In connections), please feel free to note referrals based on programming support for Innotouch.

Ronnie Anne has 3 recommendations (2 co-workers, 1 client) including:

Jean-Michel Shin-Pong
Robyn Webb, CTS, Integrated Systems Engineer, TG Works
Owner Adrenaline Muse
Privately Held; Health, Wellness and Fitness industry

January 1996 Present (15 years)

Own Sound System Rental Company and Mobile DJ business. Provide Premium High Fidelity sound to events such as parties, weddings, graduations, clubs and bars.

What sets us apart is that we bring the most articulate systems available using AB Class Rack Amps such as the FBT P2950 and the Renkus-Heinz P3500 to drive our Renkus-Heinz SR5 full range cabinets. This system was called the \"Rolls Royce of Pro audio\". Most of our competitors use the vastly inferior sounding Plastic JBL EON self powered speakers, or Yamaha, or Mackie which are also plastic composite. The result of plastic speakers is terrible sound and severe distortion. There are no shortcuts to audio fidelity. At more than one event we have heard from people who do not normally dance how much that they could not help but dance because the music just sounded so good that it was not possible to sit the dance out. It is as important to have high fidelity as it is to have our vast music library dating back to the Big Band and Swing era to the current newest cutting edge music and everything in between. There is no reason to use an inferior DJ for your event.

In addition to live events:
We can assist with design, installation and programming of Audio, Video and Control and Integration. During the week we are very busy in Commercial AV installation and Integration programming.

Aahcapella, Encounters, DV8, Mayfair, Moonshadow, Western Connection

Corporate Events include: KMart, Home Depot, Disney

Non-Profit Events: Van Ness, Red Hat Ball

Many private parties.

Installer Programmer GBH Communications
Privately Held; Telecommunications industry

2007 2008 (1 year)

Crestron Programming. TelePresence installs. Also Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize, and Sony Conferencing Design, Install and Programming. Also Vortex, Clear-One/Getner, Symetrix Symnet mixers, Audio VIsual displays, sound reinforcement and distribution. Was first and only in-house installer, and programmer. Supported nationwide installation efforts.

Successful projects include:
Cook County Illinois Department of Public health, (Multiple Projects/locations)
Imperial County (Multiple projects/locations)
Mojave AQMD (Multiple projects/locations)
City of Lancaster
Kings County (Multiple projects/locations)
Countrywide Home Loans (Multiple projects/locations)
Lockheed Martin,
International Rectifier
National Bank of Arizona, (Multiple projects/locations)
Selco Credit Union,
Genesys Telecom, (Multiple projects/locations)
Harley Ellis Devereaux,
Baker & McKenzie,
Shorenstein Properties,
Shamrock Foods, (Multiple projects/locations)
Prime Healthcare
and many others

Ronnie Anne has 4 recommendations (4 co-workers) including:

Lucy Soghomonian, Marketing Coordinator, GBH Communications
alan randal, VP Marketing & Business Development, GBH Communications, Inc
Applications Engineer Crestron
Privately Held; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry

2005 2007 (2 years)

Technical Support and Lead Instructor for the Western Region. Training installation, design and programming classes to the Intermediate level. Was extremely adept at motivating and inspiring students to excellence in classroom environment and solving technical support issues consistently and accurately.

Have letter sent to the owner from Pat Kelly at Alliant Solutions stating that my technical support efforts saved the Occidental Petroleum account.

My troubleshooting skills were already well developed before starting this position, and I have documentation from 1st quarter of 2007 at Crestron with 8 technical support persons on staff: I was personally responsible for closing 25% of all support issues for the Western Region, and this was during a time when I would spend 1-2 weeks of that monthly period performing my duties as a classroom instructor and not actually performing the technical support. This level of troubleshooting overachievement came about from excellent product resources at Crestron and a methodology for troubleshooting taught to me by Dan Fraser my former supervisor at Renkus-Heinz.

Other letters praised my teaching skills,and I earned the nickname \"coach\" due to an interactive and motivational style of instruction.

The standard instruction format for other instructors was to lecture for the duration of the class typically 3-4 days. My method was to ask questions, involve class, which created a more interactive participation environment. This had many benefits including: giving the students greater confidence as they realized throughout the class that every one knew something, and no one knew it all. Test scores improved dramatically and students would write in and comment about the exceptional experience. Have letters from other Crestron employees whose customers commented on the benefits of this style of teaching.

Ronnie Anne has 2 recommendations (2 clients) including:

Jean-Michel Shin-Pong
Chip German
Engineer renkus-heinz
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry

2003 2005 (2 years)

Design test and troubleshooting professional audio speakers and amplifiers. Use of Oscilliscopes, Audio Precision, EASE, MLSSA Power PCB, etc.
Created prototypes and reference test curves for many new boards and sub assemblies. Created Filters and Cross Overs, and did QC on all board assemblies including Logic and Control Boards, Signal Processing, and Power Supplies.

Working as a Junior Engineer under talent such as Ralph Heinz, and Daniel Fraser was equal to being an apprentice to geniuses.
Daniel used a troubleshooting methodology that never fails to solve a problem.

Production Engineering,
Took over Programming of the Royonics machines using ASCII Scripts. Before I started at Renkus-Heinz the percentage of boards with incorrectly stuffed components was above 90%.
Bin contamination was found to be the source of most errors. The bins were improperly maintained and designs had not been maintained up to date. Many board programs were multiple revisions behind schedule. I created an entirely new layout and design, upgraded to a new file system complete with Revision history and hard copy source code backup.
From the initial test on, the percentage of boards with incorrectly stuffed components had dropped to 5% and took less time to complete.

Repaired electronics in shop equipment systems such as power mills, lathes and other building electronics.

Some of the products that I had the pleasure of working on and with are listed below

D26 Programming


PM3 Class D Amps
Bang and Olufsen ICE Power Modules 500w and 1000w RMS

AB Class Rack Amps
P2801 (US 1996),
P2850 (FBT of taly 1997),
P2950 (FBT of Italy 1999),
P3500 (US 1999)

Loudspeakers, Clusters and Arrays
PN, TR, SR, MR, ST Series (Powered and non-powered series)

Iconyx Steerable Column Array Speaker
IC series

Ronnie Anne has 1 recommendation (1 co-worker) including:

Dan Fraser, Engineer, Renkus-Heinz Inc
Sales Agent telepacific
Privately Held; Telecommunications industry

1999 2004 (5 years)

Hired on as Major Account Executive, became independent contractor focused on sales of telecommunications services.
T-1 based CLEC
Provided solutions to many different customers around the Southern California area. Had a no-nonsense strategy of providing customer with best plan right up front instead of playing games with only trying to be lower cost than their existing current provider. Earned long term relationship and trust with clients to retain all customers by solving their problems promptly and punctually.

Sales ptc
Public Company; PMTC; Computer Software industry

1995 1999 (4 years)

GTE Authorized Agent and telecommunications products and services solutions. Was consistently the top sales representative in the department under some very strong leadership and skilled co-workers.

sales cross country wireless
Public Company; 201-500 employees; Entertainment industry

1992 1996 (4 years)

Outside sales of Wireless Cable Television.

Electronic Technical Institute Certificate, Electronics
1990 1992

Recommendations For Ronnie Anne
Videoconferencing Engineer York Telecom
Ronnie is one of the most pleasant and inspiring people I have ever worked with. She has a tireless energy of serving the client with the care of a best friend. At the Disneyland site, she fulfills the role of a small crew all by herself. No task is too big or too small, and there is nothing that Ronnie can\'t do. I am a better person for meeting her and she drops jewels of knowledge all day without even realizing it. August 25, 2010

Jose Ramirez, A/V Technician, York Telecom
worked directly with Ronnie Anne at York Telecom

I\'ve asked Ronnie Anne to resolve \"impossible\" challenges on \"unreasonable\" schedules -- and she\'s done it every time. Incredibly intelligent and generous with her time and talent, she\'s a true professional. I\'m glad to have worked with her, and look forward to asking for her help in the future. Simply remarkable work, from an outstanding individual! March 26, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

William Guest, CTS-I, ECA, ACTC,
hired Ronnie Anne as a AV Programming in 2009, and hired Ronnie Anne more than once

Ronnie is a conscientious professional that is detailed oriented and forward thinking. Taking on additional tasks to ensure the customer is provided the best services available. She is an asset and to all. June 11, 2009

Peter Bellone, Senior Software Programmer, York Telecom
worked with Ronnie Anne at York Telecom/Disneyland

Ronnie is a fantastic example of great guest service, thorough and pro-active and I truly enjoyed working with her. She came through and was always there for any situations which arose and was an excellent problem solver! April 14, 2009

Michelle Bernheim, Coordinator: Disney Photo Imaging, Disneyland Resort
was with another company when working with Ronnie Anne at York Telecom/Disneyland

It is always a pleasure to work with Ronnie...diligent, friendly and intelligent are a few words that come to mind. Ronnie has the ability to diagnose difficult issues, provide a work around and essentially get the customer up and running with little to no down time. Ronnie\'s technical knowledge is outstanding and proficiency to work with team members and independently are qualities anyone can appreciate. April 13, 2009

Robert Brangenberg, Senior Support Engineer, York Telecom
worked with Ronnie Anne at York Telecom/Disneyland

Consultant Systems Engineer Consulting, Design and Programming
I\'ve known Ronnie since 2006 when she assisted me in solving many complex system programming bugs. Not only did Ronnie help me fix the problems but Ronnie took the time to educate me on why the problems existed. In 2008 I sub-contracted some work to Ronnie and the results were as expected and things could not have gone any smoother. This is a contact you can count on for successful results. February 9, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Jean-Michel Shin-Pong,
hired Ronnie Anne as a A/V Systems Engineer in 2008, and hired Ronnie Anne more than once

I can\'t think of a control and automation programmer I\'d rather work with. May 15, 2008

Robyn Webb, CTS, Integrated Systems Engineer, TG Works
worked directly with Ronnie Anne at GBH

Ronnie is extremely knowledgeable and has great attention to detail. She is willing to contribute wherever possible and immediately gains the trust of both customers and co-workers quickly. Ronnie is easy to work with and her results are first-rate. September 12, 2007

Tom Schnurpfeil, Director of Technical Services, GBH Communication
managed Ronnie Anne indirectly at GBH

Installer Programmer GBH Communications
Ronnie is an outstanding and knowledgeable engineer who takes the time to understand her customers needs. She has an excellent understanding of his market and believes in building long term customer relationships. Her delightful personality and pleasant attitude are also important factors in establishing rapport with her peers and customers. January 12, 2009

Lucy Soghomonian, Marketing Coordinator, GBH Communications
worked with Ronnie Anne at GBH Communications

Ronnie Spang is one of the top technical professionals that I have worked with during my years in the communications business. Her knowledge and expertise in finding solutions to the most difficult communications and network problems is second to none. She always goes the extra distance to make sure that she exceeds his customer expectations. I would always want Ronnie on my team when high levels of both performance and results are needed. January 12, 2009

alan randal, VP Marketing & Business Development, GBH Communications, Inc
managed Ronnie Anne indirectly at GBH Communications

During my tenure at GBH, Ronnie installed and integrated a number of video conferencing systems for end-users. Ronnie was knowledgeable, professional and detailed in all aspects of the job. January 12, 2009

Forrest Frederick, Enterprise Sales Mngr, GBH Communication
worked directly with Ronnie Anne at GBH Communications

Ronnie has a unique combination of people skills and technical ability that is second to none. Ronnie\'s knowledge of programming and technology is the best I have seen. Ronnie is reliable and dedicated. I would highly recommend Ronnie in any Audio/Video Install and Integration. October 1, 2008

LESHAWN KINCEY, Video Support Specialist, GBH Communications
worked directly with Ronnie Anne at GBH Communications

Applications Engineer Crestron
Enjoyed challenging situations caused by me, consistently professional and came up with creative solutions. Knowledgeable of the technical details often ignored, forgotten or unknown to many people in the field. April 11, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Jean-Michel Shin-Pong,
hired Ronnie Anne as a Systems Integartion in 2006

I attended the Crestron Intermediate course which was instructed by Ronnie. She was very easy to understand, personable, animated and was able to provide real world applications to a lot of practice in theory. I enjoyed the course more so because Ronnie was teaching it. March 31, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Chip German,
hired Ronnie Anne as a Instructor in 2004

Engineer renkus-heinz
Ronnie was one of the most enthusiastic engineers we ever had working for us. She was instrumental in bringing order to our Royonics PCB assembly system and setting up a centralized database for all the files needed for the many different PCBs we build. Ronnie learned how to program the system in a fraction the time anyone else ever did.

Ronnie also became our principal go coordinator between the senior design engineer, myself, and the manufacturing department making sure the products were built exactly as I intended. Often able to figure out exactly whet I intended even when I was not clear.

When you need a skill Ronnie does not have, it is amazing how fast a learner she can be. If you seen a person who can be an extremely positive asset to any company, specially in technology fields ypu would have a very hard time finding someone better than Ronnie.

Ronnie is a pleasure to work with. January 29, 2009

Dan Fraser, Engineer, Renkus-Heinz Inc
managed Ronnie Anne indirectly at renkus-heinz

Quick Profile Summary

Veronica (aka Ronnie) Spang
Name: Veronica (aka Ronnie) Spang
Location: Artesia,California,United States
Job Title: Engineer, Designer, Programmer

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