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William Thomson is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, working as a Director in " / /" and is interested in For Sale, Retail.
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Jakarta, Indonesia

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For Sale, Retail

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I consider the mind is a terrible thing to waste and in the words of Leonardo of Di Vinci "Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind". I have been tested under the antiquated system developed by a French psychologist, Alfred Binet called the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, because of his affiliation with Stanford University and have an I.Q. rating of 146 but this to me only means that I am excellent at doing Intelligence Questionnaires. Nothing more. I am only as smart or as dumb as the person I stand beside. Intelligence can and should be rated in many more ways. Not all of us are capable of instant deduction and reasoning therefore those who cannot would rate lower on this scale yet this does not mean they are not exceptional in other ways. Do not judge people as to how they test on a questionnaire to realize how intelligent they are but look deeper into what they say and what they can do. Artistry, manual dexterity, people skills, these are just some of the human capacities not measured but are signs of high intelligence. Intelligence cannot defined by a mere questionnaire so if you think you are very intelligent take the time to sit beside and listen to someone who can do something you cannot and see just how dumb you really are. Oh and another of my life quotes is from George S. Patton "Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." This is me, nothing more, nothing less for I can only be me and be faithful to my beliefs and those around me.

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William Thomson has joined on Dec 04, 2010

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William Thomson
+61 4044 1928 4


To secure a challenging role in an organization that can recognize, utilize
and ultimately benefit from my professional and personal skills as well as
provide an opportunity for continued personal growth overall through
exposure to new experiences / challenges and working environments.


? An ability to create / initiate, develop, and maintain client
relationships ensures increased client retention and revenues
. My forte\' lays in the recruitment, training and mentoring of staff to
achieve and surpass sales targets

. My ability to discern and educate is embellished by utilizing my
degree in Psychology and the TAS (Target Account Selling) Concept of
Operation recognizing external opportunities and threats as well as
internal strengths and weaknesses. By analysing the customer\'s key
business drivers ESP (Enterprise Selling Process), to identify selling
opportunities throughout each business unit and provides a formal
process for defining value from the customer\'s perspective allows me
to achieve maximum potentiality from staff.

. With strong financial analysis and administrative skills I am adept in
the preparation of Corporate Planning and maintenance of Operational

. Excellent analytical skills combined with decisive problem solving,
decision making and negotiation abilities ensures rapid resolution of
Client / Tenant issues and disputes


June 2010 to Current
Australia & Indonesia

SONWILL a family owned business based in Australia & Indonesia is a New
Subsidiary of our Holding Company. Our Holding Company is well established
in Online Sales & Marketing in Fashion Accessories, Pharmaceuticals, Beauty
Products and Clothing with other outlets to be developed. We fully
understand the needs and our clients.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Expert, Professional Blogger who
specializes in organic SEO (Search Engine optimization), Social Media
Marketing, Blog Marketing, Search Engine Strategy & Positioning.


. Managed usability and design of the corporate e-commerce web sites.
. Developed and maintained direct marketing strategy across company
websites and interactive marketing channels.
. Developed site content and promotional strategies. Responsible for
monitoring marketing efforts and industry trends.
. Managed On-line advertising, aligned offline print and direct mail
campaigns, SEM and SEO
. Implemented search engine positioning, Internet marketing strategy
development, and information architecture with a focus on increasing
targeted web site traffic, enhancing and simplifying the user
experience, and most importantly increasing online sales.

William Thomson
+61 4044 1928 4

2009 - June 2010
Brisbane - Qld.

Incorporating all aspect of the Media Industry - Film - Television - Music
- Print - International Events. Registered through the Australian
Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) with offices and/or studios in all
major cities in Australia. Pilot entertainment productions are produced
directly from our own database of talented production crews and editing
studios in most major cities.

Director Sales & Marketing

. Liaison with Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Television
and Film Directors and Record Companies to promote and attain roles /
contracts for our clientele.
. Search and acquisition of talent (Film - TV - Music - Models, Fashion
& Photographic)
. Overseeing all aspects of Talent Management, Sales Management and
Marketing Management
. Coordination with Legal Dept. and artist - actor - model with regards
to contracts

2003 - 2009
Sydney - N.S.W.

Covering all aspects of real estate including Property Management
(residential - commercial - industrial), Facilities Management and the
sales of residential, industrial and commercial properties. In terms of
investment property we deal with apartment buildings, industrial complexes
as well as larger residential portfolios or combined properties consisting
of both retail/office space and residential quarters. We offer
comprehensive advice to private and institutional buyers and sellers, with
in-depth market, location and property analysis.

Director Sales & Marketing

. Oversee Financial and Sales & Marketing controls to meet extremely
tight milestones
. Establish a corporate structure and reporting disciplines
. Direct a portfolio of consisting of sales, property management,
investment, project development, rural, residential and commercial
property development (including acquisition)
. Negotiate commercial terms with potential Joint Venture partners,
government bodies and landowners
. Oversee management of the various consultants -- managers on the job and
the dissemination of information
. Oversee preparation of Sales & Leasing contracts, Market and
Technology Research and Formulation of strategy
. Initiate research to drive new business opportunities in the local
. Acquisition and negotiation with Government - Corporate and high net-
worth clients.
. Review financial statements, sales and activity reports and
performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement to
determine areas needing cost reduction -- increases and program
. Liaison with Councillors\' / Government Officials in respect to local
and federal By-laws and Rezoning Applications


*Establish a corporate structure and reporting disciplines by
introducing a Corporate Visual Identity - an Internal function of
corporate visual identity allowing employees\' identification with the
Organization and reporting as a whole and / or the specific
departments they work for
*Creation of a National and International Real Estate Network
*Rotary \"Businessman of the Year\" 2008 - Real Estate

1998 - 2003
Yeppoon - Queensland

Contracting to the Department of Primary Industry (Aust. Gov.) and Private
Industry. Catering for all aspects of (pine / hardwood) forestry from land
preparation as in deforestation (clearing for agricultural development),
weed control (chemical spraying), deep ripping (to ensure improved
conditions for tree establishment), mounding (providing a mound of topsoil
over the rip-line will provide

William Thomson
+61 4044 1928 4
General Manager

? Responsible for Operations Management and Business Development.

? Liaison with Government Departments and Officials \'Re\' Quotes
and By-Laws

? Subcontractor and Workmen Employment

? Time Management (Ensuring All Work Completed by Tender Date)

? Acquisition of all Licenses pertaining to each Contract

? Inspection of each individual Contract

? Oversee the feasibility study conducted by the BU team to share
experience and ensure all required aspects have been factored in.

? Conceptualize the overall Development Strategy


Department of Primary Industries (Aust. Government) - Highest
quality rating - Forestry Contractors

1993 - 1998
Sydney. N.S.W.

Incorporating factory manufacture of \"16\" Phil Avalon designed single, dual
and tri-fin wave skis. A hollow moulded fibreglass or polyester composite
laminate wave ski foam injected with a unique joining system creating a
neat external seam, winning the number 1 position in Australia within one
and a half seasons. Wholesale markets were established through various
national and international water sports retailers. Esprit Wave Skis evolved
into a complete water sports outlet including sales of all accessories
(paddles, leg ropes, sail boards, Rola Roof Racks etc.) and beach wear.

Managing Director

? Control of all Advertising and Promotions

? Acquisition and Supervision of National and International Wholesale

? Overall Control and Management of Water Sports Outlet

? Staff Employment, Training and Supervision

? Liaison with Australia Government Departments in respect to
exportation of Esprit Products

? Lead the project sales launch activities, with support from The
Corporate Sales Co.

? Oversee the development of the project as per the agreed schedule,
task lists and responsibilities

? Ensure the overall development strategy set by the Corporate is
cascaded across the project.

? Coordinate the marketing activities for the development project with
the Head of Marketing & Sales, ensuring all project marketing activities
are carried out

? Proactively seek to sell all units by coordinating with the Head of
Marketing & Sales

? Work with the Marketing & Sales Management in identifying High Net
Worth Individuals for bulk orders


? Acquisition and Supervision of National and International Wholesale
Contracts creating a Number one product within one and a half seasons (18

? Decreased costs of Advertising and Promotions budgets by
incorporating contra deals with TV Games Shows and Corporate Industry

? Attained Sponsorship of the No.1 Wave Ski World Champion (Phil

William Thomson
+61 4044 1928 4

St. Brendans College

Graduated Year 12

University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

TAFE - Technical & Further Education.

Diploma in Real Estate Practice
Diploma in Town Planning
Diploma in Calculations and Accounts
Diploma in Valuations

Southbank Institute of Technology

Certificate 11 in Retail
Certificate 11 in Food Processing
Certificate 111 in Hospitality
Certificate Applied Retail Food Safety Practices
Certificate Implement Food safety Program & Procedures
Certificate Workplace Hygiene Procedures

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William Thomson
Name: William Thomson
Location: Jakarta,Indonesia
Job Title: Director
Company: / /

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