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Michael Gallagher is currently living in Queens NY, New York, working as a Bringing Wellness to the world in "Trivita" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Bringing Wellness to the world


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Queens NY, New York

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Health & Beauty

My Interests

The TriVita Business Opportunity The TriVita Business Opportunity Three positives about Trivitas business model. 1) No cost to become an Independent TriVita Business Owner. 2) Three personalized websites to build your business and a high tech back office to manage your business at no cost to you. 3) Weekly live training webinars that give you the tools you need to be successful with your TriVita business at no cost to you. These three points all make this a very affordable opportunity to get involved with and you only need a $40.00 product order each month to qualify for commissions. It doesnt stop there, thats only the beginning. Trivita has the most unique business model in the industry. Heres what I mean. They dont rely solely on referral marketing to sell their products. In fact they have a marketing arm of their own to help you grow your business. For the last twelve years theyve had the longest running, most successful and award winning infomercials on TV. TriVita has a customer base of over 3,000,000 people and whats really unique is that over 92% of customers do not even know about Trivitas business opportunity. They simply love Trivitas products and purchase them on a regular basis. So how does TriVita help you grow your business? TriVita allows you, the Independent TriVita Business Owner to purchase the customers that respond to their infomercials and add them to your back office. That means every time those customers purchase products, you will receive commissions, up to 70% during the customers first 60 days and 21% thereafter. In most opportunities youre on your own to acquire customers and thats where most people run into trouble. They dont know how to market or sell, and their friends and family are tired of being approached to join their next hot deal. So usually theyre left out in the cold. TriVita resolves this issue all together by allowing you, the Independent TriVita Business Owner a way to build a solid business without dealing with this headache. Imagine, simply being able to buy hundreds of paying customers every month at the click of a button. When I first heard of this concept of Trivitas, I didn't believe it. Now after doing some research of my own, I have become a true believer in TriVitas unique business model. There are a great deal of benefits and advantages to this type of business model compared to conventional network marketing, but since this is not meant to be a business presentation I dont have space to go into it all. Go to the website for all the details.

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Michael Gallagher has joined on Nov 23, 2010

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Share the wellness. Build your wealth. Create a legacy
There never been a better time to join TriVita and share Nopalea. Because Nopalea works, it creates an unlimited opportunity for growth. Whether you want to earn extra income to offset the cost of taking Nopalea or you want to achieve much more, your timing couldn\'t be better. Even in these tough economic times, Affiliate Members incomes are growing at record numbers; Affiliate Members are realizing their dreams because of the amazing benefits Nopalea delivers.

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Michael Gallagher
Name: Michael Gallagher
Location: Queens NY,New York,United States
Job Title: Bringing Wellness to the world
Company: Trivita

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