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About Jacob Clark

Jacob Clark is currently living in Michigan, working as a Nuetrition and fitness/distributer in "Herbalife" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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nuetrition and fitness/distributer


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Health & Beauty

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im interested in, nutrition, fitness, cellular health, diets, helping people change there lives for the better.

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jacob clark has joined on Nov 21, 2010

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my name is jacob clark, and i am 19 years old and i battled with weight problems since i was in 4th grade. I always felt sorta self concious about it and i learned to ignore the issue over time, but as much as i tried to ignore it the problem was alway there.

When i first started high school i was 220lb at 6.2 and i felt horrible i was always angry even when i would smile most of the time i did it for people to leave me alone. towards the end of the school year i was fed up with feeling like crap. So i decided make a change, and i disapeared away from everyone i new that summer and did nothing be eat very little and work out a lot and i stopped drinking pop. and within about a month and half i lost 70lbs i went from 220lb to 150lb.

i was so excited and when i went to school the next year i walked stright through a crowd of my friends and no one reconized me, and it was unreal, i never been so happy in my life or so i thought. Little did i know that i actually was hurting my body and that i would pay for it in the future. All though i got the image i always wanted, i felt weak, i was tired all the time, all the muscle i worked so hard to get, and i thought i gained was gone, and i became really frail. So even though i was happy on the outside, i felt crappy on the inside. And slowly through out my high school years i began to gain my weight that i lost back, the way i felt didnt change for the better, it only got worse, and when i got to my senior year i weighed about 230 -232lb.

my all time highest weight i ever weighed. end i tryed to do the same crash course diet i did 2 years before and it wasnt working.

then starting my new job at Meijers as a gm cashier i was on my feet all the time and i was excausted by the time i got out every night, and my legs hurt so bad. i started to develope problems with my left wrist that got so bad i had to wear a brace to be able to use it. Shortly after i started i decided it was time to change i wanted to be able to do more, i hated being tired all the time. I have a a lot things i want to do in my life and the way i was going i would never have the ambition to do them.

i bought some ankle weights and a gym membership to make my first step in a life style change, but i new working out alone wouldn\'t get me where i wanted to go i needed to know what i need to eat along with it, and i needed a step in the right direction. And one night while i was working i went on my last break and i met a guy named Roland that experienced weight issues himself most of his life and when he told me that it was hard to believe because he was extremely fit. I started hanging out and going to the gym with him and he started helping me put my life on the right track. He told me about how he did it and what he was taking and it was Herbalife. I never heard of it before so he took me with him to a herbalife shop that a few friends of his owned, and there i met a Craig and Jacob Bullen. Two people that experienced health issue of there own and learned how to better there life. I learned more that day then i ever expected to and shortly after i decided to try Herbalife for myself and of course i was a little skeptical and i mean who wouldn\'t when you hear how much of a life changing product it is. So i took my before picture and started taking it the next day. And i litterally saw an immediate improvement in my energy with in the first day, and as time went on i started seeing big changes in everything from the way i felt to how much weight i started losing, i no longer needed my wrist brace, and even saw a huge change in my mood, I was so excited and i couldnt believe how true it all was about herbalife and it opened my eyes to how many other people in the world have so many issues because of they way they eat and they dont even realize. After about 9-10 weeks of being on it i lost 30lb

and now weight 200lb and i feel amazing. Its changed my life more then i could ever imagine.

I encourage everyone to try it and i would back it 100%

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jacob clark
Name: Jacob Clark
Location: Michigan,United States
Job Title: nuetrition and fitness/distributer
Company: herbalife

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