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Patrick Randal Johnson is currently living in Detroit, Michigan, and is interested in Art.
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Detroit, Michigan

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Our interest is in giving our customers the very best representation of fine art, and custom framing and art educational training to our young people.

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Patrick Randal Johnson has joined on Nov 19, 2010

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Hi! It is good to see you today, I hope that God has blessed you something wonderful.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in Detroit Michigan some bla bla years ago and I always love to draw.

Sometime around the third grade I realize that I had something special and different. When I was coloring in a coloring book at school I took it a bit further than any of the other children not only did I color in the rabbit I drew in grass and trees and clouds etc. Boy have I traveled since then.

I have drawn hundreds of portraits of people, some just every day folk and some very powerful and rich, don\'t worry I drew and painted everyone with equal amounts of love.

My art teachers in elementry school was great my 5th grade teacher told my parents that I was gifted and talented (excuse me, their was a tear coming down, i got it) I did not know what those words ment at the time but I figured that they was somthing special, this is why I say that the success of our children is in the power of the tongue; amen.

Now I am a professional artist. I have traveled through the years showing and selling my work in the United States and Canada, oh I also been seen in Germany and I think that I have a few peices of art in Japan. I have been in art shows together with some of the most famous artist in the world Paul Goodnight, the late William Toliver, James Spearman, Habiba Owens, Gregory Price and Raymond Cody and a lesson or two from my friend the late Carl Owens. As a self taught artist his wisdom was valuable to me, for Mr. Owens filled in a few missing peices.

In 1996 I took on a pet portrait commision and a door was open for me, I had a ability that many artist did not have, the ability to draw fine details rather quickly in front of dozens of people. I love for people to watch me draw.

Anyway, I help illustrate 2 books and I was commisioned to do the Merriot Hotels Chrismas card I even done a few murals, three in the Malcolm X Academy back in 1993 and countless other special commisions over the years. Yes and many many dogs, cats, horses and yes even a rabbit. Ofcourse there are a lot more things that I am very proud of like teaching art to people of all ages.

I thank God for being a artist and I thank God for you, please enjoy the art and be well.

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Patrick Randal Johnson
Name: Patrick Randal Johnson
Location: Detroit,Michigan,United States

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