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About Willie Henderson

Willie Henderson is currently living in Columbia, South Carolina, working as a Minister Willie Henderson in "Prodigal House Deliverance Ministry" and is interested in Non-profit/Association.
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Minister Willie Henderson


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Columbia, South Carolina

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I interested in teaching those victimized by the deception of crack cocaine and othert related drugs how to combact urges by following the example that Christ set for mankind in Luke 4:1-13, and resisting temptation by the power of the written word of God.

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Willie Henderson has joined on Nov 17, 2010

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Minister Willie is a graduate of C.C.M, Christian Charasmatic Methodist Bible Trainging Center, and the author of the book entitled: Crack Cocaine Let My People Go Appropriate Prayer Results In Deliverance.

About The Author

Willie J. Henderson, graduate from Christian Charismatic Methodist Bible Training Center. For years I too was lost in the world of drug abuse, sin, misery, and misfortune. The demonic spirit of self-centeredness and rebellion had a stronghold on my life for 20 long years as I struggled with crack cocaine and its counterparts. But one particular day I opened my Bible and was led to Ephesians 6:12, Revelation 12:7-17, John 14:30 and Luke 4:1-12. It was in those chapters that Gods Holy Spirit revealed to me who was causing all the pandemonium in my life, and that if I wanted to be free to follow the example that Jesus set for mankind in luke 4:1-13 by speaking the Word of God over the urges to use or participated in other acts of sin. Miniister Willie was ordaind July 1st 1999, by Bishop Robert Curry, and since then he has been involved in giving encouraging speeches and messages at numerous Churches, and homeless shelters for the addicted. He also purchased a house which is being used as a Bible Training Center for those who have failed at the rehabilitation center methods.

Why Do Most Drug Addict Relapse Soon After Theyre Released from Rehabs or Prisons.

Although there are countless drug rehabilitation centers across the land, and circuit judges are ordering drug addicts to attend counseling as part of their prison sentencing their recovery only last for a moment because the system and rehab centers REJECT, ignore the delivering power of the name of Jesus concerning addiction (see Acts 4:1-12). When Peter addressed the Sanhedrin (a high court of supreme counsels) after he had laid hands and healed many of diverse infirmities, they ask him, By what power, OR BY WHAT NAME, have ye done this (acts.4:7). Peter responded, Let it be known to all of youthat BY THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST the Nazarene, who you crucified, who God raised from the deadBY THIS NAME THIS MAN STANDS BEFORE YOU IN GOOD HEALTH, delivered, healed, set free form the bondages and strongholds of life adversities, (see Acts 4:10 NASB).
The statement, The stone you builders rejected is also referring to founders, builders, and staff of drug treatment centers, who should be builders of the church but are rejecting the stone, Jesus Christ as the foundation of their establishment and their main goal of true deliverance (Jn.8:36) for its patients. The staff and founders of these rehabs instead suggest that their patients, clients refer to their source of deliverance by the name of higher power and other insignificant names. When the Stone (Jesus) is perceived as worthless or having no real value peoples lives are left to chance. The name of Jesus is a tried and tested weapon in our spiritual conflict. Let us therefore stick to what works! The conclusion is that there is no other name by which diseased bodies can be cured, so there is no other name by which sinful souls can be saved.
Just as the man who had leprosy knelt down before Jesus and said, Lord you have the power to make me well (Lk.5: 12 CEV), and was delivered, we must all do in reference to our own spiritual leprosy. We must first humble ourselves, as did the leper, and earnestly desire to be cleansed from adulteration, disease, and sin.
Most of all we must firmly believe Jesus ability to cleanse, deliver us from the worlds defilements, and when we apply ourselves to him we will find him very compassionate and ready to heal us. Notice that by one word, one touch from Christ the leprosy departed from the man (Lk.5:13). Dear reader, invite him into your life and he will do the same for you.
As a personal testimony I was also deceived into saying \"higher power\" in reference to my recovery during meetings, as because I was detoured form using the name that Satan and all his demon fear, Jesus, according to James 2:19 my deliverence was in limbo for far too long, as is the case of those in those programs today. It\'s why today the prodigal House Deliverance Ministry use real life scenarios in their teachings, and above all the appropriate verses of scripture to overcome.
My friend, just as the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus garment and was healed (Matt.9:18-22), WHEN YOU TOUCH, Receive THIS ANOINTED BOOK OF DELIVERANCE, THE SPIRIT OF GOD RESTING ON THESE PAGES BEGAN ITS HEALING PROCESS IN YOUR LIFE. BECAUSE WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS FREEDOM! (1Cor.3:17).
Contents of the book include:
Appropriate Prayer Results
In Deliverance

Learn How To Recognize:

. People That Satan Use To Delay Your Deliverance

. Neighborhoods And Households Satan Targets
For Drug Addiction Prostitution And Why

. The Correct Prayers To Defeat Cravings And Other

. Paths That Led To Your Addiction And The Road Back To Freedom

When lives are restored neighborhoods and homes are restored!
Get A copy for someone you know is in need of deliverance.

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Willie Henderson
Name: Willie Henderson
Location: Columbia,South Carolina,United States
Job Title: Minister Willie Henderson
Company: Prodigal House Deliverance Ministry

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