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Demonica Flye is currently living in Maplewood , Minnesota, working as a D'Flye Productions in "D'Flye Entertainment " and is interested in Entertainment, Other.
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D'Flye Productions


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Maplewood , Minnesota

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Entertainment, Other

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Available for Bookings for Receptions, Events, Casinos, or Clubs. I'm learning Protols and Logic Music Software now.

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DeMonica Flye has joined on Nov 15, 2010

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DeAnn Mottley aka DeMonica Flye born on July 23rd in Springfield, Illinois. DeMonica was adopted by LeeRoy & Mary Mottley. DeMonica was the youngest of two brothers Michael Mottley & Richard Mottley. DeMonica has been singing since the age of five. As a child her influences were Aretha Franklin, Dinah Washington, Ester Phillips, Marlena Shaw, Roberta Flack & Barbara Streisand. DeMonica attended Sacred Heart School in Springfield where she sung in the choir as the lead vocalist. DeMonica sung soprano & alto. DeMonicas first show was at Sacred Heart for a benefit where she and two other girls performed her song acapella that she wrote called Could This Be Love. The song went over as a big hit. Everyone loved the song, we received a standing ovation. Thats when she knew she was born to sing. At age 15 DeMonica joined R&B called the Big Bang Gang where she was the lead female vocalist. Billie Bryant singer and guitarist Billie Bryant motivated her to keep on pursuing her career. DeMonica performed with the Big Bang Gang at Springfields legendary festival the Black White & Blues festival and the American Legion and performed for the Urban League. She can recall receiving a heart felt standing ovation for performing Love Changes by Mother Finest. DeMonica recorded her first song at age 16 with Springfield producer Arthur Carey called Why Wont You Be My Lover. After that she worked with producers Roger Washington and Bryon Pryor recording a song she wrote called Delusions. Roger Washington and her best friend in Springfield named Deborah Milford actually took her birth name Monica Flye and added the De on Monica and made it DeMonica Flye. DeMonica was hoping one day to find her real mother under the last name Flye. In which she did after 38 years. DeMonica attended Southeast High School where she received her FCC license for Communications & Media. DeMonica co-hosted a few shows on Springfields radio station WSSR. DeMonica graduated from Springfield High school. She remembers performing a song by Jimi Hendricks called Purple Haze. It was a challenge for me to do and it was successful I did it kind of Rockish with a soulful voice. I can recall my favorite music teacher named Ms. Chilovich. She inspired me to pursue my music career. At age 17 DeMonica visited Minneapolis, Mn where her cousin Screamer from the group Mazarati introduced her to producer and bassist Andre Cymone. She co-wrote the song called, My Man which was recorded on Mpls girl group called The Girls. At age 18 DeMonica was motivated to learn to play guitar she received a Fender Stratocaster in which her brother Michael played. DeMonica couldnt play and sing at the same time. She stated that she just wasnt coordinated enough to do both. However, her favorite instruments are the lead guitar and bass. In 1982 DeMonica moved to the Windy City Chicago, Illinois where she worked with Chicagos own Female radio personality Ms. Kitty Neely. Kitty took DeMonica under her wing having her recorded a Pervis Spandels studio. Kitty managed her for several years opening up for artist such as Altantic Starr & Jeffrey Osburne and Al Hudson and One Way. She worked with Blues Extraordinaire Mr. Willie Clayton as a sub vocalist at the Taste Lounge. And performed with Ohios own Frederick. DeMonica performed the duet with Frederick ballad entitled, Gentle at the Taste Lounge. DeMonica won a spot performing at Heros with Mr. Stevie Wonder. DeMonica performed at many clubs such as; The CopperboxII, The Famous Lounge, Chic Ricks and at the Beverly Woods hotel for the late Harold Washington and the Rev. Jessie Jackson. DeMonica deejayed at a Chicago Northside club called Stepps in which she worked with Chicagos own producer and House Icon Mr. Robert Owens. DeMonica collaborated with House Music producer Mr Vince Lawrence and co-wrote the hit song, Sample That at Trax Records

DeMonica also worked with Singer, Songwriter Daveon Overton recording several songs with him. Daveon is very talent musician & songwriter. He taught me a lot about vocal arrangements.
It was like being next Ashford & Simpson. But then DeMonica signed with A&B Records in 1987 . DeMonica worked side by side with Chicagos own producer Mr. Keith Henderson performing the song she co-wrote called, Someday Youll See. She recalls recording it in LA at Space Age studios and having the Emotions sing backup on her song. That was an experience for her. She states, it was like having Angels singing with me. DeMonica worked with the Infamous Holland Dozier Holland gang where they produced a hot dance track called, Are You Interested. That was a hot dance track the studio was smoking!!! They also produced a song she wrote called, Rhythm Rock. Rhythm Rock is a high energy club tune with a Caribbean Feel. DeMonica worked and collaborated with Chicagos house music engineer Mr. Ron Gresham where Ron took me under his wing to introduce me to the House Scene.
DeMonica collaborated with producers Mr. Peter Black & House Music icon Mr. Farley Jack Master Funk. DeMonica co-wrote the majority of her self titled album called Deception. She co-wrote with Farley Jack Master Funk various tunes such as; Im Ashamed of You, with the help of background vocals from Chicagos own B Starr and Candice from Smoke City. It was a great pleasure working with them. She recorded tunes such as Penthouse 69, Im Not the One that she wrote, and recorded the remake of Alicia Meyers song I Want To Thank You. Farley and Peter Black laid my music out. DeMonica also wrote and recorded a song entitled, Goodbye. The music was recorded by one of her favorite groups, The Art of Noise. The song was entitled, Moments of Love. She wrote it about a man she was in love with in whom she had to leave to take care of her father. DeMonica collaborated with Minneapolis producer Mr. Patrick Adams. We recorded a great ballad for my album in which Patrick produced and wrote called, Still in Love. Overall the album was professionally done. I even did an interview with Cashbox magazine for upcoming female vocalist. However in 1990 the album was never released due to management issues. That was very discouraging experience to know that I was right there. And never given that opportunity to become a National Act. Demonica moved to Minneapolis in November of 86. She started performing with Minneapolis R& B group the Chill Band. Later DeMonica was signed with A& B records in 1987. Traveling back & forth from Mpls, to Chicago to LA. After the contract folded DeMonica kept pursing what her heart loves to do and that is too Sing, To perform. To make people feel what I feel. If I can make one person smile and forget about having a bad day. Ive done my job! She quotes. DeMonica performed with Twin Cities Groups such as R&B group BackBeat we were together 8 years. Those guys are like my brothers. She then performed with Jam Factory, Love Train & The R Factor along with the Maxx Band and sung Background on Ms. Kendra Glenns Aretha Tribute.

DeMonica started her Own Production company called DFlye Productions where her & and her business partner KB, booked R&B group Slave at the Legendary Arnellias. DeMonica also performed with The Slave Review in December of 2008. Slaves Manager Mr. Kenneth Marsalis requested for her performance. It was a great experience and turn out.
DeMonica has collaborated and worked the Twin Cities Producers, Mr. Monte Hilleman & House Music Producer Chuck Love and R& B, Gospel Producer Mr. George Moye. As well as Recorded and collaborated with Twin Cities Producer Jeff Durand.

Shes recorded on the Vino Record label as a featured artist with Riverside Soul. Performing House Music hits such as; Raindrops, Im Not The One and co-wrote That Party Feeling. Shes was featured on several of Chuck Loves compositions such as; Spread The Love and The Voice.

Currently she recently signed with Thompson Management. With Manager Ms. Sonny Thompson. Which is a wonderful experience and is currently working on her own CD titled The Images of My Life.

DeMonica has her own band called Hi-Definition. Hi-Definition plays R&B, Jazz, Blues and Rock with Male vocalist Mr. Ronnell Henry. Where her Business associate Jeff Blanks assists her with booking her Band. Her dream is to become a Successful Promoter and also succeed with her Internet Radio station DFlye Radio Promoting talent throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest Region. DFlye Radio is to promote R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Gospel to a Multicultural Audience. Giving the Artists and Musicians the exposure they need to get signed to a Major Record Label and to prepare upcoming artist to the Real Business world. The Music business is a very Hard business and we the Artist as well as the Musicians need a sense of how the Real Music Industry works. She states, Being in the Industry as long as she has, she has made some very unprofessional decisions as to not receiving Rights, Royalties and Points for some of the Music she has done. She wants the young Artists and Musicians to understanding that this is a very Dirty and Competitive Business. DeMonica would like to give the Artist and Musicians the exposure to open up for National Recording Artists. DeMonica would like to Thank her friend Rochelle Simmons for referring her to NDC. And also she would like to thank, Brother Mark Robinson and Ms. Bonita Martin for their expertise and enlightening her to pursue her dream. In teaching her that in the Business world you need to think of your business as a Legacy for your family afterwards.

DeMonica is looking for Sponsors to assist with here dream to give back to the Community and help Promote good Talent. Music is the Key to Life! For information you may contact her at 651-206-7147 or email her at or Facebook under DeMonica Flye.

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DeMonica  Flye
Name: DeMonica Flye
Location: Maplewood,Minnesota,United States
Job Title: D'Flye Productions
Company: D'Flye Entertainment

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