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About Trevor Cooper

Trevor Cooper is currently living in Renfrew, Ontario, works in "Tasha9503" and is interested in Aerospace & Defense.
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Renfrew, Ontario

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Aerospace & Defense

My Interests

Building APlaceInSpaceToPlay Not landing on planets but living in space. Capturing Asteroids to mine smelt and manufacture reproductions.

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Trevor Cooper has joined on Nov 13, 2010

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It took 50 years and here we are.

In 1961, the first man went to space and came back.
Fifty years later, Trevor (Tasha9503) wants to lift 213 people per launch and reuse the hardware that lifted them as infrastructure in Space.
In 1988 Trevor started looking for all the reasons why we can not go the Asteroid Belt to mine smelt and manufacture living accommodations on location.
In 1995 the last of the needed technology was becoming old used and proven true.
In 2000 all the technology was found and designing into a facility that can be built with six launches.
In 2007, was put on the internet to show the new design for a Heavy Lift Vehicle.
In 2009, it cost $20,000,000 to lift one satellite, Tasha9503 plans to lift six satellites per launch and charge $6,000,000 each. (2009 dollars)
In 2010, was used to show everyone what we will have when we use the new design for the rocket hardware and attach 6 together after reaching orbital velocity. Interior decorating not included in the video.
To make the infrastructure affordable and profitable it was designed multi functional.
As HotelsInSpace, each will sleep 216 people, lifting food and water they need with the same launch.
For AwayMissions, each HotelsInSpace can grow enough food to feed 36 people indefinitely, so a 12 person crew can pass the Moon on a 99 year trip.
In 2010, was produced to create the ability to sell 85% of the infrastructure Tasha9503 puts in LEO to raise the start up expense.
Offering time and profit shares to those who invest, with the occasional free ride.
In 2011, was added to open up communications.
In 2011, was added so we had a Blog.
Each link is different but all on the topic of HotelsInSpace by Tasha9503.
We need a site builder who can extract all the information from each of these sites, then design and build a site that sells the concept.

The story goes on.

Did You Laugh at:

Mark Coni ? for dreaming of the radio.
Alexander Bell ? about the telephone?
Christopher Columbus ? who did fall off the Earth, you know.
Henry Ford ? Who needed a car? No roads anyway.
Thomas Edison ? The oil-less light bulb.
Ben Franklyn ? with his kite strings.
Jay Edger Hover ? and his drawn of an electrical dam.
Orville Wright ? It will never fly.

May I go on?

Edgar Alan Poe? Aristotle? Michel Angelo? Einstein? Samuel Morris? Leonard Da Vinci?

We laugh at the people who attempt to lift us to new heights.
We nailed one man to a cross for trying to teach us to love each other and stop cheating, lying and hurting each other.
Do you laugh at the design Tasha9503 wants to use as HotelsInSpace or the man who designed it?
He just used the technology available to him to reshape the Saturn V rocket, update the life support systems, lower everyones launch costs and produce profits, putting the general public in space by the hundreds.

Everyone told Trevor why it will take 50 years or it will never happen.
- 27,000 degree hot plasma, going right through you
- Bone and muscle degradation, body turns week
- food supply, everyone must eat
- profitability, people will not invest with out the promise of a profitable return, and you cant afford it.
- lubrication, allowing to spin different sections
- launch expense
- atmospheric cleansing
the list goes on
- clients, who will afford to rent in HotelsInSpace
- Health, doctors, medication
- Human excrement
- Time, too much time to travel from one planet to another, imagine time to travel to another star.

And one by one business, scientists and farmers developed all the technology to fulfill all the restrictions.
All the stories about all the needed tech was displayed on the Discovery Chanel.
David Suzuki, Jay Ingram and a few others with their many co-hosts brought the need information to solve all the stoppers to allow humans to fly off this nest called Earth, with out the need to land on another planet.
- wiring increases the mini magnetosphere to magnetically protect the inhabitants
- spin part of the infrastructure to produce artificial gravity
- lift the food requirements of each client with the client
- grow food on board
- every six launches produces another piece of infrastructure that can be rented out as HotelsInSpace to produce profits
- the price for every launch is shared between 200 people and six satellite payloads
- MAGlev technology allows the union of two or more things with zero friction
- air scrubbers from submarines, scuba and the ISS with six full gardens
- a few large corporations buying large sections
- a few millionaires
- many people buying small time and profit shares
- staff of 24 to care for clients
- gardening section with compost and potting soil preparation.
- we have a 10 generation life expectancy increase plan

Want me to go on?

If you want us to build, now, tell 100,000 people, twice.

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Trevor Cooper
Name: Trevor Cooper
Location: Renfrew,Ontario,Canada
Company: Tasha9503

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