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Justin Taylor and is interested in Software & Services.
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My interests outside of work are; on-line gaming (big Xbox Halo fan), Power foil kite flying, music, photography and reading. Travel & exploring new countries Favourites: Music: Trance, Pink Floyd, Red hot Chillies, NIN and too many others to name. Films: Aliens, Chronicles of Riddick, and Pirates of the Caribbean etc. you get the idea. Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie. Well can you blame me?

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Justin Taylor has joined on Nov 12, 2010

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. A highly qualified and experienced performance-driven professional
with extensive \'hands-on\' expertise in international business, sales
and marketing and technical application, and skilled in all management
roles and functions.

. Accomplished sales executive, delivering complex software solutions
into multi-discipline companies and meeting sales targets even during
economic slowdown. Experience in selling into both European and
African companies.

. A proactive self-starter with track record of initiative, personal
responsibility, ownership of work and reputation for removing
obstacles and making things happen. Known as a catalyst in terms of
developing and transforming businesses through change ensuring that a
competitive edge is maintained at all times.

. A strong leader who effectively motivates others and directs top-level
strategic corporate initiatives whilst being an enthusiastic team

. Possessing a very good sense of humour, combined with the ability to
listen and interact at all levels of the work place, I relate well to
a wide range of people.

. A superlative interpersonal communicator, presenter, and negotiator;
delivered effective presentations to wide audiences; creative,
dependable, and enthusiastic change agent with proven track record in
improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and increasing revenues.
Articulate and confident, a strong and practised communicator who uses
initiative, time management, intuition, and confidence in a personal
performance role and establishes stable relationships at all levels.
Proactive and innovative with in-depth knowledge of software market
trends and related products.

. A skilled coalition-builder with multicultural experience through
extensive international travel.

. A strategic marketer with history of developing brand strategies to
reposition and retain brands.

. An organiser and person who prioritises, someone who allocates and co-
ordinates resources, both human and material, to best effect.


. Dealing with short-term and long-term business issues
. Preparing and presenting business plans and quality reports
. Managing teams from diverse cultures and backgrounds to align with the
business vision and mission
. Team leading and motivating to build cohesive teams and achieve
objectives and targets
. Liaising with team members and senior management on both a formal and
informal basis
. Presenting to clients and prospective clients at all levels from
administrative to senior management
. Generating in-depth reports identifying and recommending improvements
and solutions


. Product management and development
. Named account and strategic sales
. Market analysis and new market Identification
. Sales Management
. Strategic Planning
. Maximising Profit
. Cross-cultural Business Development and New Client Opportunities
. Managing product Development Teams

. To be a leader and a path maker.
. Embracing change as a growth opportunity.
. Embrace challenges with enthusiasm and joyful innovation.
. To make every day an inspirational day of growth.


. Optimistic and enthusiastic
. People-oriented
. Ability to work with multi-cultural teams
. Creative problem solving
. Can support or oppose strongly
. Confidence to take on challenging assignments
. Inner-directed rather than tradition-directed - bring
fresh ideas for solving problems
. Can show insight into group psychology and team
. Have the ability to assume leadership
. Can work very effectively on my own or within a team
. I have had the experience in both driving sales teams and myself to
achieve sales targets whilst ensuring maximum customer satisfaction at
all times


Vinylex Systems. Quality Service Skills

Caradon Duraflex Ltd. In Search of Excellence
(T.Q.M) .
First In Service (T.Q.M).
Time Management.

Sales and Management Training Ltd. Train the Trainer
NVQ levels 3 and 4. Grade A.
Value Selling

Autodesk Ltd. Employee Leadership
Press Interview Training.
Target Account Selling
Sales Negotiation Skills
Advanced Implementation
Product Related Technical


Newent School (1981 - 1986)
O level - Art, English, Physics, History, Geography,
C.S.E. - Mathematics.

Royal Forest of Dean College (1986 - 1988)
B -Tec HND in Electronics and Engineering. (Distinction)
City and Guilds in Computer Aided Design.

Cheltenham and Gloucester College (1996 - 1997)
Diploma In Marketing (Chartered Institute Of Marketing).

Software Training
All Autodesk Ltd. Built Environment products (AutoCAD,
AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture and Structural,
Autodesk VIZ)
Certification in MS Office, Google Sketchup, Hewlett
Packard\'s ME10, RHINO, NavisWorks, Corel Draw, Adobe Page
Maker, Frame Maker, Microsoft Office Suite, Macromedia
Director, Fireworks, ThumbsPlus, Photoshop.


Worldsview Technologies. (October 2008 to present date) (Autodesk
distributer for South Africa and GAR)
Location: Johannesburg
Job Title: AEC Sales Executive (Named Accounts) - Autodesk (reporting
directly to Autodesk)
The AEC Sales Executive role within Autodesk South Africa delivers
technical design solutions to customers within the architecture,
engineering and construction industry, allowing them to maximize their
investment in Autodesk technology, increasing their return on investment
through project collaboration, decreased design time, improved design
accuracy amongst many other critical aspects.
This takes place through;
. The delivery of high quality engagements around Autodesk solutions,
technologies and products in diverse client environments.
. The design and development of integrated design solutions using the
latest Autodesk products and technologies ranging from building information
modelling, through sustainable design and integrated project delivery.
. Understanding the relevant applications required within a particular
client, their infrastructure and operations methodology and aligning
Autodesk offerings - with training and implementation.

As a world leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering, and entertainment
software, Autodesk delivers the broadest product portfolio, helping over 10
million users, including every member of the Fortune 100, to continually
innovate through the digital design, visualization, and simulation of real-
world project performance. From architecture, manufacturing,
transportation, and utilities to telecommunications, video games,
television, and film, Autodesk customers are leading the 2D and 3D design
world by improving their design processes through increased efficiency and

Autodesk design solutions help customers realize their full potential
through accelerated design cycles and analysis of projects. Within the
Autodesk named account programme, my role is to develop and maintain high
level business relationships at senior management levels, whilst
implementing solutions within the entire company structure and ensuring
that these clients continue to verticalise their solutions to the latest
offerings and renew their annual subscriptions.


Prokon Software Solutions. (March 2007 to October 2008)
Location: Pretoria
Job Title: BSD Technical Manager - Autodesk Solutions
My role at Prokon Software Consultants covers both a pre/post technical
sales management role. I provide both the Prokon internal sales team with
all the technical knowledge and the support they require to help them
achieve their targets, as well as liaising between the client and the
internal team in order to ensure excellent client satisfaction based on
specific client needs.

Prokon Build is a new division of Prokon Software Consultants and I have
been instrumental in driving forward their business strategy aligned with a
unique value add perspective within a very competitive market sector. Since
the start of the venture I have been successful in securing the business of
large industry figures, which had largely given up on the service of many
larger consultancies.

Other aspects of my job are the development of a focused web-site for our
architectural client base ( and also to keep up-to-date
with where the market place currently is and what the trends are so that
Prokon can stay focused in the right areas, as well as looking to the
future in order to ascertain where new opportunities may arise so that we
can stay ahead of our competitors.

My technical responsibilities also include the management of Prokon\'s
authorised Autodesk accredited training centre, the development and
implementation of qualified industry courses. The implementation of our
software solutions also requires the development of strategic project plans
for the correct deployment and adoption across multi-disciplined companies,
working to strict timelines.

Because of my ability to understand both the technical and financial
requirements of our clients, I also bring to the table the ability to
provide a much-required link between Prokon\'s internal and external sales,
technical and marketing teams, which has proved invaluable in maintaining
our current edge in the market.

CADline Ltd. (January 2003 to February 2007)
Location: Staines UK
Job Title: Technical Services Manager

My role at CADline Ltd was a pre/post sales technical position (Technical
Services Manager). I provided both CADlines internal sales team with all
the technical knowledge and support they require helping them achieve their
targets. The role also required me to liaise between the clients and
Cadlines technical support and training team in order to meet the clients
required level of knowledge and service. In addition my relationship with
the sales director become very pertinent to my job, as CADline developed a
much stronger corporate team of which I become a key person.

Working directly with the sales director we targeted existing and new
accounts to increase our market share of the corporate businesses within
our industry, such as Atkins, Lloyds TSB and Taylor Woodrow. Together we
achieve very high results of around an 80% success rate on new business. My
duties to our corporate clients also include, training, floor-walks (open

. With my assistance and a strong team CADline grew by 25% year on year
. CADline expanded in the UK from one office with 2 training suites to 5
offices with 5 training suites
. Grew from the being the number 10 UK Autodesk channel partner to joint
. Received the highest level accolades in the industry at the Autodesk
channel partner events
. Trained over 2500 persons per year

Autodesk Ltd. (March - 2000 to Jan 2003)
Location: Farnborough UK
Job Title: A.E.C Named Accounts Application Engineer

Within my first year at Autodesk, my role advanced from Application
Engineer for the Reseller Channel, to Application Engineer for Named
Accounts. These accounts include several global companies such as BAA,
AMEC, and Carillion. Projects included Heathrow\'s Teminal 5, Birmingham
Bullring and Basingstoke Shopping Centre.
My primary responsibilities were based around supporting the account sales
manager, in product presentations and integration within their current
system. However within high profile clients, it is very important to
complete a workflow solution and present the \'whole picture\' as far as
Autodesk software in concerned. This requires excellent liaison with the
other areas such as manufacturing and graphical information systems, in
order to present as one team.
Maintaining client satisfaction and helping them to stay on the leading
edge of their field also requires that I have good knowledge of many other
products that are not produced by Autodesk, but work alongside ours. An
example of this is with Macromedia and Director, used by many clients to
produce finished presentations, which they in turn use to win tenders.

Probably the most important aspect of working with named accounts is
maintaining an excellent working relationship with the various key
personnel within each client. This could be the financial director, IT
director, CAD Manager through to the users themselves. So the ability to
work with very different people at very different levels is of the utmost

Alongside my account role I also undertake projects such as the creation of
software \'Test Drive\' booklets and websites as well as presenting at
various user groups and industry shows.

Aztec CAD Ltd. (1998 - 2000)

As Senior Training Consultant at Aztec CAD limited, it was my
responsibility for all aspects involving the client training side of the
business. These duties included the following:

. Customer training and software consultancy
. The running and scheduling of 14 different software courses
. Managing the day to day running of both the Bristol and London
training centres
. Demonstrations and seminar presentations
. Close liaison with both sales and marketing departments
. Providing high-level technical support to customer base

In order to maintain Aztec CAD as a recognised and authorised training
centre, I had to constantly keep up to date with all releases of the
software that we offered courses on, and this meant regularly attending and
sitting exams at Autodesk Ltd.
Clients that I trained ranged from companies such as McLaren, M.O.D,
British Telecom, and Hewlett Packard through to small design and
architectural practices. Many courses were specifically tailored for
customers, which often meant being able to surpass their expectations and
offer greater value for money.

Caradon Duralflex (1995 - 1998)
Duties split into two main areas, firstly new product design and innovation
and secondly technical literature publications. New products are driven by
sales and marketing requirements and as a member of the design team, it was
my responsibility to liaise with these departments in order to produce
products that were technically sound. In short products, which would easily
satisfy the customer\'s needs and requirements effectively, whilst still,
being profitable.

My second role was with the production of the technical manuals, wall
charts and literature. Again close liaison with all departments was
required in order to produce simple, yet effective publications, which
would portray the company\'s portfolio of products to their best, as well as
providing clear instructions for their fabrication.

Vinylex Systems (1993 - 1995)
Design / Draftsperson and Technical Author producing PVCu extrusion die
technical drawings in conformance with B.S. 5750, as well as company
manuals and wall charts. Assisting as a secondary role with new product
research, design and modifications.

Sperry Sun UK Ltd. (1989 - 1993)
Design Test and Repair Technician responsible for the testing and
calibrating of monitoring probes for the oil industry. All repairs were
carried out down to component level.

Kent Industrial Measurement. (1988 - 1989)
Design Test and Repair Technician for velocity flow monitoring equipment.
All repairs were carried out down to component level.

Profile: Justin Taylor


\"Life is short, to dam short. Have fun, work hard and play harder!\"

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... actually it was in 1986 that
I left college and entered the CAD design industry. Then we thought it was
cool that you could draw lines, arcs and circles on a computer! In fact we
thought just having access to a computer was cool back then (Did you know
that the average washing machine now has more computing power than the
Apollo 13 moon rocket!).

My favourite 2 quotes in the world are:

\"Life is not fair - get used to it!\" Bill Gates

\"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity\" House MD

My interests outside of work are; on-line gaming (big Xbox Halo fan), Power
foil kite flying, music, photography and reading.


Music: Trance, Pink Floyd, Red hot Chillies, NIN and too many
others to name.

Films: Aliens, Chronicles of Riddick, and Pirates of the
Caribbean etc. you get the idea.

Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie. Well can you blame me?

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Justin Taylor
Name: Justin Taylor

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