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Helena Bezant Niblett
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About Helena Bezant Niblett

Helena Bezant Niblett is currently living in Okemos, Michigan, working as an Independent Health and Wellness Consultant in "Health and Beauty" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Independent Health and Wellness Consultant


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Okemos, Michigan

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Advertising & Media

My Interests

I love my family, travelling the world and tennis.

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Helena Bezant Niblett has joined on Oct 28, 2010

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I\'ve been working at home on my new business, a health,beauty and wellness company. When I first began my search for a new career path. I was looking for an at-home job that would enable me to contribute to our monthly budget.
Plus. the opportunities to create and organize meaningful and challenging opportunities for other people seeking financial, professional, social, cultural and intellectual rewards superior to anything available in the industry

Unfortunately, I lost hundreds of dollars in that search... because, although I\'m sure there are legitimate at-home jobs out there, I didn\'t manage to find any of them! And I wanted to do more than just sell, I was more used to helping to build a business or organization

The good news for me is after a very good experience using Abonnes\'s products I found I could become an Independent Consultant for the company. a marketer and coach. By this time I had learned more about what I wanted in an opportunity. For starters, I absolutely didn\'t want any large investments to be involved. I also wanted flexibility of being my own boss as I am a busy mother of four wonderful children... I didn\'t want to carry a huge inventory, and I did not want to deliver any products. Also, like most people, I wanted to be involved with an opportunity and a company that were completely above board and involved minimal risk.
And with Arbonne International that is exactly what I got--plus a weekly training call from my manager, a monthly leadership magazine and CDs, and free training seminars, as well as a website!. .
Plus. the opportunity to market Arbonne skin care and related health and wellness products that are unparalleled in quality, purity, safety and beneficial results.
Plus. to contribute locally, nationally and internationally to the improvement of our ecological. social and cultural enviroment

Working from home does actually take work! You must be willing to work and be committed to be successful. You can expect to make a comfortable supplemental income or a generous replacement income depending on your commitment to work for it. If you are motivated and passionate, Arbonne\'s exceptional products and dynamic business opportunity will add up to the potential for unlimited success. You can join my team, visit my website www.helenas.myarbonne,com and click on \'Be Your Own Boss\'

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Helena Bezant Niblett
Name: Helena Bezant Niblett
Location: Okemos,Michigan,United States
Job Title: Independent Health and Wellness Consultant
Company: Health and Beauty

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