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Gene Heaton is currently living in Alaska, and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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I have over 25 years of project management, nuclear, GIS, environmental restoration, and electro-mechanical engineering experience with a proven history of getting the job done right, on time, and within budget. I have worked as a project manager, a manager, a consultant, an analyst, and a trainer. I consider myself to be an eager self-starter, a strong team player, and a positive motivator. I have worked with all levels of management, and a wide variety of engineering, and craft personnel. My background and experience provides a wealth of knowledge and skills that I feel would be a genuine asset to your organization. I am a U.S. citizen and a veteran.


A Senior GIS professional with over 25 years of experience consulting,
managing and training in both the private and public sectors with a strong
background in electro/mechanical engineering.


. ESRI Business Partner
. ESRI Software Reseller
. ESRI ATP Instructor
. ARC/INFO Ver. 7, 8 & 9 (ArcGIS)
. (ArcFM, ArcEdit, ArcPlot, Grid, Tin, Geocode, ArcSDE, ArcIMS,
. ArcView 3X & ArcGIS ver. 8X & 9X, ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcTools,
. (Spatial Analyst, 3D-Analyst, Route Expert, Network Analyst,
Business Analyst, Image Analyst, Mapobjects, StreetMap)
. Digitizer
. ArcCAD
. Autodesk Map 2004, MapGuide
. Microsoft Windows XP, ME, NT, 2000, 98, 95, 3.1; DOS 6.2, 5.0, 3.0 and
. Network setup for Microsoft Windows platforms
. Microsoft Office 2007 and 2007 Professional
. Microsoft Project
. PowerPoint
. Corel WordPerfect Suite
. Adobe Photoshop
. FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C+, VB, HTML, AML,XML, and Avenue programming
. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Outlook
. Access, Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus, Oracle, Dbase IV, ASP, .NET
. Microsoft Works, Corel WordPerfect
. Community and environmental planning

Enterprise GIS Support Lead, City of San Antonio, Responsibilities include
the coordination of the GIS efforts of seven (7) agencies in three (3)
counties for a new Alamo Regional Public Shared Services 9-1-1 center. The
new system provides \"Live Routing\" by closest available responder unit and
is scheduled to be expanded to an additional nine (9) counties within the
next four years. Mr. Heaton performed the function of system GIS resource
and acts as the lead in coordinating the efforts of the City and County
departments in their GIS data creation and preparation for import into the
CAD system. Responsibilities also include the day-to-day update and trouble
shooting for accuracy and availability to all location with valid address.

GIS Project Manager, ASC Information Technology. (ASCIT). (90 day contract)
Mr. Heaton provided project management for the 1st phase of the AutoCAD to
GIS Enterprise conversion for the Metropolitan Utility District Gas and
Water services. Duties included producing timeline and budget reports,
establishing and implementing GIS and mapping standards, operating and
QC/QA procedures, overseeing and managing workload, developing and updating
applications and macros.

GIS Division Manager, Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. (IES). Mr.
Heaton was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the GIS division
and assigned personnel. Duties included establishing and implementing GIS
and mapping standards and operating procedures, overseeing and managing
workload, developing and updating applications and marketing. Mr. Heaton
functioned as the GIS resource for IES and acted as liaison for teaming
efforts with other companies.

Moses Lake Area Manager, Medstar Cabulance. As manager, Mr. Heaton
functions as liaison between the Moses Lake division and the home office in
Zillah, WA. Mr. Heaton is responsible for the day-to-day operation of daily
transfers. Mr. Heaton provides GIS support for scheduling and routing using
address matching, ArcView, ArcTools, ArcCatalog, ArcMap, RoutExpert, and
Network Analyst. He manages the vehicle maintenance, personnel
driver/safety training, and dispatch operations. He oversees the division
operation and provides the entire Medstar Cabulance. Inc. with the software
and the updates for the electronic data collection and billing system. He
also functions as a relief driver when needed.

Project Manager, Saint Louis District; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mr.
Heaton serves as the SAIC GIS Project Manager for the Formerly Utilized
Sites Remedial Actions Program (FUSRAP) for the Saint Louis District of the
COE. Mr. Heaton serves as GIS Project Manager for the GPS collection of
soil sample results and has the responsibility of coordinating the data in
an ArcSDE database. An interactive ArcIMS application for viewing data with
specific emphasis on type and intensity of identified contamination has
been developed to provide interactive up-to-date mapping and reporting
capabilities to the COE. Daily GIS tasks required using Arc/Info and

SIU2 GIS Lead Consultant, I-70 Environmental Studies, Missouri Department
of Transportation. As part of the Environmental study for the proposed
realignment of I-70 from Kansas City, MO to Saint Louis, MO, Mr. Heaton
acted as the project manager and provided the GIS technical consultation
and functioned as coordinator and manager of the GIS coverages, shapefiles
and the database used in the environmental assessment for a sixty mile
section of the project from Odessa, MO. to Booneville, MO. Data collection
included will be from field studies and reports, digital ortho photos,
autocad drawings, and GPS generated features. Address matching and property
location identification accomplished using Arc/Info and ArcGIS Software.

GIS Project Manager, In-Land Space Port, State of Idaho. Mr. Heaton managed
the GIS services for the Inland Space Port collaborative design project
performed by State of Idaho Department of Commerce. A key ingredient for
this project was the development of safe launch corridor trajectories and
risk assessment for space vehicles with relation to population centers.

GIS Project Manager, Emergency Services Spring 1997, Bingham County. Mr.
Heaton developed maps for the emergency evacuation routes and flood damage
reports for Bingham, Bonneville, and Bannock Counties and FEMA as a result
of the Snake River spring flooding. Mr. Heaton used Arc/Info, ArcGIS,
address matching, assessor data, GPS data and aerial photographs to provide
a heads up display for near real-time updates of flood control and damage
assessment .

Principal Technical Specialist, Idaho National Engineering and
Environmental Laboratory, BWXT Bechtel Idaho, Inc. Mr. Heaton managed all
aspects of GIS system, including maintenance contracts, application
development, training, and operational budget. Daily GIS tasks required
extensive use of Arc/Info and ArcGIS. Some of his responsibilities and
experiences are as follows:

. Project Manager - GIS Standardization and Expansion Project - Directed
preparation of engineering requirements, industry study, preparation
of request for proposal, system specifications documents, Mr. Heaton
led the system selection and implementation process.

. Project Manager - Developed and implemented use of ArcIMS and a real-
time GIS-based Computer Aided Facility Space Planning and Resources
System for Facility Engineers.

. Project Manager - Provided consultation and implementation of GIS
resources for the Environmental Restoration Project of over 980 square
miles. Prepared reports and permit applications and assisted with
pipeline and telecommunication routing to avoid impacts to protected
species, wetlands, sensitive areas, archeological, and socioeconomic

. Project Manager - Managed mainframe GIS and database system
development team. Provided development, support and training for users
of an ArcIMS DOE-wide online, Facility Management System.

. GIS Consultant - Functioned as lead consultant to DOE Idaho and sub-

Technical Lead, Street Geocode Project, Bi-State Development Agency. The
project consisted of updating existing streets to the latest configuration
for six counties within the Saint Louis area. A standard format for address
matching was implemented and the client database was edited to provide in-
depth analysis for establishing routes and load bearing studies based on
present and projected usage needs. Work was performed using ESRI ArcGIS
suite, AutoCAD Map and Microsoft Excel and Access. Provided additional
training to Agencies personnel to assist in migrating existing AutoCAD
drawings into GIS.

Program Manager, Master Transportation Route Plan, Medstar Cabulance.
Medstar Cabulance of Zillah, WA provides non-emergency transportation for
the State of Washington Medicaid Program. Mr. Heaton provided several GIS
applications for automation of routes, daily client transfers, billing and
tracking of handicap-enabled public transportation vehicles.

Previous Professional Experience _____

Enterprise GIS Support Lead - City of San Antonio
. Function as the GIS resource for the Alamo Regional Public Safety System
. Provide supervision for GIS team
. Coordinate the GIS efforts of the City and County Emergency Medical
Services, Fire and Police Departments
. Assume the responsibilities of GIS System Administrator for the 9-1-1
. Establish System standards and review GIS data for compliance
. Function as the supervisor of the system center GIS hotline
. Supervise and assist in the GIS data updates and maintenance

GIS Project Manager - ASC Information Technology
. Provide management for conversion project
. Write GIS Mapping, operation, QA/QC Procedures and Standards
. Generate project timeline and budget
. Oversee conversion review team
. Review conversion results

GIS Division Manager - Integrated Environmental Services, Inc.

. Manage the IES GIS Division.
. Function as the lead GIS technical consult/support.
. Oversee the GIS technical teams.
. Manages GIS projects, applications and Web based technology.
. Market GIS capabilities and submit proposals for contracts.

Manager - Medstar Cabulance, Inc.

. Oversee and manage day-to-day operation and maintenance.
. Provide training, development and updates of GIS (ArcGIS) and generated
routes and schedule.
. Develop, maintain and update electronic data collection and billing
software and hardware.

GIS Specialist - Scientific Applications International Incorporated.
. GIS (Arc/Info and ArcGIS) Training and Consulting Services - Function as
GIS technical consultant and support for St. Louis office. Provide
training and development for geobase projects.
. Provide training and development for AutoCAD migrations to GIS and
database development.
. Act as facilitator and GIS resource for city planning effort for local

GIS Project Manager/Consultant/Trainer/Developer - dg Associates

. Director, GIS (Arc/Info, ArcGIS and AutoCAD) Training and Consulting
Services - Manage all aspects of GIS training services, including
business establishment, marketing, trainer certification, and contract
. Develop, implement city and county planning efforts and train personnel
. Facility/transportation/sewer/water planning and management.
. Geocode streets, route selection, use analysis, maintenance/upgrade
schedules, growth planning/impact/EPA study.
. Automation of routes, fees and tracking of handicap-enabled public
transportation vehicles.
. Sewer and manhole networking. 2000
. GIS Project Manager - Managed Inland Space Port collaborative design
project performed by State of Idaho Department of Commerce. 1999
. Development of safe launch corridor trajectories and risk assessment for
space vehicles as related to affected population centers. 1999
. GIS planning and analysis for the Idaho Falls Downtowner Association to
facilitate the city center economic, traffic, parking upgrade. 1998
. Application of GIS to improve corporate business strategies and
operations. 2000
. Develop GIS curriculum for all GIS courses, basic through advanced.
. Teach all levels of ESRI GIS courses.
. GIS Consultant, author and writer.
. Established and operated a regional GIS sales and support office
for a five-state Rocky Mountain area. Reported directly to company
. Provide GIS consulting services to schools, local government, and
businesses. Write articles and product reviews for industry
. Development of GIS applications for environmental impact analysis.
. Impact of agricultural drainage on natural streams.
. Development of emergency maps and plans to contain the Snake River during
spring flooding using GPS data and Aerial photographs. 1997
. Corporate emergency planning and operations.
. Implementing GIS tools and curriculum within the secondary schools of
Idaho and Utah.
. Board Member - Participate in all aspects of the corporation, including
budget forecasting and planning, business market decisions and
development, sales, contracts and business affiliations.

Principal Technical Specialist - Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC, Idaho Falls,
Idaho. 1974-2001

. Managed all aspects of GIS (Arc/Info and ArcGIS) system, including
hardware/software procurement, maintenance contracts, application
development, training, and operational budget.
. Project Manager - GIS Standardization and Expansion Project -
Directed preparation of engineering requirements, industry study,
preparation of request for proposal, system specifications
documents, and led system selection process and system
. Developed and implemented use of GIS-based Computer Aided Space
Planning And Resources system for Facility Engineers. 1998
. Provided project lead for Environmental Restoration Project of over
980 square miles.
. Provided GIS user demonstration/support to over 8500 system users.
. Managed mainframe GIS & database system development team.
. Provided development, support and training for users of a DOE-wide
online, Facility Management System.
. Functioned as lead consultant to DOE and sub-contractors.
. Provided coverage, shapefiles, and database development.
. Provided digitizer functions for GIS coverages/shapefiles.


Bachelor of Science, Corporate Training, Major-Computer Science, Minor-
Electro-Mechanical Engineering - Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID 1992

Technical Summary

. Previous ESRI ATP authorized trainer
. Governor\'s Award for outstanding support of Vocational Education
. Department of Energy award for outstanding work in nationwide Internet
. Crystal Award for 3 Mile Island Study
. INEEL Laboratory Excellence Award
. Outstanding Speaker Award - American Society of Quality Control

Max Gene Heaton
9729 W Oak Ridge Dr. 623-977-1149
Sun City, AZ 85351 523-455-2699 cell

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gene heaton
Name: Gene Heaton
Location: Alaska,United States

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