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Michael Cummings is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, works in "Vital Computer Services" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Computer Hardware, Consulting.
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Phoenix, Arizona

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Computer Hardware, Consulting

My Interests

Music, Metaphysics, politics, history

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Michael Cummings has joined on Oct 20, 2010

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Michael R. Cummings
1612 E. Ocotillo RD, # 1
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Cell (602) 487-9039


Experience: 20+ years in IT on Mainframe, UNIX, NT, DOS, Novell platforms
as a Programmer, Analyst, Administrator, Developer, Mail List manager.

Management: 8 years as a traffic manager, system administrator, production
manager (DP shop), large project analysis/implementation leader, letter
shop management.

Languages: Visual Basic .NET/Visual Developer .NET, Visual FoxPro/Visual
Basic (ver. 3.0, 6.0, 8.0), dBase, Clipper, SQL (Microsoft, Oracle PL),
scripting (shell, JavaScript, perl), some Access, nTier Applications.

Marketing: Direct marketing, Telemarketing, Bulk Email, surveys, Political
audits, Business development: Direct Mail, Service Bureau Data Processing,
Document creation, imaging, printing, Insurance IT, Medical IT, Cruise
Line Fulfillment, Retail, Consulting, special project and abstract IT
projects, business and software integration, client services, difficult
business solutions, business application development, unique business
Solution design, application change management.

Document Management Software: HP Exstream Dialog, Compuset, Ez-
Letter, Home grown developed document management software.

Microsoft: Office suite, win3.1. win95, win98, win2000, winXP, winNT,
Server 2000 (lite), Vista, Windows7, Access, VB, VB .NET, Visual FoxPro,
Front Page, MicroSoft \'s API, MS Visual Source Safe.

Database development: SQL Server 2005 Development and administration ,
ETL, preload processing, duplicate elimination, Merge-Purge, CASS
processing, referential integrity, triggers, stored procedures,
normalization, SQL scripting, UDF scripting, data cleanup, segmentation,
market coding, Complex extractions, List conversions, standardization,
multi-tier, multi-platform, MS SQL Server Setup, Access, SQL, ORACLE, VFP,
FilePro (unix).

UNIX: (Sun Solaris/SCO) Admin/User Level 4, UNIX shell scripting (Korn,
Bourne, TCL), UNIX utility development, UNIX software Installs, UNIX
production automating, UNIX monitoring, UNIX Application Management and
maintenance, UNIX Backups and restores, Java Scripting, CGI scripting,

Main Frame: JCL (VSE, MVS), 3rd generation software applications, IBM
Utilities, DITTO, Group 1 Software List conversion, CODE1, Merge-Purge
Plus, Mail-stream Plus, EZ-Letter, Ink/Video Jet, TSO, ISPF, DYL280.

Postal software products: Desk Top Mailer, NT/Novell DOS Batch versions,
Smart Addresser, Bar-Codes, laser Personalization, XEROX sheet fed
printing, Compuset, GM, Meta/Postscript code, Postal-soft, Group1, Mail
manager 2000, Smart-Addresser
MAC/Apple: OS installs/updates/enhancements, networking, ISP setup,
application integration, trouble shooting.

Web Development: Static pages, page forms, links, CGI/shell script
support, UNIX/server integration, HTML Version 4.0 +, Java script, Perl
scripting, any UNIX scripting, back-end processing, data collection.

Group1 Software: Code1, Merge-Purge Plus, EZ-letter (old), Mail-stream
Plus, List conversion, Gen Select on (Mainframe, UNIX and Windows)
Other: Customer service, sales support, tech support, client relations,
account executive duties, business development, client development, and
business analysis.


DataStream Marketing
8/1/10 - Present
Client Services

Customer services include but not limited to MicroSoft Power Point
presentation slide video creation\'s, Universal Business listing
submissions, Internet seeding submissions, Internet Business Promotion
submissions, over all external/outside Business / Website SEO processing,
HTML editing, domain and hosting maintenance, Java script, social article
writing, mass distribution of seo articles and videos, email and phone
support for existing clients, Google Page #1 ranking expert, video
production using MS Power Point.

Vital Computer Services
Solution Consultant
09/1990 - 2010
The following are clients of VCS:

Comgraphics, Inc
11/2009 - 3/2010

VB .NET programming, HP Exstream Dialog programming, development and
maintenance of investment statements for various investment companies, the
use of Automate6, sorting software, data analysis, problem analysis,
Visual FoxPro programming.

Oriented in Exstream dialog document management software primarily used in
the investment portfolio reporting applications, all programming was done
in VB. NET, the use of ComSort for data sorting and MS Excel for all
reporting outside of programmed reports.

My primary tasks for the first month was to critique existing applications
of investment reporting for some of Chicago and New York\'s most
prestigious investment firms (this required a extensive background check),
where I was able to successfully repair several applications that had
erroneous calculations and programming errors that resulted in reporting
false money figures. I then started developing the Chicago Teachers
Pension Fund application that produced monthly checks and advice
statements. This was handed over to production after being finalized and
automated using Automate ver. 6 for ease of use and control.

Acquire Web, Inc
10/2008 - 02/2009

Given Less than 2 weeks of orientation before taking on full production
involvement, I was able to add another update process to the companies
historical delivery statistical data capturing, where by, giving our
clients an additional 12 hours advance of their email campaign results
that enhanced their sales forecasting and provided more value to their
campaign costs.

I developed automated processes that cleaned up intermediate files, there
by freeing up space on production servers for other jobs, created
automated process to run during lulls in production and to run during
third shift time slots to take advantage of low contention.

Researched MS system services on personal time to find ways to automate
client input/output file processing(example: when clients would drop a
file on our FTP site, one of my service modules would poll the said site
and start data processing the client file and email the client that their
project was started.

Improve data processing times by enhancing SQL record matching, using
intelligent field concatenation, automated released disk files for
clearing space and data triggers to direct data processing flows. The use
of MS SQL SSIS package to covert data from format to format within
scripts, and by window scheduler packages.

Took on new customer projects that required new technologies the company
never used, for example using Sync-Sort in its text version and running
certain processes on Linux that would normally run on MS SQL Server to
save time and take advantage of a UNIX kernel speed and not having to
transfer data from platform to platform.

Eclipse Mailing Service
7/2007 - 10/2007
The automation of daily/weekly/monthly jobs using Visual FoxPro, MS SQL
Server 2005, MS Visual Studio, Postal soft and Stylus, by automating these
processes I was able to continue to develop other processes that would save
the company time and money while instilling a confidence with our clients
as to our ability to properly handle requests during busy periods and new
business development.
The conversion of access database and table migration to SQL Server 2005,
this helped immensely as the company had reached the maximum file size for
MS Access tables, since the company had not realized or prepared for this
occurrence I was able to use my experience and ability to save our
department from a data meltdown and possible data corruption due to over
extending MS Access abilities. This also worked well with our customers as
they were MS SQL Server users as well, we were able synchronize the data
they transferred to us with theirs, which including counting transaction
records brought the database to over ten Million records.
As the only qualified programmer/analyst within the company, my VFP
programming skills helped to create production tools and user defined
functions, speeding up the data processing of client files and turnover
times, I also inserted data integrity checks in all scripts to insure the
data being processed was correct, thus enabling quick turnover of new data
from the client when necessary, this was another check in our handling of
data that further gave our clients comfort in our abilities as a Service
bureau and vendor.
With the Installation of MS SQL Server 2005 as suggested by me, we were
able to offer a better business profile as to what the company was able to
handle and process in regards to long term solutions, being the only one
with any expertise in MS SQL, I made it a point to inform my superiors and
keep them up to date of what we could and could not do with this package, I
explained the pro\'s and con\'s so that they could further consult
intelligently to our clients, this could affect future business models and
additional business.

NorthWest Data Services
7/2001 - 6/2007

Visual FoxPro Programming, UNIX consulting, bulk email consulting, backend
web page processing. House calls in support of hardware/software trouble
shooting (Virus elimination, pop-up elimination, removal of spy-ware and AD-
ware programs, PC use instruction, network setups cat5 and wireless,
MAC/Apple trouble shooting, PC configuration), Network printing setups

CMAC (Computer Management Assistance Company)
2003 - 2004

Development of a ordering application for the Picture framing industry that
has been distributed to 2000 shops across the nation, the application
includes the ability to select orders by date range or all records, the
ability to ftp files (FTP client), the ability to include/exclude certain
tables within the database.

Rok-Steady,, Suburban Fellowship Center,
Programmers Investment group, Data-dynergy Inc., Jerry\'s Sewer Service, Bad
Americans TV, Universal Mailing and Printing.

VB .NET application development (Staging assistant - material
tracker)Visual Foxpro programming -(application development including data
entry GUI, Back-end web-server data collection, Complex reporting, GUI,
SQL driven applications, (Bulk mail applications), Visual Basic Interface
development for database queries and data manipulation.

Perl scripting, Unique web page design (Forms, message boards, static,
repair, updates, critiquing, special), CGI scripting.

Network setups (PC-UNIX-apple-laptop connections, hub, cat 5, routers,
wireless), wireless network setups, ISP hookups, custom programming, PC
repair, instructions, installs (PC, apple).

PERL scripting, Java-Scripting, Visual FoxPro database/programming, bulk
email, Mainframe JCL, TSO, Dyl280, sync-sort, E-mail letter development,
Letter-shop processing, Smart addressor, Beta testing Ironsides 3-Tier
application software using oracle and MS SQL databases, Visual Basic
development, Client-to-server solution development, Batch processing web
solution development.

Guarantee Life Insurance
3/2001 - 6/2001

UNIX scripting for automating processes, Group1 development and
instruction, documenting, CASS (code1) instruction, Oracle SQL queries,
Perl/shell/awk/sed scripting, Merge-Purge concepts and instruction, dupe
elimination concepts and instruction, record sorting and grouping
strategies. Oracle PL scripting, loader scripts, tables. Production
(analysis, enhancements, UNIX development), Visual Basic interface

Darwill Press Inc
9/1999 - 10/2000

Programming and developing software that streamlines and enhances client
project\'s and production using Visual FoxPro Ver. 6, Specializing in
difficult file conversions, complex Merge-Purge projects, consulting in a
wide variety of postal sorting projects that gives clients the best savings
or presentation appearances based on their special needs, Customer Relation
Management development, Batch processing-to-web solution development.

Software developments include complex data entry, special sortings (North -
South, east West), special reporting (summary and detail of NCOA
processing), complete mail processing summaries (CASS, Merge-Purge, Foreign
record detection, NIXIE counts, Pander file counts, Possible Non-
deliverable counts based on CASS matching, final postal sorting details).
Postal soft (Desktop mailer) used for mail file creation, CASS processing,
Mail sorting (1st Class, Bulk), Video-Jet files (to be used on SCITEX and
special video/Ink Jet windows operated machines), XEROX 4635 high speed
printers using Compuset Letter/image document creator.

Special trouble shooting for Xerox printers operating systems (Sun

Sebis Direct Inc
9/1997 - 2 /1999

Software development for a Direct Mail/Service Bureau, production and
processing using FoxPro for UNIX and SQL. Development of UNIX scripts for
automation of FoxPro programs, TCP/IP (James River Group) maintenance,
business procedure (production) development, new account development, UDF
Library development. Laser printing development (XEROX 4890, 4635).
Conversion of UNIX FoxPro 2.6 application to a standalone Visual FoxPro
Ver. 6., UNIX software installations, updates, maintenance and application
Integration, system backups and restores, data recovery procedure

Health Watchers
9/1995 - 6/1997

Software / Hardware Administration of a SCO UNIX Open System V used for the
Direct Mail production of 1.5 million records per month, development of a
text menu system to run Group1 COBOL written application software,
development of a magnetic tape reel control system, development of data
format conversion system, all software and hardware management for the
Direct mail production, management of all Electronic Data Transfers for
production, quality assurance and control. Conversion of Quick Basic
application to a Visual Basic Version 3.0 for distribution. UNIX software
installation and integration including updates and maintenance.

Cooperative Marketing
9/1990 - 12/1992

Mainframe programming (COBOL), Group1, JCL, Dy280, Sync-Sort, CA
Associates, IBM Ditto, List processing, Conversion of VSE/DOS to MVS/DOS
(legacy application, JCL, testing), bulk printing, laser imaging.

*** end of VCS client list ***

Americomm Direct
7/1989 - 9/1990

System administration for retail store mailing database and document
procurement, user instructions, new application testing, dbase III
programming, postal sorting, Customer service, liaison between new computer
system and management, client relations for new system.
Documentation, disaster recovery (backup/restore), security, maintenance

Signal America Inc
6/1986 - 7/1989

Development, maintenance and updates of the Southern California Voter
Registrar (15,000,000+ records), database maintenance, Reports (audits,
mailing labels, marketing device, telemarketing devices, surveys)
production printing/data processing, conversions for each election year and
legacy application testing COBOL programming, Quik-Job programming.

All other work history is non-computer related.
Warehouse manager (8 years) customer service(2 years)


Wright Junior College: Business Administration (2 years non - degree)
Control Data Institute: Certified in the following: COBOL Programming,
computer room operations, data analysis, database design, business systems,
Visual Basic version 3.0

Quick Profile Summary

Michael Cummings
Name: Michael Cummings
Location: Phoenix,Arizona,United States
Company: Vital Computer Services

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