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About Sherry Robinson

Sherry Robinson is currently living in North Carolina, working as a Coastal Vacation Level 3 Director in "Coastal Vacations" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Coastal Vacation Level 3 Director


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North Carolina

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Home Based Biz

My Interests

Reading, Writing, the beach,swimming, Horses, fine dinning, travel walking, pic nicks, movies, family, friends

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Sherry Robinson has joined on Oct 17, 2010

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My names Sherry Robinson I have been doing home based business 9 yrs.
I tried about everything! sure I made money 100\'s but I wanted to make 1,000\'s
I was frustrated with the hype lies false promises. I was going to give up just quit.
But my dream was to have a successful home based business so I did not give up I kept trying.
And I am so thankful I found Coastal Vacations, yes I know you are thinking its a scam!
Well if you don\'t try something how do you know its a scam? That is what I thought at first too
I fallowed them for 1yr. when the year was up they were still in business so I said they are not a fly bye night company here today gone tomorrow! I joined at the first level I tried to do the business like I wanted to do it I did not have a clue I made money sure but not what I wanted to make! Then I plugged in to the system they had in place for me like I was told to do I fallowed
my mentors who had made Millions Yes I said MILLIONS! I just simply duplicated what they had done for 13 years thats all. You do have to work a business any home based or otherwise
business! Money will not fall out of the sky into your lap! You get out of it what you put into it!
If you work hard you will make money lots of money! The first Cashiers Check I got for $1,325
I was so excited I could not sleep I was planning who to call the next day and what I was going to do the next week to grow my business. Then I got my first $3,525 cashiers Check I could not sleep for 2 nights I was burning to make more and more! I am not going to tell you how excited I was when I got my first $11,000 cashiers check! I am still Doing Coastal Vacations and I always will. If you are highly motivated and want to make money call me!
Sherry Robinson 828-284-0719 you will make money!

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Sherry Robinson
Name: Sherry Robinson
Location: North Carolina,United States
Job Title: Coastal Vacation Level 3 Director
Company: Coastal Vacations

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