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About Tommye Armstrong

Tommye Armstrong is currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana, working as a Founder, Owner, & Operator-FOO in "Corrucycle" and is interested in Environmental Services.
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Founder, Owner, & Operator-FOO


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Lafayette, Louisiana

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Environmental Services

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Hello, my name is Tommye L Armstrong, creator of, which is a brand name and division of Whole Armour Enterprises, LLC; an umbrella company for various ventures that I formed in the mid 1990s. I have been creating things out of corrugated board every since I was 12 years old. I never forget how I got started in creating things out of cardboard. I can remember being in middle school and had the opportunity to meet a wonderful teacher such as Mrs. German, who demanded the best of her students. She was the one that led me to be creative with cardboard by requiring me to put together a science project that was worth five hundred points towards a final grade of an A for the semester. No, I was not even one of the smart kids in class, but I thought that was a great deal. I immediately said sign me up! So, Mrs. German told me to look into this box of papers concerning topics on projects I could possibly do for a science fair project. I saw this pamphlet that talked about how a solar hot water heater works, so that got my brain to start functioning because it had a diagram of how all of it comes together. That pamphlet was the foundation for my project. I originally wanted to build the project out of wood, but my mother, God blesses her soul, did not have the money for that. In my frustration, I stumbled in the hall way of our home with a box of old shoes and I realized that cardboard is the perfect material for building my sciences project out of. Now that is when the passion for making things out of cardboard began. The hot water heater science project landed me 3rd place at my middle school science fair competition and I went on to compete at state level at LSU. I did not place at the state competition on LSU campus, but it inspired me to do more projects out of cardboard. I can remember this clearly because Mrs. German had to be at least 7-8 months pregnant given the size of her belly. She was poking out there! She came out to my house to review with me on what I had to do before attending state competition at LSU. There are not many teachers who are like Mrs. German today, but I am glad she was my teacher because she showed me that she cared and that a little less than average little boy can achieve great things in life.

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Tommye Armstrong
Name: Tommye Armstrong
Location: Lafayette,Louisiana,United States
Job Title: Founder, Owner, & Operator-FOO
Company: Corrucycle

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