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Joe Hickox is currently living in Texas, and is interested in Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home.
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Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home

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out door activities, playing guitar, making money on line

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joe hickox has joined on Oct 06, 2010

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Hello I\'m Joe Hickox and in 1996 I was working as a corrections officer. The job was going ok until the
the warden was not allowing any more promotions. After that I kept seeing my pay check get smaller and smaller every year with the the cost of living increasing every year. Something had to change.

In 2002 I thought I found the change that my wife Misty and I needed. Some friends of ours
introduced us to an online business that they were in. We listened to the presentation that talked about the comp plan and the 3 way training calls. My wife and I talked about it and we joined the online business.

My wife and I really hoped that we would be successful in the business. We attended all the training
calls and talked to all our friends and family who looked at us like we were from another planet. We
bought business cards, brochures and leads just to get hung up on during cold calls. The business cards and brochures never did anything for us. We had maxed our credit cards and drained our bank
account without a penny to show for it. We had no choice but to quit the business.

Quitting the business really hurt our hearts and our pride. We had wanted it to succeed so we could
give our kids a better education in private school. We wanted to be able to spend more time with
our kids and more time with each other. We wanted to be able go on more vacations. We felt like we
failed each other and our kids.

After that I herd truckers made good money I and took a job doing that. The economy went bad and
I ended up sitting in truck stops more than hauling loads. So in 2009 we moved to Texas to be closer to family so they could help with baby sitting. Out of desperation I took a $10 an hour job and with the economy the way it is my wife has not been able to find one. Supporting a family on $10 an hour is hard to do so I looked into online marketing again.

While looking into online marketing I found some great training and liked what I saw so I joined
as an affiliate. With what I learned from their training I don\'t just hope to succeed in online marketing, I know I can be successful and do it with out maxing the credit cards or emptying the bank account.

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joe hickox
Name: Joe Hickox
Location: Texas,United States

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