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Ron Montoya is currently living in Fullerton, California, working as a Network Security Officer in "A.W. Die Engraving" and is interested in Internet / IT.
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Network Security Officer


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Fullerton, California

Categories of Interest

Internet / IT

My Interests

May be interested in workin on my masters in Network Security, CISSP certification, Ehical Hackers certification, Penetration Tester certification

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Ron Montoya has joined on Oct 04, 2010

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Ronald Montoya
496 Cienaga Dr., Fullerton, CA 92835
Cell Number 714.510.4400

Job Title:
I.T. Network Security/Digital Forensics


4 +Years

Visa Status:
U.S. Citizen


Education Level:
4-Year College Degree
Completion in 3/2011

B.S. Focus in Computer Science (Network
Security/ Digital Forensics)

Career Summary
3+ years in I.T. Forensics Data Acquisitions Using EnCase Forensics Software, Case Preparation, Chain of Custody Documentation/Tagging, Network Security RAM Acquisitions, Deleted File Recovery, Slack Space Searching, Alternate Data Stream Search in HD
Currently Learning New Concepts Through Kaplan University, Works Well Under Pressure, Achieves All Deadlines, Communicate Ideas Clearly and Effectively.
Data Analyses, Spot Network Traffic Problems (bottlenecks) and Provide Solutions To Those Problems With Wireshark, MS Network Monitor 3.4 *Example: Blocking ICMP to Protect Against Ping Flood Attacks or ICMP Port Scans, Revising OS HKEY Registry Values to Lower Thresholds and Protect Against Syn Floods)
Knowledge in Customer Service and Working With Public
I.T. Network Forensics Using Encase,
Network Security Systems Protection Using Firewalls, ACL\'s Lan Secure, Snort IDS, IPS
NMap Port Scanner Tool, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Cain and Abel Password and Man in the Middle Attacks, MS Net Scan Tool
I.T. Ethernet Network Security Using MS Baseline Security Analyzer to Find Weaknesses in the System, Network System Operations, MS Auditing and Monitoring Using Kiwi Syslogs, Network Client Authentication Router ACLs), (MS), Network Access Control Lists using MAC ID Authentication and IP Addresses Filtering (Cisco, Dlink Routers, Network Smart Switches), LAN Security, Wi-Fi Router Access Security/Control lists
Network System Upgrades and Network Security Analysis, 128, 256 Bit Disk Data Encryption, SSL Certificate Software and Issuing, Network Attack Monitoring (Packet Analysis, MS Network Monitor 3.4, Wireshark), Malicious Code and Application Attacks Reviews, Experience with Multiple Anti-Virus Programs, Firewalls), Public Key Algorithms (MS)
Computer LAN Design (Smart Draw, Visio), Engineering, Project Management (MS Project Management Tool)
New Client, Server, Honey pots, LAN, Router, Switch, Setup, and Assurance to be Cohesive with Business Continuity Planning,
Monthly Updates on New Policies and Procedure or Network Changes in Meetings with Staff (MS Power Point Presentations, Smart Draw and MS Word)
New Computer Terminals/Server Setup, System Hardware Repair and/or Replacement (Mother Boards, RAM, CPU\'s, Sockets, Heat Sinks, IDE, Sata Cables, Fans, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Routers, Switches, Servers )
New Security Product Research For Hardware/Software and MS OS Patch Research and Implementation, Introduction, Planning, Installation on (Linux, MS, MAC X Systems)
I.T. Network Packet Monitoring and Filtering Using (Wireshark, MS Network Monitor), Kiwi Syslog Report Analysis, Security Policies and Procedures Documentation and Network Changes
Server 2003 Active Directory Groups Setups, Object File Access Control and Permissions
Sun Virtual Machines Installation and Software Experimentation Before Rollout, Network Auditing and Monitoring
MS Data HD Back-ups, Mirroring, File Recovery, Disaster Planning, Incident Repose
I.T. Network Research, Design, Engineering, Installations and Rollout
New MS Software, Application Software Installation and Upgrades
Server/ Data Access Control, Remote Access Control (MS)
Familiar with XHTML, HTML, MS Office Suite, MS Access Database Editing, Open Office Org, Adobe, 7zip, File Compression, Perl, Notepad++, MS Visual Basic, NetTools 5.0, Kiwi Syslog, TCP Dump, The Dude, Cain and Abel, Zenmap, Snort, Magic Tree Pen Teseter, Nessus, Wireshark, Sam Spade, MS Baseline Security Analyzer, Registry Mechanic Cleaner, Various Internet Browsers, EnCase, Netscan Tools, MS Network Analyzer 3.4, Website Production with Adobe Dreamweaver, SEO Using Meta Tags, Keywording, MS Server 2003, MS ISA Server Firewall/IPS
Setup of New Hardware (Routers, Next Generation Firewalls, Servers, Clients, Smart Switches, LANs, Ethernet Cat 5 and Cat 5e Cable Setups, Network Troubleshooting, Line Testing, Traffic Control

Career History

Network Security/Administration
A. W. Die Engraving Corporation 2004-2011
Job Duties
I.T. Ethernet, LAN, WI-Fi Network, Security and System Administration.
Network Systems Upgrades and Network Security Analysis, Intrusion detection, authentication (Snort IDS, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Nmap Port Scanner, MS Baseline Security Scanner 3.4)
New computer Terminals/Server Setup, System Hardware Repair and/or Replacement
New Product Software Research and Introduction, Planning, Installations and Policy and Procedure Updates
I.T. Network Traffic Problem Solving, Documentation, Policies and procedures, group, object permissions, VPNs, ACLs
Data Back-ups, Disaster Recovery
LAN, Wi-Fi Network Design, Engineering, Implementation, Monitoring, and Authentication
MS, Linux Client, Server Installation, Software Upgrades, Patches
Server, Data Control, Remote Access and Network Security
Familiar with XHTML, HTML, MS Access Database, Website Editing Production and S.E.O.
Research, Purchase New Security Products and Roll Out, Routers, Firewalls, Servers, Terminals, Switches, LAN/WANs, Cat 5 Ethernet Cable Setups

Farpointe, Construction 1999-2004
Project Manager and Job Cost Analysis
Job Duties
Handled all new construction project management and materials tracking.
Prepared contracts and proposals for customers.
Established reports to track job costs and engage in further analysis to cut costs
Met with customers to ensure all projects meet all expectations.
Constant contact with customers to ensure customer satisfaction on every stage of all projects.
Handled all paper work and addendums for city permits.
In charge of all O.S.H.A. meetings/documentation and updates with construction employees.
In charge of all purchasing construction materials
In charge of all plan take offs and bid submission

Memberships & Affiliations

U.S. Army Veteran
DOD DIACAP course completed 9/2010
UCLA Alumnus
Kaplan University Deans/Presidents list (Iota Sigma Tau) 2008,2009,2010
Member of Association for Computing and Machinery Member
Member of Future Business Leaders of America


B.S. Degree Completion in Computer Science (Forensics/Security)
Kaplan University, Davenport, IA (Complete in 3/2011)

Anderson School of Business
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Concentration in Mass/Segment Marketing and Advertising

Current Coursework

Will be working on CISSP Certification After Graduation
I will Also Pursue My Ethical Hackers Certification, Encase Digital Forensic Examiners Certification and Certified Penetration Tester

Quick Profile Summary

Ron Montoya
Name: Ron Montoya
Location: Fullerton,California,United States
Job Title: Network Security Officer
Company: A.W. Die Engraving

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