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Steven Shook is currently living in Tooele, Utah, working as an Owner in "Mr. OYC" and is interested in Marketing.
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Tooele, Utah

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Steven Shook has joined on Oct 02, 2010

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Steven D. Shook founded to build teams that work together.

He has worked diligently to support his family with his devotion to the USA Air Force for just over 19 years. His drive to succeed has bench marked his success multiple times and in multiple industries. He will complete his military career in April of 2011 and at that point redirect his efforts to his full time love and passion in Multi Level Marketing.

Steve says, \"If I ever had a dream it is now, I have a goal to assist trading the JOB (Just Over Broke) with a new concept involving socialites and just ordinary people.

He realized that there was a real lack of education about what to focus on in order to not just get out, and stay out of debt, but to actually increase his net worth and begin building a legacy to leave to his children.

For great is the Shepard who herds a thousand sheep, but for the sheep that was let unattended the Shepard lost a thousand dollars. To have more then one can track is to impoverish the rest and loose one sheep at a time. Be mindful to those that lead the flock and attend them with love and compassion as for the days will show that the rest will follow where the trusted few will lead. Steven D Shook

Our day has come to the reposes of what we think we can do and what we can do. We are only one if we train a concept of loneliness. We need to reflect on the training we can provide to the masses. To have this little but strong word in our presence, WE is to know that we are not without one another. As with the good Shepard, we can no longer control the masses, we need to practice training the few.

There is a relevant number that comes to mind when I speak of numbers. This number is 9. We here all the time that there is a rule of 20/80 but I find that that number has proven to be challenged and changed. In network marketing the number 9 is significant to the averages (1/3 rd of people who join can make a check). What I found is that if you have 9 personal people that know, like and trust you, then you have some control of your outcome. The rule of 1/3 rd now applies to the way your success is made.

Train 9 people to go get 9 people that know, like and trust them. They do the same. Now if the rule of 1/3 rd comes into play you can succeed most modes currently in the system. This is why. 1/3 rd of 9 is 3, so if most people in the market today can only find 2.74 people you are already ahead when only 3 of your personal trained folks deliver. Now you can except that the 3 are going to do more then the 6 or you can lead the three and continue training the 6. It is a much better odd that working with the group of 9 will get you further then working with the whole team of thousands.

My perception has landed my groups to staying on-track and leading the groups into further growth while keeping the excitement alive. Bless the few that you can personally help along the way and the ones that are there to rest will soon follow the heard. Life teaches but we need to preach concept and design to be recognized as the leaders we are!

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Steven Shook
Name: Steven Shook
Location: Tooele,Utah,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Mr. OYC

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