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About Harveretta Hughes

Harveretta Hughes is currently living in Liberty Hill, Texas, working as a Promoter in "Empower Network" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Liberty Hill, Texas

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Home Based Biz

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Network Marketing - Helping people live the life they dream of.

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HarveRetta Hughes has joined on Oct 01, 2010

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My purpose is to empower and inspire others by living a life of faith, integrity, passion, commitment, and joy; and make a positive impact on every person I come in contact with and to assist others in believing in themselves.

Have you ever been going somewhere, thinking you knew exactly how to get there? But then something happens. You dont know exactly how it happened but you ended up somewhere totally different than you had planned. That has happened to me. In fact that pretty much sums up my life. I believe life is a journey. You never know exactly where you will end up or how you will get there. There are often unexpected curves in the road. Your destination often changes. But the important thing is you take the first step; you begin the journey. The rest will work itself out as you move forward on your journey.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Harve Retta Hughes (HR). I am a wife, a mother, grandmother, and an entrepreneur. Seeing myself as an entrepreneur was almost unheard from the era I grew up in. I was in a comfort zone, a little afraid to step out. I had a vision, a vision to step out of that comfort zone and begin a new journey.

Enter the unexpected. Suddenly there were curves in my road that led me somewhere I was not prepared for. Obstacles Wow, I was determined to get through the obstacles. Have you ever been there? Can you relate? It is a scary time and yet it is also very invigorating. Changing the way I view myself has totally changed the way I relate to everyone in my life not just in business but everyone I come in contact with. I know I can make a difference in more peoples lives I come in contact with.

So here I am again doing something totally new. I wonder if there are others out there like me: someone starting a new phase in your life; someone moving into an area that requires you to move into uncharted waters; someone wanting to do something different. Id really like to connect with folks that want to grow and stretch the limits of who they think they are. We can learn from each other, share success stories and hold each other accountable. Connect with me if this describes you!

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HarveRetta Hughes
Name: HarveRetta Hughes
Location: Liberty Hill,Texas,United States
Job Title: Promoter
Company: Empower Network

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HarveRetta Hughes
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