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About Becki Java

Becki Java is an Author, Television & Radio Host, Speaker and works at the company Mighty God Ministries.
Becki Java is located in California and is interested in Services.
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Author, Television & Radio Host, Speaker
Mighty God Ministries
Some of the Healings and Miracles that have taken place: Prayed for a man in a coma - instantly he came out! Prayed for a woman in a wheel chair - she is now walking Prayed for a doctor with tumor in brain - she had a chronic cough due to chemo and radiation, she stopped coughing instantly that day Prayed for a lady with cancer - she was told that she wouldn't live if she did not get a bone marrow transplant, while I was praying for her, she felt heat all over her body, the following Monday, her doctor said she was normal, the second opinion said she did not need the bone marrow transplant and that she was told "just stay on the medication" Prayed for a man with cancer - I prayed exactly what his problem was before he told me, this reassured him God knows what he is going through and will help him through it And many, many, more miracles to share to build your faith! April 2010 : Becki received a call to go and pray for a man with a brain injury and had been in the hospital for 15 days and on his death bed in a coma. The doctors said if he makes it, he may never walk or talk. After she prayed for him the resurrected power of Christ Jesus over him. His body jumped and shook the bed. His eyes opened and he was forever changed. He came back and the next day was talking, winking at the nurses and getting out of bed! Glory be to God! Within two weeks he left the hospital.

Becki Java has joined on Sep 28, 2010

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One Womans Story of a Life Totally Given Over to God
Author reveals how God can change your natural into His supernatural

LONGWOOD, FLHave you ever looked at your Christian life and wondered, Is this all there is? Do you ever feel simply lost in the crowd at church? According to author and television host Becki Java, you dont have to feel empty or ineffective. God wants to transform lives with His Word and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. For years, Java battled alcohol and drug addiction and struggled daily in her marriage relationship. Then she turned to God for help. He delivered her and transformed her life. I want others to experience the healing of their lives as I did, says Java, and the joy that comes from being used for Gods glorious purposes.

Imagine That! When Your Natural Becomes the Supernatural of God ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-60266-413-5; $24.99, hardcover, 978-1-60266-414-2) is the amazing story of one womans life totally given over to God. Java wants others to learn how God can and will use ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Gods miraculous workings are all around us, and He will use all who completely give themselves over to Him and surrender their lives into His hands, says Java. The author recounts Gods work in her own life and the lives of those around her. These events, says Java, are evidence of Gods supernatural activity in the world today and of His desire to tear down denominational barriers and reveal Himself to Christians of every creed.

Becki Java is the founder and president of Mighty God Ministries, hosts a weekly television program, and leads two weekly services in Fullerton, California.

Xulon Press, a part of Salem Communications Corporation, is the worlds largest Christian publisher, with more than 3,200 titles published to date. Retailers may order Imagine That! through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.
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Quick Summary

Name: Becki Java
Location: California,United States
Job Title: Author, Television & Radio Host, Speaker
Company: Mighty God Ministries

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Becki Java
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