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Edward Badovinac is currently living in Ontario, working as an Education in "Phi Delta Kappa" and is interested in Education.
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Professor Electronic Telecommunications Technology, George Brown
College, 1969-1999
Director, Empire Club of Canada, established in 1903, Board Member, 1990-
Member 1987, Life Member 1989
Attended President of The United States, Ronald Regan Dinner,
Toronto, with the Prime Minister, 1987
Chairman Reception Committee 1992-1994,
Attendance Committee 1992-1994,
Membership Committee 1993-1996,
Chairman of the Empire Club year book, \"printed since 1903\",
1993-2008, 2009-
Initiator Chairman and producer of Certificates, distributed to
all head table guests, sponsors and
Co-ordinator Luncheon, March 3, 1995, Secretary General, NATO,
Head Table Reception Committee 1996-,
Chairman Attendance Committee 1996-97,
Co-ordinator Luncheon, Feb. 20, 1997, The Art Gallery of
Member of the Nominating Committee 1997, 98, 99,
Chairman Membership Committee 1997-98,
Invited as Guest to State Dinner with the Queen, Prince
Philip and Prime Minister June 1997,
Archivist & Historian 1997-1998,
Backup Photographer 1998-2001
Co-ordinator Luncheon, May 21, 1998, Ontario Community Colleges,
Celebrating 30 years,
Co-ordinator Luncheon, Nov 5, 1998, President of Ryerson
Polytechnic University, Celebrating 10 years,
Co-ordinator Luncheon, Mar 25, 1999, Secretary General, NATO,
Appointed a Director of The Foundation, April 5, 1999-;
Acting Secretary AGM, April 25, 2002, 2003 and 2004,
Co-ordinator Luncheon, Feb. 6 2003, President of University of
Toronto, Celebrating 175 years
Speakers Committee 2008-2009
Nominating Committee 2007-2008
Have attended over 700 luncheons
Atlantic Council of Canada (affiliated with NATO based in Brussels
Belgium) 1991-,
High level briefing visit to NATO and SHAPE Head Quarters Oct.
Board Member 1992-
Chairman publicity 1993-95,
Chairman publicity and media (news release) committee from Jan.
1995 to Oct., 1995,
Inner executive Jan. 1994 to Oct. 1995, and steering committee
for the 41st General Assembly of the Atlantic Treaty
Association (Based in Paris France) held in Toronto, Oct. of 1995,
Fund-raising committee-1996;
Phi Delta Kappa, U.of T. branch, dedicated to excellence in
education, 120,000 membership world wide international origination,
Established in Canada, 1955, 1990- ,
Ad-hoc Community College Committee Chairman, Phi Delta Kappa, U. of
T. branch, 1990-95,
Co-Chairman 35th anniversary steering committee, 1990 reception
Lieutenant Governor\'s suite Queens Park,
Co-Chairman 40th anniversary steering committee, 1995 reception
Lieutenant Governor\'s suite Queens Park,
Steering committee Phi Delta Kappa, Chautauqua Institute, based in
the U.S.A. 1993-94;
Co-ordinator Overall Program, Phi Delta Kappa, U. of T. branch,
President\'s Award, for valued contributions, 1997,
Distinguished Service Key Award, for continued and valuable
contributions April 8, 1999
Co-chairman 45th anniversary steering committee, 2000.
Director Foundation, 2001-2002,
Co-ordinated the Educator of the year award for the Lieutenant
Governor of Ontario and Phi Delta Kappa
presented the award personally to His Hon. James K.
Bartleman, for his initiative of the book collection
for the Aboriginal community, April 15, 2004.
Ad-hoc member 2003-
Co-chairman 50 Anniversary, Oct 19, 2005 reception Lieutenant
Governor\'s suite Queens Park,
(200 guests at Great Hall, Hart House U of T)
Awarded, Lifesaver award, for saving PDK from dissolving, (2005)
July 04, 2006
Member of executive committee events editor.
Co-chairman 55th anniversary steering committee, 2010.
The Good Neighbours\' Club 1993-; (drop in day centre, membership of 5500
street, homeless, unemployed men over
House committee 1993-95, 50 years of age and we feed 170 men
per day 7 days a week 365 days per year, annual budget, $300,000)
Charity Fund-raising committee 1995-96,
Advocacy Committee 1996-1998,
Vice-Chairman May 27, 1998-2000;
Executive Search Committee 1998;
Nominating Committee 1999-2006;
Chairman of The Board May, 2000-May 2003;
Queen Jubilee Metal 2003, presented by the Lieutenant Governor James
K. Bartleman
Chairman Nominating Committee 2001-2006
Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller May 27, 1995-;
Jurat, May, 1995,
Companion, Sept, 1996,
Knighted, Sept 1998,
Executive Member Toronto Commandery, 1998-;
Committee Member, Prioral Metal and Certificate, 1999-;
Grand Hospitaller, Knight Commander, Grand Priory of Canada, 1999-;

Elected to the Knights Hospitaller Foundation, 2000-;
Awarded Knight Miniature from Grand Prior, Sept. 2000;
St Lazarus Order, 2001-
Postulant, 2002
Officer of the order, OLJ 2003
Metal of Member of Military Merit, MMLJ, May 2005
Companion of the Order, CLJ 2007
Metal of Order of Military Merit, OMLJ, May 2009
Trinity College U of T;
Associate Member of Corporation, Member, June 12, 2000-2008;
Ontario Prayer Breakfast Steering Committee, June 9, 1995-June 10, 1998;
Chairman publicity 1996-1998,

Churchill Society, for \"The Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy\"

Board Member April, 2000-2004
Annual Awards Dinner committee, Dec., 2001-2002
Meet and greet committee 2000-2004
Rate Payers\' Association of Etobicoke, Ontario 1980, 1986 and 1989;
Society of Archaeology Institute of America, Toronto Branch,
Publicity committee, 1990-;
Assistant Editor, The news letter, Association of the Alumni and
Friends, Centre for Medieval Studies,
U. of T. 1985-1990;
Council Member,
The Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada, Toronto Branch 1992-2002,
2005 -2006;
Nominating Committee 1993, 1994, 1995,
Sr. Vice-Chairman May 1995-1998;
Foundation member June 2000 - June 2001.
Acting Photographer 1996-99.
Meet and greet committee 1997-2002
Meet and greet committee 2005-2008
Ex-Offico Vice-Chairman 2007-
Life member,
The Empire Club of Canada 1990-;
The Art Gallery of Ontario 1980-;
The Royal Ontario Museum 1982-;
The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering
Technologists, in good standing, May 1964-;
International Riding Club 1971-;
The Society for Mesopotamian Studies 1980-;
The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities 1983-;
The R.O.M., Royal Terrace Club, special member\'s
recognition, founding member, opened by the Queen, 1985-;
A.G.O. Curator\'s Circle, with special member\'s recognition
1985- founding member;
The Toronto Consort, early and medieval music 1985-;
Friends, Centre for Medieval Studies, U. of T. 1985-1990;
Society of Archaeology Institute of America, Toronto Branch,
Publicity 1985-;
The British Heritage Institute founding member, 1985-1995
discontinued 1995;
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 1985-;
The Empire Club of Canada 1986-;
The Canadian Club of Toronto 1986-96;
The George Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art 1986-1997;
Associate member, U.E.L., Governor Simcoe Branch 1987-;
Huguenot Society of Toronto 1988-;
The Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada, Toronto Branch 1990-
Toronto Opera Repertoire 1990-1996;
Atlantic Council of Canada 1991-;
Ontario Prayer Breakfast 1991-;
Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller 1995-;
Sustaining, The Canadian Institute in Greece 1996-;
National prayer breakfast held in Ottawa, held in the
parliament buildings in the presence
of the Prime Minister, Parliamentarians, opposition leaders
and many World Ambassadors 1995;
The Monarchist League of Canada 1995-;
Churchill Society, for \"The Advancement of Parliamentary
Democracy\" 1996-;
International Churchill Society, head quarters, in Washington
St Lazarus Order, Toronto Commandery 2002-
Revitalization of Atlantic Charter sight of Prime Minister
Churchill landing and meeting
with President Roosevelt Ship Harbour Newfoundland and
August 1941, 2009-
Associate Member,
Canadian Wildlife Federation 1985-;
The Toronto Consort 1986-;
Member at Large;
U.E.L., Governor Simcoe Branch 1989-92;
Archaeological dig (two seasons),
Jordan, Summer of 1989 and 1991.

A Torontonian for most of my life, received my Electronic Technology
Diploma from Ryerson 1962; Certified Engineering Technology 1964; Adult
Education Certificate In Instructional Techniques, York University 1967;
Married June 24, 1972; Certificate in Adult Education from O.I.S.E. 1973;
\"In Service Teacher Training Certificate\"(ISTTC), with the Confederation
College of Applied Arts and Technology, Oct., 1993; Authored and Published
four manuscripts since 1973, Semiconductor Principles, Devices & Uses,
AM/FM Principles and T.V. Principles. AM/FM Principles and T.V.
Principles, continuos use from 1973 to 98. Editor and chairman of The
Empire Club year book since 1993. Work experience: Burroughs Defence
Systems Service Division; six month training and one year in the field, on
radar and computer surveillance with N.C.O. status, 1962-1963; Teacher at
DeVry school of Electronics 1963-1964; Eng. Technologist, R.H. Nichols,
supervisory control systems, solid state computers, 1964-1967; Canadian
General Electric, T.V. communications and broadcast division, colour
sideband mechanical filters, 1967-1967; Teacher at DeVry school of
Electronics 1967-1969; Professor George Brown College of Applied Arts and
Technology, Electronics department, 1969-1999; Secondment; Appointed to
Telecommunication Curriculum Development, as co-ordinator of Telecom.
Reporting directly to the Dean of Technology, February, 1993 to February,
1994. Awarded; professional development leave and research, to inform
business presidents, CEO\'s, executives and politicians about Community
Colleges and to articulate community colleges with universities and
successfully connected with Ryerson University, Sept, 1997-September 1998,
Retired 1999.

Quick Profile Summary

Edward Badovinac
Name: Edward Badovinac
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Education
Company: Phi Delta Kappa

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