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About Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson is currently living in philippi, West Virginia, working as an Avon Sales Representative in "Avon Sales Representative" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Avon Sales Representative



philippi, West Virginia

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Advertising & Media

My Interests

Just to tell more poeple about avon and to get avon's name out there that they are the best company to work for and its easy to start up and cheap to get you start. Let poeple know how much i love my job!!

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Amanda Robinson has joined on Sep 23, 2010

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Hi! I\'m Amanda I been selling Avon for a 1 year and loving it because I\'m homw with my 2 wonderful kids and I can work when i want and i\'m my own boss. This is my story the reason i decide to sell avon in the first place. Well about a year ago my finece got layed off of work and the bills and hose payment, gas and etc. start rolling in and we could not pay everthing on unempolyment so i told him that i want to work from home so he said fine so i looked in to alot of home based business some was to munh money to start a business so one day i went to visit my mom and she said to me did you find you a home based business yet and i told her no and then she said to me why don\'t you sell avon because you love there products and plus they help out against domastic volince and breast cancer and those to things all things that you\'re always deonate too and i told her how much $100 or $200 to sell it and she said no she asked one of her friends how much it was to sell avon and they told me that it was only $10.00 my mouth drop and i was in shock and i said why not i should try it.

So I got on avon website sign up and in one day someone called me and we set up to meet and I gave the lady my $10.00 and she handed me my books and everything i need it to start my business and now avon is up to date now you can shop online or in the book and its so awesome and i love this job not only I\'m making money i\'m also spinning time with my kids and I\'m not stressed out anymore either.

If you\'re looking a business where you can make money and its cheap to start up if you don\'t have alot of money and its still only $10.00 to sign up and you will also get 40% off your order you also get to stay home and spin time with your family if you think i\'m joking then sign up with me today and i will show you that you will be making money and not losing any money so you can visit my site to shop or sign up for avon.

To shop its free or sign up its $10.00 only wow!

Quick Profile Summary

Amanda Robinson
Name: Amanda Robinson
Location: philippi,West Virginia,United States
Job Title: Avon Sales Representative
Company: Avon Sales Representative

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