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Kathrynn Donovan is currently living in Centralia, Washington, working as an One Kyss is all it takes... in "1 kyss" and is interested in Home Based Biz, Work from Home.
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One Kyss is all it takes...



Centralia, Washington

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Home Based Biz, Work from Home

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I am interested in helping people BREAK the cycle of poverty. ANYONE can do this business. If you want out of your financial hole... contact me today!

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Kathrynn Donovan has joined on Sep 12, 2010

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I wanted to share my own \"Why Kyss\" story with you in the hopes that it will encourage and inspire others.

I am a single mother. I have a beautiful 16 year old son who is 6\'4\" and wears a size 16 shoe... his father was 6\'10\" so he\'s not done growing, not by a long shot. At his size and his age it is definitely not cheap to support a teenager. He is old enough to start wanting to learn to drive, he cares about how he looks so there are the hair cuts, cologne, his clothes cost more not to mention shoes for those FEET! We can only find shoes to fit at Nike and will soon need to special order them.

One problem... I am disabled and on a fixed social security income. We earn only $1097 a month total. I knew that the only way out of our situation was to find a way to earn more money that I am capable of doing within the limitations of my disability. My father has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember so with him as my example I was pretty sure that the answer to our financial needs was in going into business for myself.

I spent about a year looking at all the opportunities that I could find to see if they were the one that was going to work for me. I tried all the free opportunities on the internet but they required a very large time commitment and only paid out a dollar or two OR there were hidden costs... that wasn\'t the answer. I found many MLM opportunities that looked promising but they all had one problem. It was not financially possible to do them on a fixed income. I don\'t have \"disposable income\" to work with. Everything I spend comes out of a very carefully balanced budget. In all honesty the only flexible part of our monthly income is the grocery budget. Being a mother, I will never skimp on food for my son so anything I invest in a business literally comes out of MY mouth.

I grew very discouraged and depressed by my inability to find a way out of our situation. I wanted more for my son than this life of poverty and barely getting by. I wanted a way to be able to fix our broken down car and pay for car insurance so he can learn to drive, maybe get him something besides the bare necessities, and most of all I wanted to be able to put a little aside for his future.

...and then came Kyss

Kyss has everything I\'ve been searching for. There are no hidden costs. I can afford $10 a month out of my grocery budget. Its easy to understand, easy to do, and I choose the Give a Kyss charity option so not only is my money helping ME... it is helping others too. The knowledge that I am not stuck in this fixed income of poverty with no way out anymore has lifted me out of discouragement, despair, and depression.

The BEST thing about Kyss is that it is a business I can wholeheartedly promote to other people in my financial situation. Think that\'s not a market? About 12.8 million disabled people receive disability benefits. Some 7.1 million get Social Security disability, 4.2 million get Supplemental Security Income and 1.5 million get both. Disabled workers get an average of $1,065 a month from Social Security and $498 a month from SSI. 12.8 million disabled people in America need a way OUT of the financial pit. Can you imagine the impact that Kyss could have?

If I could sum up in one word what Kyss means to me there is only one word that fits... HOPE

Thank you Kyss for giving me hope.
Kathrynn Donovan

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Kathrynn Donovan
Name: Kathrynn Donovan
Location: Centralia,Washington,United States
Job Title: One Kyss is all it takes...
Company: 1 kyss

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