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Ammar Betros is currently living in Oregon, and is interested in Automotive.
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Ammar Betros
3595 Tempest Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Over 17 years of engineering experience in Networking, Systems, E-
Commerce, Field Implementation, Biomedical and Electrical, Engineering.
Project management and customer support. In the words of an Intel
Corp. ex-managers, \"Ammar is an over achiever and desires to
consistently develop and grow skills and exceed expectations of others.
A role model employee embracing change and stepping up to a large
opportunity for growth. Ammar demonstrates a high work ethic and is
committed to working long hours in order to meet his commitments to the
organization and his peers.\"


Languages: academic knowledge of Visual C++ (beginner level), Perl,
(beginner level), MS Visual Basic, (beginner level), Wise Installation
System, assembly programming, machine language, ASP, HTML.
Software Packages/Utilities: Tracker for Windows, Speed, SMTD
applications and s/w including: [IFICS, SPOT, WOC, FIT].MS Visual
SourceSafe, MS Office2007 and older, Lotus Notes, MatLab application.
Network Protocols: Microsoft LAN, TCP/IP V.4 & 6., UDP, NetBEUI, NetWare
SPX/IPX, Ethernet and Token Ring. Bluetooth, VPN, 802-11 A/B, G FTP,
Networking Features/Utilities: (Recently took the Graduate level
Networking class at OGI) also, DHCP Server, WINS Server, DNS Server,
Windows NT RAS Server and Client, DUN for Windows 98, 95 client for
Windows NT / 2008 and .NET server. Windows NT multi-protocol routing,
RIP, LAN to LAN routing. Policy design / editing and security
administration. Microsoft Network Monitor V2.0. MS SharePoint, IIS, MS
Project, Visio, MS Office. Virtualization, VM Ware.
Computers: Dell, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, (Lenovo) Servers
and Workstations. IBM PC, AS/400, PC clones, Some Apple and Mac\'s.
Operating Systems: Windows .NET Server 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, 2000
Professional, Server and Advanced Server, 98, 95, NT 4.0 Workstation, NT
3.5X, 4.0 Server, Advanced Server, MS-DOS, PC-DOS. SUN SOLARIS 5.6, UNIX
4.0, MSLANMAN.DOS and Lantastic as Networking Operating Systems.
Databases: SQL2005, Informix and MS Access
Project Management: Lead highly technical teams to run large Engineering
projects at Intel IT and SpaceLabs Medical, (a Biomedical Engineering
company). Dealt with technical and administrative staff to get whole
project done from start to finish.

Medical / Dental Office Desktop Cloud computing Solution; Personal
Investment 2010
. Have been working on a startup that would provide a remote
management for clinical applications for medical and dental
offices. The solution utilizes cloud computing and virtualization
to remotely host and manage servers for medical offices and provide
thin clients at the clinic/ office so that all infrastructure
application management and hosting is invisible to the user at the
office. Technologies used are MS VMware, Citrix XenClient and
XenServer, Wyse Thin Client, Windows Server 7. This will allow for
zero application and server support at the office where all that\'s
needed is a dummy terminal and a network. All updates, backups and
maintenance are done at the remote server site. Data integrity and
storage is also remote and guaranteed since there is no possibility
of local compromise due to tampering and terminal server crashes at
the home office. The project is in R&D stage at this point and we
are working with a local large Dental office that is being used as
a Beta site. Challenges include designing the technology model,
creating the business model. The project is about 70% completed.

INTEL AMERICAS, INC. 2000 - 2/2008

Systems Engineer - Applications DMZ Engineering IT
2002 - 2/2008

Ecommerce Implementation Engineer:
. Responsible for the coordination and deployment of complex web-
based apps on MS windows 2008 server OS, using IIS 6 and 7,
configuring complex networking settings including TCP/IP,SMTP,
DHCP, DNS, WINS on company websites facing internal and external
. Managed production environment for internal and external Intel
customers, Utilizing MS tools such as terminal serve, MS Source
Safe for tracking software, MS Visual Studio .NET tools, migration
utility for implementing apps into production, NetMon for analyzing
network traffic and performance, implementing OU\'s and GP for
Active directories, managing AD groups, users and objects,
coordinating and managing projects from start to finish along the
PLC, (Product Life Cycle).
. Also worked on defining and deciding next generation technology
products and BKM\'s, (Best Known Methods). Met and consulted with
Microsoft as a research site for their next generation product
ideas as well as giving prerelease product reviews at MS Redmond,
WA sites.
. The job responsibility includes all aspects of systems engineering
and analysis, such as to provide technical consulting for
developers to land apps, ensure apps meet Intel\'s DMZ Data Center
strict and complex requirements from application architecture, code
to security regulations, analyzing issues and solving problems as
they come along to ensure successful release, and taking them from
inception to production release and stabilization and maintenance.

Microsoft Operations Manager Project Technical Lead:
. Lead and facilitate the effort to build and deploy MOM in the DMZ
Data Center. This included Architecting the system, developing
project plans, implementing in test space, working out issues,
implementing on production.
. Serve as member to corporate TRG for the MOM project.
. Work to define the standard MOM design on the corporate level.
Help and facilitate the implementing the system in FM and CY DMZ\'s.
MOM has been identified as one of top five IT projects.

Systems Programmer - IT Manufacturing Computing
2001 - 2002

PITBOSS Project:
. Front-end project lead and technical lead for entire project.
. Developed/implemented technology/equipment in manufacturing sites
thus increasing efficiency, productivity.
. Project result, 400 added workstations organization wide, saving
Intel close to $300K in Oregon alone.
General KTBR Duties:
. As part of ITMC team everyday support for factory environment
including 24x7 on call support for all s/w - h/w in factory.
. Provided infrastructure behind applications, maintaining and
upgrading IFICS, PITBOSS, EMAC, Aristo, ODC related s/w servers.
. Developed, released and maintained new apps and liaison between IT
and SMTD for many projects.
. Server security compliance including interfacing with IVRT,
preventing and eradicating viruses such as NIMDA, CODE RED and

Systems Engineer - Intel Internet Media Services 2000 - 2001
Active Directory Project Lead:
. Led and facilitated cross organizational team successfully
delivering single domain design for
. Assisted in creating most advanced internet media streaming
facility, UK BOC that now houses BBC.
. Designed and delivered complete Windows 2000 server security model
for infrastructure network.
. Successfully automated scripts for managing and creating accounts
and security privileges.
Windows 2000 Infrastructure Project Lead
. Led and developed Windows 2000 infrastructure design, deployment
migration of IMS servers from Windows NT to 2000.
. Led team completing base build configurations and documentation for
IMS server types and unattended install scripts with RIS.
PDX BOC Start-up
. Supported server builds and installation of Portland BOC,
(Broadcast Operations Center).
. Worked to support operations for initial account definition and
creation for new accounts required to manage PDX NT server
. Built server infrastructure, drew plan to migrate OS from NT to


Intesys Technical Support Engineer II, WA
. Top Level Support of 14 medical s/w h/w products, managing networks
and systems.
. Worked with various hospital engineering departments, users,
product implementation engineers and CSR technicians to install and
troubleshoot OS / systems and software.

SPACELABS MEDICAL INC. (Advanced Medical Systems Inc.) 1996 - 1999
Computer/Networking Engineer, CT
Designed / setup 80 node LAN part of multi-Domain, multi-Homed with Fetal
monitor networks interfaced with 3500 nodes.
Hardware PC configuration- NIC\'s, video cards, SCSI, tape, and optical
drives. Fault Tolerance.
Network Features DHCP, WINS servers, Routing. Security policy with NT
Policy Editor. Lantastic, Novel\'s NetWare, interfaced with IBM\'s AS400.
Field Engineer computer and Fetal Monitor Network installation, testing
and operation launching.
Technical Support /24 hour upper level support covering USA and Canada.
Phone, on site support.
System Development/Developed RAS, DUN Server/client, system security
policy and installation procedures. Improved/automated installation
Implementation Engineer/Project Team Leader supervised on-site system
Site Manager Organized system installations with hospital administration,
training for staff and IT.
Implementation Manager
1. Portland Adventist Medical Center; OR 1997 - 1998
Implementation/Account Manager, Installed, maintained Token Ring
server and workstations.
2. Kaiser Permanente, OR 1997 - 1998
Installed network, part of 11 NT domains, 3500 nodes. Account
Manager, main contact.
3. St. John hospital, Springfield, IL 1997 - 1998
Installed and maintained server, 80 Workstations. Interfaced with
Novell SPX/IPX hospital network. Coordinated with site IS and
customized local applications

Network / Electrical Engineer
. Built prototypes for OEM customer sales force for field trials.
. Designer/developer, improving analog circuit design of PC boards,
mechanical design.
. Supervised Fetal Monitor from R&D stage to production.
. Finalized test procedures, designed test jigs for testing
department in production.

MGM INSTRUMENTS INC., Hamden, CT 1992 - 1995
Staff Engineer
. Redesigned injector fittings for more compatible, economical and
efficient fitting.
. Projects included modifying Photo Multiplier Tube\'s (light
detecting unit) housing window.
. Project resulted in increasing efficiency of Luminometer by 6 -

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Hartford, West
Hartford, CT 1990
Microsoft (M.C.S.E.) certificate NT 4.0 all classes completed

Bachelor of Science, Biology, Portland State University, Portland
2003 - Present, Degree in process. (Two labs
short of a degree)
Networking Fundamentals, OSI Model (ECE580-CN), Oregon Graduate
Institute, 2002
Computer Architecture (ECE521), Oregon Graduate Institute, 2002
Visual Basic 6.0 Beginner / Intermediate. New Technology Solutions, Inc,

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Ammar Betros
Name: Ammar Betros
Location: Oregon,United States

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