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Rachel Beckner is currently living in Florida, working as an Independent Superstore Owner in "KachingKaching" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Independent Superstore Owner




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Home Based Biz

My Interests

Cooking, Vacationing, Traveling, Deep Sea Fishing,, Relaxing,, Reading,

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Rachel Beckner has joined on Sep 07, 2010

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KachingKaching is a brand new business opportunity for the right person. A person with a vision and a drive for success and true wealth. This company has just launched the biggest and most unique online shopping experience in history!! There has never been another like it before, and will not be for a long long time.. This company is still at ground level, check the stocks for yourself,, If you are investor, do yourself that favor at the very least.
There is a place for everyone in the United States at KachingKaching. How can that be you say? I will tell you why, please keep reading. KachingKaching has offered 2 ways to buy in, and 1 way to get in free!! So everyone can have a piece of this amazing company! Buy in is a surprisingly low investment, 2 levels, the first level allows that store owner to give away 25 free stores to anyone they want. Top level allows that store owner to give away an unlimited amount of free stores. I have given away well over 25 free stores already to people all over the United States. Mom\'s, Dad\'s, Grandparent\'s, You name it, they have it!! People are looking to save where they can these day, and get back what they can, this is a great opportunity for ALL of us. People are going to spend money on these brand name products anyway, why not pay less than the store\'s are charging, and get something back for a change.
When you buy in to KachingKaching you get an online store that earns you up to 10% commission off every purchase made through your store. Your family, friends, neighbors, co workers, facebook friends, you name it, they can all enjoy the savings and you get the commission on that as well. The store\'s you give away for free earn the free store owner up to 5% commission on everything purchased through that store, and you get the other half of that commission as well. So while someone else is enjoying saving money, saving their family/friends/others money by shopping at their free store, they are making you money as well,, and they are getting something back for themselves at the same time. You could be earning money while you are sleeping with KachingKaching, Christmas is coming, this company is spreading like a virus out there, people are checking out the savings, checking out the almost 2 millions brand name products inside the store, Imagine giving away just 100 free stores, how much do you think those stores will bring in this Holiday season alone? Do some math on that, see what you come up with,, That is one way \"buy in\" store owners make money from KachingKaching. The other is by signing up other buy in level store owners underneath them, and the rest is history. I hope you understand.
See the store first, check the prices, check out the brands, save this email because they are adding some really neat navigational features in the coming weeks, there will be live chat with your facebook friends, lots of goodies, Like I said, the stores launched Aug 15th this year. They are building it just the way they want it,, KachingKaching wants it\'s customers to have a simple and pleasureable experience shopping online. See for yourself: Here is my store, yours will look exactly like it, only your name will be at the top instead of mine:
If you want to know answers, Who started this? What are their credentials? Why is this going to be so big? And any other information is all included in this link:
If you would like a free store of your own, get one at the link below, you will not be asked for any money, not today, not in 90 days, not in a year or five years,, NEVER,, It is yours to keep forever!! Give it to your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, friends, neighbors, aquaintances, co workers, facebook friends, twitter, blog it,,whatever you want to do to get it out there, or just keep it for yourself, It\'s up to you,,I am a real person, giving every single person a chance to be a part of this, get in where you fit in.. If you know someone who might want to take a close look at this, forward it to them.. If you know someone who spends alot of time socializing online, they could surely benefit from this and it is fun at the same time..
Sign up for free store:

If you want to talk to me about this, I would be happy to speak with you..
My name is Rachel Beckner
My number is (941)-256-4099
Whatever you decide to do, you have made a new friend in me. I will help you with whatever you choose, you might say you want a free store, but perhaps you dont really have a big ol family, or your family can not afford to buy much ( I have been there) and you might not think this can benefit you.. I know of some free ways to get your store out there on the internet, and I will tell you about all of them so you can try them for yourself.. Just because it is free, you have nothing to lose with a free store.
Take it easy, I hope to hear from you soon..

I am trying to give you an opportunity to join a team that is real, if you dont want it you can leave it, if you want to think about it, save it for later, If you want to save it until you start hearing about it in day to day life and then realize it is real, then save it and come back later when you know it is really real.

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Rachel Beckner
Name: Rachel Beckner
Location: Florida,United States
Job Title: Independent Superstore Owner
Company: KachingKaching

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