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About Crist Stringfelow

Crist Stringfelow is currently living in New Hampshire, working as an Artist / Owner in "Ol' Tyme Studio" and is interested in Art, For Sale, Products.
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Artist / Owner



New Hampshire

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Art, For Sale, Products

My Interests

My current interests are my Glass Etchings - Art ON Glass works and promotional advertising.

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Crist Stringfelow has joined on Sep 05, 2010

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Hi; I am a self-employed glass etching artist. You can view my portfolio and available art pieces by going to

To give a brief description of my artwork I etch photo frame glass with images or self arranged collages. My main line of art are etchings in 4 x 6\" @ $19.95 (retail), $12.00 (wholesale) and 5 x 7\" @ $24.95 (retail), $15.00 (wholesale).

All my etchings set against a black background and the frames are spray painted to compliment the etching. Most of my work is black and white, however I do fully and partially colored pieces as well.

I etch in sizes 8 x 10\" and 11 x 14\" as well. These pieces are posted for sale, however they are much more expensive due to the increased amount of time it takes to successfully complete the piece. To give you an idea an 8 x 10 will usually take about 6 to 8 hrs and an 11 x 14\" will take around 8 to 10 hrs. The larger the pane the more difficult it becomes requiring more time to complete.

Along with my artistry I am getting involved in promoting other peoples and business\' products as well. I like doing it; advertising is fun for the most part. I have to admit though that with the ANTI-SPAM KICK going on in America these days, it\'s no easy thing to do. Personally I wish people would get off the ANTI-SPAM WAGON and get on the ANTI-SCAM WAGON. Everyone has the right to advertise as long as it\'s a clean ad and a real legitimate product there should be no interference with the ad posted. The major free classified services like Craigslist and BackPage are WRONG in allowing the community to throw out ANYTHING they don\'t want. In other words, if somebody has a bug up their behind about your ad (viewed as spam) then they vote you off! That\'s nothing more than CENSORSHIP! You can call it what you want but if the service accepts your ad the community should not be allowed to throw it off! It\'s CENSORSHIP!... we pick and choose what\'s ok on our site!... That\'s CENSORSHIP! People have a right to complain to the service but it\'s the screeners or the service who remove the posting and it should be removed only if it violates the Terms Of Service, in which case it probably wouldn\'t have been posted in the first place.

Sorry for the lecture, but this is something I am strongly opposed to in this country and I will state my views about it whenever it comes up.

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Crist Stringfelow
Name: Crist Stringfelow
Location: New Hampshire,United States
Job Title: Artist / Owner
Company: Ol' Tyme Studio

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